Applying the Concepts

1. Go to a large elcctronies and appliance store that sells products such as televisions, stereos, hairdryers and microwave; ovens. Pick one or two product categories to examine.

• Make a list of brand names in the category and classify each name as being cither 'your home country' or 'foreign'. How did yon decide whether a brand was 'home' or 'foreign'?

• Look at where these different brands were manufactured. Are any of the 'home' brands manufactured abroad and are any of the 'foreign' brands made locally? What does this tell you about how much international marketing is being done? Is 'global' a better term to describe some of these brands?

Entertainment, including movies, television programmes and music recordings, is America's second largest export category - only aircraft is larger,

• Go to your college library and find several foreign magazines, local pictures, stories or ads featuring American entertainers. Study what you find. Look at the size and layout of the stories, and see if you can understand basically what is being said. Does American entertainment seem to be interesting or important to people in Europe or the rest of the world? What, if anything, do you think is appealing to them?

• India has the largest movie industry in the world, yet few Indian films are ever shown in Europe. Why do you think this is so? Suggest some ways that Indian movie companies might make a bigger impact in Europe.

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Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

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