Traffic Bots 10 Affiliate Tools

Traffic Bots 10 Affiliate Tools

Affiliate Traffic Bots is a new product launched by a developer known only as Chris. It is a cloud-based software suite that enables users to get high-quality traffic online. The suite includes 10 automated software tools that can get you quality, free traffic and commissions in just four easy steps.

In addition to helping you find profitable keywords, the product even allows you to create websites with pre-loaded content and affiliate links for whichever niche you want.

About the creator

This product was created by an author only identified as Chris, alongside other two partners named Rick and Teresa. The team has years of experience in affiliate marketing and have launched numerous products on JVZoo as well as crafting numerous training courses on CLICKBANK.  Some of their other successful products are Affiliate Video Bots, 7 Click Affiliate, Affiliate Funnel Bots, Auto Crusher, Content Magnet Fortune, among many others. The created Affiliate Traffic Bots after extensive research.

Features of Traffic Bots

The product includes the following excellent features:

  • 10 software tools in 1 insane offer
  • GeoBots – boost any website conversions
  • Affiliate video robot – 1500 D4U videos
  • Niche money – the author’s 100 top affiliate niches
  • Keyword titan – keyword research software
  • Website2Image – affiliate campaign builder
  • Image2Video – affiliate video creator
  • Domainaveli – domain name research tool
  • Titan theme – Google-friendly WP theme
  • Useful methods to profit inside

What you receive when you buy the product?

You will receive the following when you purchase this product:

  • Daily affiliate commission: You will generate massive affiliate commissions with free traffic.
  • Turnkey traffic bots: Discover 10 traffic bots and get started immediately.
  • Fast Google traffic: When you get this product, you will also receive free Google clicks with 105,000 pre-loaded keywords.
  • 1 click YouTube traffic: You will plug into 3 billion YouTube searches for free.
  • 100 done-for-you niches: With this, you get 1000s of free traffic keywords built-into the software.
  • 10 new software: You will profit with affiliate marketing and free traffic automatically.

How the product works

Step #1: Find a hot affiliate niche

The first step is choosing a profitable niche. You can use Niche Money software to find over 100 seven-figure niches for e-commerce, Amazon, ClickBank, and JVZoo affiliates. Then deploy the Keyword Titan software to find the most profitable keywords that will provide the fasted free traffic.

Step #2: Get free YouTube Traffic

Create your video with 3 of the 10 software. The Affiliate Video Bot Includes 1500 pre-made video templates for top ClickBank and JVZoo affiliate programs. You can create videos with my Website2Image and Image2Video software for 100 extra affiliate programs.

Step #3: Get Free Traffic with Google

Now that you have your video live on YouTube, it is to generate views and driving traffic to your site.

Step #4: Explode your traffic and sales

Now it is time to scale up things, us the Sites DB and Traffic DB software that comes as part of the suite, to identify websites you can get traffic from. The GeoBots tool will also help you increase conversions on any website by displaying custom content to the user’s geographic location.

Product bonuses

T-shirt titan 1.0

  • Teaches you how to profit with selling T-shirts designs on eBay, Zazzle, Facebook, and much more.
  • Generate up-loadable designs as well as “model” them in ad images.
  • 8 hours of video training

9 free plugins

  • WP tube maximizer – for YouTube
  • Review buddy – for WordPress
  • Testimonial Pro
  • News Pro
  • Recently viewed
  • WP No
  • WP iAsk
  • WP advert
  • Azon box deal

Who can use this product?

This product can be used by anyone who wants to earn from affiliate marketing or is seeking to attract quality traffic to their websites without spending a fortune.


  • Easy to understand
  • Works perfectly fine
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Suitable for YouTube and websites


  • Unrealistic earning claims
  • Can overwhelm beginners
  • Lots of plugins that might slow down your website


Traffic Bot is a game-changing software that will help you earn loads of commission in affiliate marketing.  It is a tested platform with numerous positive reviews, and if you are a beginner marketer, this is a highly recommended tool for you.

Traffic Bots 10 Affiliate Tools
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