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+ Maiket id&nlication and segmentation analysis

+ VOC gathering methods

• Competitive benchmarking end best-practice analysis

+ SWOT Analysis mettiod

+ Markel perceived quality piolrle rtveltKJd

* Porter's. 5 Fofcas Analysis metliotf

+ Ita'km behavioral dynamic* map meHlMti

* IDEA ca.p1.jre? and (ialaba;» development Igols

♦ Project management tools

+ Delme Duslness strategy and financial goals + Dai*né inncvaiioíi

Strategy + Dfil ne markets ♦ Define market segments + Define opportunities across markets and wfriin segments + Gather and translate VOC dala


*■ Documented growtn goals

# Documented core competencies

* Documented innovation strategy

■+ Documented markels

■+ Docum&nled market s&gments

■+ Documented opporticiKtes

Supporting Deliverables

+ Market and s&gment behaviors l dynamics map

♦ Compalitive benchmarking data and Irend charts

+ Market perceived Quality profile and gap matrix

+ Porter's 5 Forces chad

+ SWOT matrix

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