Applying the Concepts

1, Collect as many catalogues as you uaii that you have received in the raai! recently.

• Sort them by type of product category, Is there some pattern to the types of direct marketer that arc targeting you?

• Where do you think the catalogue companies got your name?

• How would you think a company that was selling your name and address to a direct marketer would describe your buying habits?

2. Watch a satellite or cable television shopping channel or tune into a television shopping show. Where feasible, you might surf the Internet and 'tour' a specialist retailer's site. Or you might sample Virgin's radio station by clicking on icons, accessing features such as playlists and D.I biographies.

• How are the TV shows attempting to reach target buyers? Do they mix product lines (e.g. fine china with sports equipment) or do they target more carefully?

• How do online communications attempt to reach target buyers?

• What are the main differences in the way the TV shopping channels and Internet retailers attempt to evoke a response from target consumers?

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