Managing Direct and OnLine Marketin

We will address the following questions:

■ What are the benefits of direct marketing?

■ How can companies use integrated direct marketing for competitive advantage?

■ What public and ethical issues are raised by direct marketing techniques?

■ What channels can direct marketers use to reach individual prospects and customers?

■ What marketing opportunities do on-line channels provide?

Today, the explosion of media is enabling many more companies to sell their products and services directly to customers without intermediaries, using traditional media (print and broadcast media, catalogs, direct mail, and telephone marketing) plus fax machines, e-mail, the Internet, and on-line services. Innovative marketers are creatively combining traditional and new media to make direct, individualized offers to existing customers, to identify their best prospects, to better target their offers, and to measure their results more accurately.

Despite the myriad marketing opportunities, this new-media world has also increased the level of competitive pressure, forcing small and large companies to battle for customers around the clock and around the world. Long-term customer relationship management is therefore driving the most successful direct and on-line marketing initiatives. Based on the information in their customer databases, companies can now customize their offers, messages, and media for more effective and efficient one-to-one marketing. The ultimate goal: stronger, more profitable bonds with targeted customers.

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