Applying the Concepts

Do a pricing survey of several petrol stations in your town in different locations, ff possible, check prices at the following: stations at a service area on a main road/motorway, stations on a local street in or near the town, a station not near any other stations, and (where appropriate) a station that is tied to a supermarket. Write down the brand of petrol, prices of regular and premium grades, type of location, distance to the nearest competitor and the competitor's prices.

* Is there a pattern to the pricing of petrol at various forecourts?

• Arc these stations using cost-based, buyer-based or going-rate pricing?

2. You are faced with setting the price for an automatic oar wash. Your annual fixed costs are £50,000 and variable costs are £0.50 per vehicle washed. You think customers would be willing to pay £2.50 to have their ear washed. What would be the break-even volume at that price? What opportunities are there for pricing high? What might be the most significant constraints on your pricing decision?


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