30 Day Success Club Review

30 Day Success Club

30 Day Success is the work of Debbie Joven. Debbie Joven went from the life of a broke church mouse to a self-set millionaire. After the death of her husband Michael in the line of duty, Debbie was left to struggle with life paying all the bills from the same pocket. Afterwards, she tried all means of looking for money and later landed into this one method that she thought everyone else should know about. The internet today is flocked with different money making programs but one simple thing is that majority of them are scams. However, many people have purchased Debbie’s Program but majority of them have varying views about the program. Although it has helped some of them, there are others that are still sited on the thorny surface. I personally think that those who tried the program and still didn’t make money as the author claims didn’t take enough time to do research and take all the steps provided accordingly to start getting the profits. What this means is that if you are looking for a program to help you get instant profits, then this program will certainly not help you.  Here you have to be patient.

What is the product about?

30 Day Success Club is a legit money making technique. It contains some sophisticated money making models that requires your attention, effort and energy to implement. The only secret thing about this program is that you are required to buy a software that will operate all the other variables in the equation. After that, you are required to build a website with the software. The software will guide you on the process of building the website. You just need a Clickbank affiliate account and you are all set to go.

Steps of implementing the idea

  • You need to type the domain URL into the software and you will have developed the website at the end of the day.
  • After that, now key in your Clickbank username and save it.
  • The 3rd step is to submit a name to your website in the application.
  • The main idea after this is to drive traffic on your website. To do this, you are supposed to type few keywords for SEO.
  • Finally, you write a description of your website.

I know you are still wondering what follow after this or even how this will earn you money. According to the author, after following these steps you will get complete access to your website. The website will now be flocking with Clickbank products. The website will have a complete way of slurring people to subscribe to your email list. Through this, you will get a commission every time someone will make purchases on Clickbank using links from this website.

This is not all, you now need to strategize how to attract more people on your website and how to monetize this site. I think that this is the place where most people make mistakes by thinking that you just need the website and start making money immediately. Debbie has only given you a channel of making money. It is now upon you to make the method work for you. If you can be able to attract more people and if they take action through your website, then the money will start to flow.

You are wondering how money will flow? According to the author, each product on Clickbank will have an affiliate link emended on it. In case someone takes action and purchases any product on Clickbank through the affiliate link, you will actually get a commission. The biggest challenge is to drag traffic in your site and lure them to take actions.


  • You have to spend money and time looking for traffic.
  • You will also spend some money to ensure that the products in your website are updated in a daily basis
  • You will also be required to remain active on social media websites and also create blogs to promote your website and at the same time increase the conversion time.
  • The website also don’t have ‘’about us’’ Which is a drawback.

What can this product do for you?

There are several things this product can do for you but that is only the case if you are ready to put on some extra effort and drag more people in your website. It can help you make money. Consequently, you will solve majority of money problems such as paying your bills and living a life free of worries.

Who is this program for?

Many people will say that this product is for people who want to make money online. True, but one thing they don’t tell you is that this product is designed for those people who are patient and those who remain focused. Even if you want to make money online, if you are not ready to induce more labor and money, you will not be successful. The product is for the patient investors.

What is the format of the product?

This is a great money making program that can even be used by people with little knowledge about the internet. The product is inform of an app. However, you will as well get step by step guide in PDF format. Some few other contents are available in Video form to help you get the real idea before you implement it.

30 Day Success Club
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