Motioney Picture To Video Creator

Motioney Picture To Video Creator

About the Product

Motioney is new groundbreaking software that will allow you to take and create animated photos in easy three steps without any technical experience.  You don’t have to upload a video into the software or have some complicated tools.

After creating a highly-converting video ad, you can decide where you want to share it, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn or Tumblr.

About the Author

Motioney was designed by Andrew Darius who has had over a decade of experience in the field of video marketing. Andrew is among the top leading product developers on JVZoo and has a lot of successful product launches recently. He has carved a reputation for launching high-quality products with a user-friendly interface. Other products he has designed include WaveNetVocalizer, SalesVideoCreator, Elite Video Traffic, PicAnimate, Stop Motion Creator, Promoyze, AscendPages, among many more.

Another member of Motioney team is Jason Fultan, who has already designed and launched numerous tech products like Explaindio, and VendorMember, which were positively received by consumers.    

With a team of proven gurus behind it, I can say without a doubt that Motioney is a perfect product for your video marketing campaign.

Outstanding Features of Motioney

Below are some of the most outstanding features of Motioney software:

  • Creates spectacular video ads and video engagement posts from just single picture

One of the best things about Motioney is that it is an easy-to-use push button desktop tool that allows you to design striking video ads and video engagement posts from just a single image.

The photo can be downloaded from the internet or taken with the phone camera.

If the software is running, your picture will instantly turn into an attention-grabbing motion picture.

  • Easy To Use

If there is one thing Andrew Darius know how to do is to create user-friendly applications. And that is exactly what he did with Motioney software.

This application was designed to work in just 3 easy to follow steps so anyone can totally create their own viral videos in just minutes.

  • Generate video ads for all the major social media platforms

Motioney is the first of its kind to allow users to create video ads for the top 9 social media platforms and messaging apps. This is perfect for your marketing campaign as you don’t have to create different ad videos for all social networking sites.

  • Save money

With this software, you don’t have to spend money on non-performing Facebook ads or attempts on viral traffic boosts.

Social media users rarely bother to look at traditional normal images and hardly commit to watching long video add.

But when it comes to motion pictures, it is hard to ignore. They are easy to digest, share and at the end bring impressive results.

  • A/B Test

According to a case study done by a Toronto-based startup, Facebook live images increase click-through rate by 117%, decrease cost per click by 41%, and increase relevance by 4 points score.

So you are missing out on a lot of traffic if you are not using live pictures.

  • Includes Commercial License

This software comes with a commercial license. This means that you can create the pictures to use for your video ad campaign or sell them at whatever price.

  • Unlimited Videos

Motioney allows you to generate unlimited videos. There is no restriction to the number of moving images and GIFs to shoot up your social shares.

  • The software is compatible with both PC and Mac

Motioney is desktop software that supports both Mac and PC. You will also need an internet connection to install the software and license or access verification.

  • It is a tried and tested tool

This software is already used by tens of thousands of businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs and has all achieved the expected results. For this reason, you can go for Motioney with full confidence of success.

  • Video tutorials included

The creators of Motioney have made a set of video training to walk you through the installation process and creating your first animated video. Along with the videos, you can count on the dedicated support team in case you have further concerns.

How Motioney Works

As mentioned earlier, the process of creating motion pictures in Motioney is quite easy even for beginners.

First, choose the picture

Second, select the areas you want to animate

Third and lastly, export the video.

And that is it. Only three steps to create your next viral post or ad in matters of minutes.

If pictures speak a thousand words, then videos speak a million.

Whom is Motioney Intended For?

With the growing number of social media users, I can say motioney can be used by any social media enthusiast.

But most importantly the application is meant for those working as social media marketers, email marketers, online marketers, content creators, SEO marketers, entrepreneurs, businesses, MMO and more.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Include commercial license
  • No special skills required
  • Affordable
  • Instant results
  • Generate several animated videos from just a single picture


Motioney was created by a team of marketers with long years of experience of launching user-friendly applications. For this reason, I have not found single cons related to the effectiveness of Motioney.

Motioney Picture To Video Creator
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