Applying the Concepts

People often make their own judgements about the potential for new products. You may hear someone say a new product will 'never sell' or that it will 'sell like hot cakes'. Recall some recent iiew products or services that you saw or heard about, and about which you made an informal prediction. What attracted your attention enough to get you to comment on the future of the products or service? What was your forecast? Were you correct?

Run a small focus group to learn about the pros and cons of this technique.

• Piek one member in the group as a moderator and. select six to eight other volunteers. Try to include at least one strong personality and one shy member. Set the group up in a circle in front of the class.

Discuss a moderately controversial issue that is of interest to the class, but avoid issues that are very controversial or emotional. Run the group for 10 to 15 minutes.

Discuss the focus-group 'results' with the class. Were the conclusions fair or biased? What did the class find useful about the technique and what problems did they see?

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