Discussing the Issues

1. Identify the ways in which the fashion clothing market differs from the military uniform market.

2. Which of the main types of bviying situation are represented by the following individu al circumstances?

• BMW's purchase of computers that go in cars and adjust engine performance to changing driving conditions.

• Volkswagen's purchase of spark plugs for its line of Jettas.

• Honda's purchase of light bulbs for a new Legend model.

3. How would a marketer of office equipment identify the buying centre for a law firm's purchase of dictation equipment for each of its partners?

4. Discuss the principal environmental factors that would affect the purchase of radar speed detectors by national and local police forces.

5. Industrial products companies have advertised products to the general public that consumers are not able to buy. How does this strategy help a company sell products to resellers?

6. Assume you are selling a fleet of fork-lift trucks to be used by a large distribution and warehousing firm. The drivers of the fork-lift trucks need the latest technology that provides comfort, makes driving easy and improves manoeuvrability. This means more expensive trucks that are more profitable for you. The fleet buyer, however, wants to buy established (not necessarily latest) technology that gives the highest productivity. Who might be in the buying centre? How might you meet the varying needs of these participants?

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