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Atfcerrfc»!^ online: banner ads like these may be used in addition to setting up a company Web-site.

screen) and 'roadblocks' (full-screen ads that users must pass through to get to other screens they wish to view). For example, a Web user or America Online subscriber who is looking up airline schedules 01" fares might find a flashing banner on the screen exclaiming "Rent a car from Alamo and get up to 2 days free!' To attract visitors to its own Web site, Toyota sponsors Web banner ads on other sites, ranging from major Internet publisher sites like ESPNet SportZone (www.espm.CQm) to Parent Soup (, a kind of online coffee Match through which mums and dads exchange views.

Web advertising is on the increase. However, many marketers still question its value as an effective advertising tool. Costs are reasonable compared with those of other advertising media and it is relatively easy to create a site: as little as K300 a year will buy an Internet address, create a site with a few pages and launch it. Web advertising on more popular sites such as ESPNet SportsZone, which attracts more than 500,000 Web surfers and 20 million 'hits' - the number of times the site is accessed - per week, costs about 8300,000 per year. Netscape, the popular Web-browser site, charges about 8360,000 per year and delivers an estimated 1 million impressions. Still, Web surfers can easily ignore these banner ads, and often do. Ad Web locations that sell advertising space are still working" to develop good measures of advertising impact. Thus, although many firms are experimenting with Web advertising, it still plays only a minor role in their promotion mixes. For example, the Internet is estimated to have attracted about S200 million in total ad revenue over 1996, primarily In buying banners, with the majority of it originating in the United States. This can be put into perspective when we consider that a company such as Procter & Gamble spent over $150 million on advertising in the United Kingdom alone over the same period.J4

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