Choosing Public Relations Messages and Vehicles

The organization next selects its major public relations message themes and the PR tools it will use. Message themes should be guided by the organization's overall marketing and communications strategics. PR is an important part of the organization's overall integrated marketing communications programme, so the public relations messages should be carefully integrated with the organization's advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and other communications.

In some cases the choice of PR messages and tools will be clear-cut. In others, the organization will have to create the news rather than find it. The company could sponsor newsworthy events. Ideas might include hosting major conventions, inviting well-known celebrities and holding press conferences. Creating events is especially important in publicizing fund-raising drives for non-profit organizations. Fund-raisers have developed a large set of special events such as art exhibits, auctions, benefit evenings, book sales, contests, dances, dinners, fairs, fashion shows, marathons and walkathons. No sooner is one type of event created - like walkathons - than competitors create new versions, such as readathons, bikeathons and swimathons. Whatever next?

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    How an organization is going to choose the public relation message and vehicle?
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