What Is in This Book

This is not a book about marketing theory or basic marketing principleswe assume you are a marketing professional and know a good bit about marketing science fundamentals. This book is all about Six Sigma for marketing professionals. The kind of Six Sigma we explore is relatively new. It is the form of Six Sigma that focuses on growththat prevents problems by designing and structuring Six Sigma Sigma-enhanced work within marketing processes. Its boundaries encompass marketing's three process arenas for enabling a business to attain a state of sustainable growth.

1. Strategic Marketing Process product or service portfolio renewal

2. Tactical Marketing Process product or service commercialization

3. Operational Marketing Process post-launch product or service line management

This book is reasonably short and is primarily intended as an overview for marketing executives, leaders, and managers. Anyone interested in the way Six Sigma tools, methods, and best practices enhance and enable these three marketing processes can benefit from this book. This book guides the reader in structuring a lean work flow for completing the right marketing tasks using the right tools, methods, and best practicesat the right time within the aforementioned processes. Yes, this book is all about Lean Six Sigma-enabled marketing.


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