Internationa Logistics

International logistics is a critieal area for more and more global businesses, whose inbound supply movements are shifting from domestic sources to global ones, and whose outbound supplies undergo an equally international trade flow. Sophisticated eomputer-based technologies, such as computer-integrated logistics (OIL), are being used to enable international companies and logistics service providers to manage the supply chain and specific logistics functions.

International logistics place even greater demands on good integration of logistics operations and systems between supplier/manufacturer and others involved in moving supplies or goods along the supply chain across national borders. In the European market, increasing competitive pressures and the continuing drive for greater efficiency have forced distribution service providers, in the first instance, to focus more heavily on service quality improvement or risk losing out on invitations to bid for new business. Manufacturers and distribution operators alike have sought to set up pan-European distribution networks, although with mixed results.154 To be effective, international logistics must be planned and co-ordinated to achieve desired cost advantages while meeting customer service needs.

integrated logistics management A physical distribution coJK.'fcpf thai recognizes the need for a firm to integrate its logistics system -with those of its suppliers and customers. The aim is co maximize the performance of the entire distribution system.

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