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The Diy Guide To Writing A Killer Resume

When you buy the course, you get instant access to: A 170+ page Pdf self-study guide. easy-to-follow lessons that take you from blank page to killer resume. The inside scoop on our unique resume writing system a system that works for everyone, from entry-level to company President. Detailed tutorials with lots of real-world examples, so that you can turn our principles into practice. 20 pre-formatted resume templates, so that you dont have to worry about resume design. Tips on avoiding the mistakes. that consign most resumes to the 'no' pile. Advice on applying tried and tested marketing principles. to your resume, so that recruiters respond immediately. Valuable information on adapting your resume for use online, so that you can create compelling web profiles. Bonus eBooks. on writing cover letters and creative job search strategies. Read more here...

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Online Resume Builder With 118 Resume Templates

Easy To Use Resume Builder With 118 Templates And Cover Letters, Offers Resume To Be Downloaded In MS Word And Pdf Formats. Provides Interview Tips And Interview Preparation Guides To Subscribed Members. Online resume builder is a tool for job seekers to create resume online in minutes which provide help on how to write a resume with professionally designed resume templates. It minimizes job seekers time and efforts and produces a well organized structure of job resume. A job seeker can't ignore the importance of a resume. You get only one chance to convince hiring manager for getting an interview. Writing a resume seems very confusing and difficult task for any job seeker. An online resume builder tool help you to easily craft out a resume that matches requirements.

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Three Absolutes for a Powerful Resume

You can (and probably will) read all kinds of advice about preferred page length, desirable font size, format, style, white space, organization, and structure with regard to resumes. I'll be sharing my own opinions on all these topics in the following chapters. But in preparing your resume, most of the decisions you'll make are subjective they can be argued either way, with no answer being absolutely wrong or right. How, then, do you know what to do To reduce resume writing to its essential core, I've developed three rules that, if followed, will yield a resume that captures the interest of employers because it respects their jobs as hiring authorities and responds to their business needs 1. Be clear and focused. Don't leave readers wondering about the kind or level of position you're interested in. Rather than taking time to figure it out, or to speculate where your skills might be used within their organization, busy hiring authorities will quickly consign your resume to the trash....

Create a Career Target Statement

Remember the first absolute of resume writing Be clear and focused. Before you plunge into writing your resume, take the time to develop a specific career target statement. Preparing this kind of statement helps you clarify the job elements that are most important to you and provides a central emphasis for your resume development and job search. Write it on a clean sheet of paper or in a separate word-processing document.

Arranging Your Contact Information

Once you've compiled the necessary contact information, consider a variety of ways to arrange it for maximum impact. Seven examples appear below, and the resume samples in this book include an assortment of data points with varied arrangements. Be sure that this data does not overwhelm the resume but still makes it as easy as possible for potential employers to reach you.

Write about your experience and accomplishments

The key to writing meaningful accomplishments is to keep in mind the employer's needs, concerns, and reason for interest in you. How can you help the organization What benefits do you offer over another candidate What have you done for companies in the past How does your experience relate to the employer's current needs To be certain you are capturing this truly essential viewpoint, keep digging further back into the specific accomplishment until you reach the bottom-line benefit. Here's an example of a dialogue between resume writer and client that may help as you interrogate yourself about your achievements Having gathered this information, the resume writer can craft an achievement that appeals to the potential employer's concerns save money, increase customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, save time. For example

Hiring Survey Results

As a resume writer, I view the world primarily from the job seeker's perspective. Naturally, I try to maintain current information on career trends, hiring practices, and human resources issues. When I began writing this book, however, I decided to conduct a survey of hiring authorities to be certain the information I provided was consistent with the experiences, preferences, and expectations of those on the receiving end of job seekers' resumes. The quotes in the preceding sections were taken from the survey responses specific data about resume preferences follows. 323 The survey showed opinions all over the board about the best way to initiate contact. Just as firmly as one respondent stated definitely e-mail when asked about the preferred method of receiving resumes, another clearly favored faxed resumes, and a third said it doesn't make any difference. The best advice I can offer is to choose a method traditional mail, fax, or e-mail that you prefer and that is convenient for you....

Gather Your Resource Materials

Before beginning your resume, spend a little time organizing your work space and gathering the appropriate resource materials. Create job search central, a spot where you can keep all your job search materials well organized and at hand. Throughout your search you'll generate copious notes, copies of correspondence, want ads, printouts from the Internet, newspaper articles, and other related materials. You need a filing and organizing system that allows you to put your hands on the appropriate document at a moment's notice. (For instance, when you receive a phone call in response to a letter you've sent, you'll sound You should gather several resource materials before you start writing your resume. First, find copies of old versions of your resume. You might be surprised at the details included there that are relevant to your current search but that you might have forgotten over the passage of time. These older resumes will also help you recall details such as specific dates of...

Our Top Niche Picks For 2005 And Beyond

In this niche, my picks include products related to interview skills, resume writing, public speaking and presentation, and even the right clothing and personal grooming for specific industries. Need more hot topic ideas Think about the typical problems job seekers face. How about the agony of writer's block when trying to revamp your resume Or what about dealing with pre-interview anxiety

About This Book

This book is devoted primarily to teaching and showing you how to create a powerful resume to help you achieve that six-figure sales and or marketing position. Part 1 gets right down to business, with three chapters devoted to creating your career target statement and then writing and polishing your resume. Part 2 includes 8 chapters of sample resumes, divided by function and level within the field of sales and marketing. As you read through these, it's a good idea to review resumes outside your own specific niche. Many resumes showcase careers that combine functions or that have crossed over from one function to another. The final chapter in Part 2 includes a handful of cover letters, cross-referenced with the resumes they were written for, to give you a head start on this important companion to your resume. When your resume is complete, you're ready to tackle Part 3 putting your resume to work in your job search. In chapter 13, you will learn how to use your sales and marketing...

Include Numbers

A word about number style While traditional book format spells out numbers less than 100 and the word percent, when creating resumes I prefer to use numerals and the sign 7, not seven 43 , not 43 percent. Why For two reasons It saves space, and it makes the numbers much more visible. Since the numbers you've amassed during your career are one of the most important elements in your resume, it makes sense to have them stand out as much as possible. To develop the numbers for your resume, begin by looking at straightforward measurements Did you or a team you led exceed quotas or growth goals A table can be an effective tool to show really strong numbers. See resume samples 6-1, 10-3, and 10-5, among others. As you look through the sample resumes, you'll note that in addition to numbers, a brief explanation of how results were achieved is often included. This level of detail allows a glimpse into your work style or problem-solving approach and is particularly important for people seeking...

List Your Education

For most mid- to upper-level professionals, whose strongest qualifications are experience and accomplishments, education appears toward the end of the resume. If you have a name-brand education or other strong educational credential and you don't want it buried on page 2 or 3 of your resume, you might move this section up to just above the experience section. See resume samples 7-3 and 7-14 for effective page-1 placement of education. You'll note that in these samples the education section is brief and to the point so as not to detract from the even more important experience and accomplishments. In sample 7-1, education takes up a more generous amount of space, but that's because this individual recently completed her MBA and is presenting this up front as one of her strongest qualifications. In listing education, provide the college you attended, degree earned, and major course(s) of study. Begin with your most advanced degree and work backwards. If you attended more than one school...

Resume Writing Secrets

Resume Writing Secrets

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