How To Write Your Own Ebook In 7 Days

How To Write Your Own Ebook In 7 Days

How To Write Your Own Ebook In 7 Days is an eBook that aims to assist authors in writing and publishing their works on the internet.  This is a creation of Jim Edwards, an individual who has been heavily involved in advising how to write an ebook in only seven days and get it on Amazon and get paid. Jim advice on how you can convert your writing expertise into revenue, without any direct promotion. He has helped many to attain financial independence and passive income in site stream through the sale of popular ebooks. Such a move translates into the prestige and satisfaction associated with being an author.

The author has had tremendous achievements in the writing industry. His success has been proven and has assisted over 1,000 authors to promote, publish and write ebooks, audiobooks and print books. He has ten years of experience as a newspaper author and columnist and has a legendary online reputation in writing ebooks. In only three months, one ebook info-products made him $45,000. Recently, he made $7,704.37 within a week for selling a single eBook, an eBook he did not even promote it. Jim has made $6,000 in consultation fee from other ebook authors. Over the last 14 years, Jim has written, created and sold *millions of dollars* in ebooks and info-products online.      

Features of the actual product

  • The author clearly articulates how to write and publish a personal ebook in less than one week and be profitable.
  •  He clearly shows exactly what authors should do, and he always delivers in all of his programs.
  • Jim shows authors how to get up, running and selling Amazon Kindle swiftly.
  • Jim’s program shares the assured secret of creating an ebook that sells like crazy, and on the other hand, the author is having fun.
  • The program also elaborates on how authors can avoid mistakes that can take them months or even years to complete an ebook. Hence, authors can complete their ebooks in just days.
  • A step-by-step explanation of how to get a complete REAL ebook DONE in less than 72 hours!
  • The most viable way you can publish your ebook in a virtual way in such a way that

everyone on the internet can purchase it.

  • Jim highlights three ways in which to develop a highly profitable ebook in record time, despite the lack of ideas.  

Problems solved by the product

There are several problems that the product can solve

  • By using the product, authors who are stuck on what to write in the eBook can be unloaded.
  • Authors with problems in setting a timeline of when to complete their ebook can use this product to their advantage.
  • The product can assist authors not aware of how to publish their ebooks on the internet.
  • Authors have a problem of converting their ebooks into revenue. The product solves these issues by elaborating on the strategies to be undertaken so that an ebook can start streaming revenue.
  • Authors with common mistakes in writing and publishing their ebooks can use this product to mitigate these slipups.    

Format of the product

The format of the product is an ebook and enrolling on the program for membership.

  • The ebook is published and sold to willing authors who want to emulate the work of Jim Edwards and be successful in writing and publishing their ebooks.
  • The ebook is rich in information about how ebook writing and selling can become a fulltime profession if the advice and steps of Jim Edwards are followed.
  • When an author enrols in Edwards’ program, they can witness first-hand what they should do, and he utilizes professionalism to ensure that his program is rich in content and that it fully assists the authors.     

Intended Audience

This is a perfect product for authors who want to convert their ebooks into revenue. This is actionable, as evidenced by the various positive reviews it has attracted.

  • The product is newbie-friendly as even an ebook wannabe who does not have content will be assisted by the product in a very major way.
  • Those who are also stuck halfway in writing and publishing their ebooks will find the product very effective
  • Individuals who want to convert their ebook writing into revenue will benefit in their financial life.


How To Write Your Ebook In 7 Days is a fantastic eBook that can help you become one of the best authors out there. The product assists authors with the desire to make eBook writing and publishing lucrative businesses, supporting them financially. The program shows how authors can target all the customers on the internet. Millions have benefitted from this program. You too, can significantly benefit. All you need to do is to make the buying decision.

How To Write Your Own Ebook In 7 Days
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