Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Review

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

Long-tail Pro is a robust keyboard research software. It gives the user the ability to generate hundreds of thousands of unique ‘Long Tail’ keywords within minutes based on one single root or multiple root keywords at once. A long-tail keyword mostly has three or more words, for example:

  • Keyword: mountain bikes
  • Long-tail keywords: specialized mountain bikes, specialized mountain bikes for sale, used mountain bikes for sale

Long-tail keywords can be compelling since they make up over 70% of all search engine traffic.

About the Author

Long Tail PRO Keyword Research is a creation of Spencer Haws. He knew about the scarcity of the keyword tools when he was trying to get keywords for his websites. He understood the importance behind a keyword generator and needed to create one that fittingly serves the purpose. He, therefore, developed an excellent great tool that properly does all the hard work, thus saving you lots of hours.  From personal experience, I can say that it is a great tool to work with. It can avail the proper keywords to any website in any niche, to the location independently and almost in every language. One key thing to note is that this particular software came into the market in the year 2011 and is now used by more than 70,000 website owners, bloggers, and marketers.

Characteristics of Long Tail PRO

  • Long-Tail Pro has been the reigning champion in terms of best keyword research tools for a long time. But things just got better with the release of the new version 3.0. In just a few seconds you can find keywords that are profitable and not so competitive that will attract more free traffic to your website with ease.
  • Can generate hundreds of keywords in just a matter of seconds using many seed words.
  • It simultaneously imports more than five seed keywords.
  • A seed keyword helps to generate up to 700 or 800 keywords that are different.
  • It also has an intuitive and well-organized user interface, which is easy to use and helps you to spot some of the best long-tail keywords of the hundreds generated.
  • The software gives you full control over the results by using real-time filters based on the criteria of your keyword.


  • Simple to use: keyword research is a time consuming and daunting task. One can be faced with data that is a lot and can go up to the thousands. Thankfully this software is straightforward and pretty easy to use and thus makes performing keyword research a cool breeze.
  • Offers instructional videos: the developers of this software took their tome and created many “how-to videos,” which enables users to flock quickly to their software, even though the software is easy to use.
  • Have 3 interlocking Modules: this software is a combination of 3 interlocking modules; Rank checker module, Keyword research module, and competitor Analysis module. The three all work in unison to make sure that you get the most out of your efforts of keyword research. This allows you to research for profitable keywords.
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee: if you want to become a customer, you will be glad to know that the software has a 60-day money-back guarantee ensuring that you get a full refund of your money if within the 60 days after purchase you decide on not continuing with the product. This helps with giving you peace of mind


The searching tends to take some time, and this is the software’s main weakness. It is an area the developers need to work on.

The Bottom Line

Long Tail Pro is a fantastic keyword search tool. It can be very costly, trying to go for top keywords. It is also exhausting and even impossible in some situations. When people are searching for something, they mostly use a sentence with 3 or more keywords. Such long-tail keywords can easily be targetable and have much less competitiveness. You stand a higher chance of success if you have a tool that helps you with more profitable tail words. Long Tail PRO has immensely proven to be one of the best keyword research tools in the market. It can avail you with the help you need to get those hidden keywords to get more traffic to your site.  Due to the nature of all long-tail keywords, this is a more coveted option when looking for new to tackle. The super-easy software to use helps you find the desired long-tail keyword and also do some competitor analyses and rank checking.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research
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