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One of the relatively new and popular survey websites today is From this site, you can access various paid surveys from which you can make money. Is this website legitimate and real? You will find out in this Surveyspaid review.

What You Can Get from the Site

What you can get from are not surveys you can complete to make money online. Instead, you can find from it various websites with their own paid surveys to offer. SurveysPaid promises to connect you with the best survey marketing companies whose compensation schemes are the highest in the industry.

The strength of this site appears to be in their tie-up with ClickBank. Its affiliation with the web’s largest digital retailer is an advantage. This is because you will have your assurance from the legitimate money back guarantee that ClickBank carries out. Within 56 days that you are not getting results from signing-up with SurveysPaid, you can claim a refund of your money.

Yes, in order to start using the site and earn from websites that offer paid surveys, you will have to invest around $68.00 on the regular price, or $34.00 for a 50% discount. This amount comes with the strong money back guarantee typical of all ClickBank products.

Aside from your membership to make money from paid surveys, you also get to benefit from the following membership bonuses with your investment: how to get paid to read emails, write articles, become a secret shopper, and eat out.

Real or Scam

SurveysPaid is it real? It is not surprising if you find yourself wondering about this. Considering how several fly by night marketing companies have scammed online users who just want to earn a decent income from the web, you would easily doubt the legitimacy and credibility of paid surveys.

Is it a scam? Categorically, it is not. The primary reason is because of its tie-up with ClickBank. This largest digital retailer company would not put its good name on the line by associating with internet scams. The money back guarantee is one assurance that will dispel any Surveyspaid scam rumor.

While you may have heard about some online users complaining against the site, and labeling it as a scam, it helps to know how paid surveys work, and how the site is your conduit to legit companies that will pay you for accomplishing their survey offers. This will enlighten you about Surveyspaid complaints.

How It Works

The first thing you have to do is to visit the website and register as a member. Upon paying the fee, all you need to do next is to wait for survey offers. You must understand, however, that while Surveyspaid can connect you with numerous offers, it is still up to how you match the criteria set by the marketing companies for their specific surveys.

What this means is that you may or may not qualify to take the surveys. This is what other online users do not understand about paid surveys, that they easily brand the site as a Surveyspaid scam.

If you meet the criteria, then you can proceed doing the surveys. Upon completion, you get paid. It is actually an extremely simple system. However, making money from it depends on how you match the criteria set by marketing companies. Each survey has its own standards and criteria.

To avoid any Surveyspaid complaints, you must clearly understand three things. One, the site is just a conduit for you to connect with various companies who need your opinion through the completion of surveys. Two is each company has its own set of criteria that you have to meet in order to qualify to take the survey and get paid for it. Lastly, some surveys may not pay you in cash, but in kind.

Advantages and Benefits

With your Surveyspaid membership, you no longer have to scour the internet to look for potential surveys to accomplish. You simply have to wait for surveys that match your qualifications. You will never run out of offers from different websites.

Although you will have to pay for membership before you can start to benefit from the site, the fee is a one-time payment. There are no monthly fees afterwards. Your one-time fee goes to maintaining the database of surveys coming from several companies. It is a cross-country and cross-region database; hence, you will not run out of surveys to complete.

Payment for the completion of surveys is legitimate and instant. The longest is about a week or seven (7) days after completion, and only if you choose checks as the payment mode. Your investment is covered by ClickBank’s 56-day money back guarantee. In effect, you have everything going, and nothing to lose with your membership fee.

Limitations and Downside

There is no guarantee that you will receive cash as your payment upon completion of the surveys. Some companies opt to compensate in kind. Therefore, it is always best to read the fine prints or clear it with the company concerned before proceeding to take the surveys, if you wish to get paid in cash. This will prevent you from doing any Surveyspaid complaints.

Each company that offers their surveys has their own standards, rules, and compensation scheme. You will have to read and understand their terms and conditions before accepting their offers. This may consume more time on your part, but it can also save you from wasting your time and effort completing an offer where you do not get the compensation you expect.

Conclusion is a legitimate website that connects you with different marketing companies with paid survey offers. It continuously updates its database that it has to charge a one-time membership fee of only about $34.00 on a 50% discount.

While there are those who claim it to be a Surveyspaid scam, they may not have understood how paid surveys work. You can earn quickly from it, but it also works best as a means to generate additional income.

This Surveyspaid review finds the site as a genuine method to make money online. Its main advantage is that your minimal investment of about $34 comes with a strong money back guarantee from the internet’s largest retailer of digital products- ClickBank.

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