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Updated critical parameters, including the SPC charts and critical adjustment parameters. Updated process noise maps. Updated process FMEAs.

4. Updated annual operating plan.

5. Documented Discontinue phase plan approved and ready for use.

The sample scorecard, as shown in Table 6.4 , is used by marketing gatekeepers who manage risk and make functional gate decisions for a specific project as part of the portfolio of projects being conducted by the marketing organization.

Table 6.4. Sample Adapt Phase Deliverables Scorecard







SSFM Gate Deliverable

Grand Average Tool Score

% Task Completion

Tasks Results Versus Gate Deliverable Requirements

Risk Color (R, Y, G)

Key Milestones

Updated critical parameters, SPC charts, and critical adjustment parameters

Identify critical adjustment parameters that can return marketing and sales processes to a state of statistical control

Updated process noise maps

Identify leading indicators (assignable causes of variation) showing when toadjust critical parameters

Updated process FMEAs

Identify which processes are most likely to fail and a plan of action thatwill be executed in the event of a failure

Updated annual operating plan

Show the market situation analysis; marketing plan; and schedule of actions, costs, and responsibilities

Documented Discontinue phase plan

Show the plan and process that will be used to discontinue the offering

Columns 1 and 6 align the gate deliverable to a gate requirement. Each deliverable is justified as it contributes to meeting a gate requirement. (Never produce a deliverable if you can't justify its ability to fulfill a gate requirement.)

Grand Average Tool Score (GATS) illustrates aggregated tool quantification across the three scoring dimensions. (A high GATS indicates that a group of tasks is underwriting a gate deliverable.)

% Task Completion is scored on a 10 to 100% scale. This measure is critical if you want to understand how completely a group of related tasks are fulfilling a major gate deliverable.

Color coding illustrates the nature of the risk accrual for each major deliverable within this phase of the process. Color code risk definitions are found in Chapter 2 .

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