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About Keyword Researcher

Keyword Researcher is the only SEO tool that can help you find long-tail keywords and create SEO-optimize content for your website.

This tool has everything that you need to turn all those confusing keyword data into organized, filtered, and valuable marketing data.

Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use keyword discovery tool that once activated, it perfectly emulates a human using Google Autocomplete feature, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google.

Each time a partial phrase is entered, Google will try to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. Keyword Researcher then saves this prediction, and at the end, if you do this for every alphabet letters from A-Z, then you will be left with hundreds of great, profitable long tail keyword phrases.

This tool was designed and built by internet marketer with years of experience, for internet marketers.

It was curated from the ground up to be an all-in-one SEO solution that lets you manage both your keywords and website articles.

It will help you manage thousands of keywords without importing CSV files from Google Keyword Planner, write and SEO-optimize content for your website and organize your entire SEO website.

About the Author

Keyword Researcher is a keyword research tool designed and released by Clever Gizmos, LLC, a California-based software company that focuses on producing only high-quality and the best internet marketing tools.

Apart from the Keyword Researcher Pro tool, Gizmos also have produced and successfully launched other internet marketing apps such as Clever YouTube Plugin and Window Blocker.

The company also produces informative internet marketing how-to videos.

Clever Gizmos, LLC is located in Dana Point, California United States.

How to Use Keyword Researcher

Keyword Researcher involves 6 fundamental steps SEO, and it includes:

  • Step 1: Discover and import Keywords

In this first step, you can use the Keyword Researcher app to discover new keywords about your product service. You can also import keyword CSV files from the great Google Keyword Planner.

With Keyword Researcher, it is quite easy to import the CVS files from Google Keyword Planner. Just drag the CVS files into the app and all your keyword data is sorted for you. duplicates are removed and the incoming keywords that you have blacklisted in the past will be blacklisted again so they won’t interfere with your project.

  • Step 2: Remove the Junk Keywords

As you know, many of the keywords that you have downloaded or imported will not be pertinent to your current project, and for this reason, you will have to delete them.

But simply deleting them won’t be enough because when you download more CVS files later, these files might also contain the same keyword.

That is why in the Keyword Researcher, you can "Black List" keywords permanently.

This means that the keywords that you do not want are maintained in a separate list. This way, you will never have to delete a keyword more than once.

  • Step 3: Search for the Good Keywords

After you have deleted the bad keywords, you still need to find the good keywords – the keywords that are most pertinent to your current project goals.

With this tool, it comes with a complete array of searching functions. For example, you can search for all the keyword phrases that contain the word "carb" and the word "diet."

This makes finding the best keywords a lot easier than when using other tools.

  • Step 4: Organize the Good Keywords into Article Groups

Not all of the keywords you have collected will go on every page of your website. Your keywords must be grouped into logical categories, a process known as “laying out a Content Strategy”

Using the Keyword Researcher, you can create categories, Articles, and Paragraphs, an sort your keywords by simply dragging them into these groups.

  • Step 5: Type the Good Keywords into your Article

Now that you have managed to find the perfect keywords for your project, you need to actually get them into your article content.

By clicking the ‘Highlighter Icon' in the Keyword Researcher, the app will examine your content and show you where the keyword appears.

The app will tell you if your keyword appears in the most important SEO article locations: the Title, Slug, and Content area.

  • Step 6: Publish Your Content

Once your SEO-optimized content is finally done, you have to somehow get it published to the internet.

Luckily, the Keyword Researcher tool can generate native WordPress XML files, meaning, by clicking a button, you can import a complete set website articles, right into your WordPress database.

Features of Keyword Researcher

  • Search long tail keywords on Google
  • Search long keywords on Amazon
  • Write SEO-Optimized content
  • Search YouTube for long tail keywords
  • Plan a Content strategy
  • Negative keyword list to blacklist undesirable keywords.
  • Advanced Keyword Search
  • Assign your keyword to a white, grey, and blacklist
  • Creates custom keyword tags and assign them to your favorite keyword for better sorting.
  • Import Google Keyword planner files
  • Import from Microsoft Excel
  • Export to CSV and XLS

Benefits of Keyword Researcher

  • It helps you go after long tail keywords with lower competition
  • You can generate creative article ideas using the tool
  • Helps you built a gigantic list of Keywords
  • With this tool, you can easily answer questions about your product
  • You can gauge market interest about a new niche
Keyword Researcher
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