How Many Differences to Promote

Each company must decide how many differences (e.g., benefits, features) to promote. Ries and Trout favor one consistent positioning message.41 With this approach, each brand is touted as "number one" on a particular attribute, such as "best quality," "best service," "lowest price," or "most advanced technology." If a company hammers away at one positioning and delivers on it, it will probably be best known and recalled for this strength.

Not everyone sticks to single-benefit positioning. Smith Kline Beecham promotes its Aquafresh toothpaste as offering three benefits: anticavity protection, better breath, and whiter teeth. The company's challenge is to convince consumers that the brand delivers all three. Smith Kline's solution was to create a toothpaste that squeezes out of the tube in three colors, thus visually confirming the three benefits.

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