Exhibit 98 Proposed Tv Ad

a tv campaign aims to boost sales. the following ad is proposed.


Jane and John, an affluent thirty-something couple, are entertaining two other similar couples.

They are ending their meal by drinking coffee out of fine china cups and eating After Eights.

Jane looks alarmed at John. .Jolm glances at the empty cream jug.

Jane rushes into kitchen and frantically looks for cream

Jane pauses, smiles, then gets out the Coffee-Mate.

Jane pours the coffee and adds the Coffee-Mate.

Jane returns with coffee.

Guest sips the coffee containing


John smiles quizzically (and admiringly) at Jane. Jane leans back in her chair, smiling knowingly.


Soft soul music playing throughout.

John (to one of the other guests); 'Do you want another cup?' Guest 1: 'Yes, please.' Guest 2: 'Me, too! With cream!' Jane (thinking quickly): Til make it!'

Guest 1: 'Lovely, even better than the last one!'

Guest 2; 'Yes, how do you do it?' Voice: 'Coffee-Mate, never be without it!'

Cluster 5: 'Dorothy and Amy' - Affluent (Sample Proportion: 22.7 per cent)

This group does not have to be price conscious. They are older, sometimes retired or working part time, and are well off. Often they own their house outright. They are, however, fairly traditional. They are not interested in holidaying abroad, they are not health conscious and they are not media aware.

They arc the people most likely to be buying Coffee-Mate. They buy-instant coffee to the same degree as the rest of the population and are light users of ground coffee. But they use the category as well as cream.

Dorothy and Amy are older (55+) and are upmarket (AB and Cl). They still have a reasonable household income despite being retired (525,000+) and their children have left home. They are clearly a group who have disposable income as many own their homes, and they are not worried about budgeting. They are to be found in affluent minorities, older suburbs and young married suburbs in the north-east, Scotland, Wales and the west.

They are readers of quality press and light viewers of I TV. They rarely watch Channel 4 and never listen to independent radio. They are not media aware, claiming to wateh little TV and not to notice posters, and do not expect ads to entertain. They are not interested in satellite TV or more channels.

Their expenditure on the main grocery shop is above average, although they shop infrequently at places such as Safeway, Budgcns and the Go-op.

They do not enjoy shopping as much as other groups and they are not price conscious at all, but are prudent with money (consider themselves good at saving). They do not want to try new things, are not keen to keep up with the latest fashion, and are not concerned wirh their appearance. They prefer to buy British if possible, and will pay extra for quality goods, but arc not really indulgent.

This is a group whose attitudes tend to lag the other groups. They get a great deal of pleasure from gardening and others often ask their advice on the matter. As a group they are happy with their standard of living. They do not often go to pubs, wine bars or restaurants, but they do have people in for meals.

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