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1. Thinking about the purchase of an audio hi-fi system, indicate die extent to which cultural, social, personal and psychological factors affect how a buyer evaluates hi-fi products and chooses a brand.

2. Describe and contrast any differences in the buying behaviour of consumers for the following produces: Blur's new album; a notebook computer; a pair of jogging shoes; and a breakfast cereal.

Wliy might a detailed understanding of the model of the consumer buying decision process help marketers develop more effective marketing strategies to capture and retain customers? How universal is the model? How useful is it?

4. In designing the advertising tor a soft drink, which would you find more helpful: information about consumer demographies or about consumer lifestyles? Give examples of how you would use each type of information.

5. Take, for example, a new method of contraception, which is being 'sold' to young males. It is a controversial, albeit innovative concept. Your firm is the pioneer in launching this device. What are the main fact orb your firm must research when developing a marketing programme for this product?

6. It has been said that consumers' buying behaviour is shaped more by perception than by reality. Do you agree with this comment? Why or why not?

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Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

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  • luigina
    Which factors affects buyers evaluates hi_fi products and chooses abrand?
    3 years ago
    Which factors affects buying behaviour of hifi product?
    3 years ago

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