Competitive Strategies

Having identified and evaluated the main competitors, the company must now design competitive marketing strategies that best position its offer against

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Photography; Tif Hunter

,-S BODDINOTDNI.THE COEAM OF MANCHESTER, ion competitors' offerings.8 What broad marketing strategies can the company use? Which ones are best for a particular company or for the company's different divisions and products?

No one strategy is best for all companies. Eaeh company must determine what makes the most sense, given its position in the industry and its objectives, opportunities and resources. Even within a company, different businesses or products need different strategies. Johnson & Johnson uses one marketing strategy for its leading brands in stable consumer markets and a different marketing strategy for its new high-tech healthcare businesses and products. Recognizing the difference in the way its business had to be treated, the ICI chemicals company spun off its biosciences activities as a separately quoted company, Zeneca,9 We now look at broad competitive marketing strategies that companies can uwe.

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