Figure 51 Macro tasks for commercialization

Gather and rank detailed NUD

customer requirements

Assess markel opportunity

Help translate NUD customer requirements into NUD technical requirements

Refine and optimize price models and sales forecasts

Analyze customer preferences of various features and functions to price options

Help define numerous prod uct/servi ces concepts

Refine business case

Create delated launch plans

Launch product/ services offering

It is interesting to compare these macro steps to those from the strategic portfolio renewal process in the preceding chapter. Note how marketing tasks shift from general to very specific as a product and/or service is commercialized. Regardless of who in the firm performs these activities, the marketing tasks become more tactical as the offering approaches launch.

If the team lacks the required strategic portfolio work to initiate its commercialization project, however, the team must step back and gather the prerequisite information. For example, you should develop a market opportunity assessment that defines targeted segments to assess attractiveness. Then compare that to an internal assessment to determine strategic fit and organizational capabilities. A financial risk-versus-return analysis gives the gatekeepers the critical information to help make investment decisions. The goal is to enter a commercialization project with enough market research to inform a "go/no go" decision before more investments are made in activities such as gathering VOC data.

In Chapter 4 , Figure 4.3 illustrates the integration of marketing and technical functions in the context of inbound and outbound marketing arenas. Although marketing typically drives these three processes (strategic, tactical, and operationalsee Figure 5.2 ), it needs to ensure that other supporting functional groups (such as its technical counterparts) provide respective input and deliverables throughout. The tactical process environment for marketing takes input from the strategic processes to initiate the preparation (or commercialization) process of a product or service for launch.

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