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Dictated by the Launch deliverables required to complete the final UAPL phase, the short list of tasks within the Launch phase is as follows:

1. Conduct marketing plan audit.

2. Assess the internal communications plan (employees and value chain players such as the sales force, customer support and service, partners, suppliers).

3. Assess implementation plan readiness of the external communications strategy implementation, sales support plan, channel support plan, sales promotion plan, public relations plan.

The sample scorecard, as shown in Table 5.11 , is used by marketing project team leaders who manage major tasks and their time lines as part of their project management responsibilities.

Show detailed product service, production, supply chain, sales, service support plan integration

Documented launch plan

Show plan to promote and measure awareness, consideration, trial, usage, and referral

Documented launch plan

Develop process maps and control plans for marketing, sales channel, customer service, support, and other Critical to Quality functions

Documented post-launch marketing and sales channel processes and control plans Develop process maps and control plans for customer relationship management

Documented customer relationship management process/control plan

Show how activities align with marketing objectives. Develop deployment schedule. Show costs.

Final marketing and sales collateral, advertising, and promotional materials plan Show Statistical Process Control charts on critical marketing and sales data.

Updated marketing and sales critical parameter database

Show latest assessment of risk and potential revenues against latest product iteration. Show FMEA.

Refined, updated RWW Analysis

Develop final sales forecast with pricing strategy and integrate into business case

Refined, updated business case sales forecast

Table 5.11. Sample Launch Phase Task Scorecard









% Task Completion

Task Results Versus Gate Requirements

Risk Color (R, Y, G)

Gate Deliverable

Columns 1 and 6 align the task to a specific gate deliverable for justifying the task. (Never conduct a task if you can't justify its ability to produce a gate deliverable and fulfill a gate requirement.)

Average Tool Score (ATS) illustrates overall tool quantification across the three scoring dimensions. (A high ATS indicates that a task is being underwritten by proper tool usage.)

% Task Completion is scored on a 10 to 100% scale. This measure is critical if you want to understand how completely each specific, major task is being done.

Color coding is intended to illustrate the nature of the risk accrual for each major task within this phase of the process. Color code risk definitions are found in Chapter 2 .

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