Establishing Objectives

Sales-promotion objectives are derived from broader promotion objectives, which are derived from more basic marketing objectives developed for the product. The specific objectives for sales promotion vary with the target market. For consumers, objectives include encouraging purchase of larger-size units, building trial among nonusers, and attracting switchers away from competitors' brands. For retailers, objectives include persuading retailers to carry new items and higher levels of inventory, encouraging memo memo

Sales Promotions as Brand Builders

Building brand awareness is a long-term process.What a brand does today predicts what it will do tomorrow.Sales promotions are short term and temporary,whether they are a price reduction, a tie-in with another brand, a coupon, or some other incentive. Here are some tips on how to make a sales promotion an effective brand-building tool.

■ Make sure the promotion is justified: A new store opening,a company an-niversary,and other kinds of celebrations are all good reasons for running a promotion.They put the brand name in the forefront.Celebrating spring or back-to-school time are not good reasons to run a promotion; they are too generic.

■ Tie the promotion to a brand's image: Birth dates and anniversaries are good. For example, Haagen-Dazs could run a promotion on or around July 9 for its Dulce de Leche ice cream to coincide with Argentine National Day. (The flavor and name originated in Argentina.)

■ Look at every promotion both for the sales job it can do and as a communications tool: A promotion is one of a brand's many voices; it can help build brand awareness if it says the right things. For example, Bayer aspirin could run a coupon promotion, thus offering a price reduction, and use the promotion to reinforce the name Bayer.

Source: Adapted from Jacques Chevron/'Branding and Promotion:Uneasy Cohabitation," Brandweek, September 14,1998, p. 24.

part five

Managing and Delivering Marketing Programs off-season buying, encouraging stocking of related items, offsetting competitive promotions, building brand loyalty, and gaining entry into new retail outlets. For the sales force, objectives include encouraging support of a new product or model, encouraging more prospecting, and stimulating off-season sales.53 See the Marketing Memo "Sales Promotions as Brand Builders."

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