Figure 14 The toolstasksdeliverablesrequirements linkage

A Phase A Gate

Tools I' ^ Tasks I ' Deliverables I' ^Requirements

This book describes how Six Sigma works in the context of strategic, tactical, and operational marketing processes. It focuses on integrating marketing process structure, requirements, and deliverables (phases and gates for risk management), project management (for design and control of marketing task cycle time), and balanced sets of marketing tools, methods, and best practices.

Recall that if a marketing process is broken, incapable, or out of control, you should use one of the traditional Six Sigma approaches to improve or redesign it. This book assumes that the strategic, tactical, and operational marketing processes have been designed to function properly. This book answers the question of what to do and when to do it within structured marketing processes.

Marketing processes and their deliverables must be designed for efficiency, stability, and, most importantly, measurable resultshence the importance of Six Sigma. We will work within the IDEA, UAPL, and LMAD processes, applying their accompanying tool-task sets to create measurable deliverables that fulfill the gate requirements. You may choose to call your process phases by different namesthat's fine. What you do and what you measure are what really matter.

Throughout this book, the word "product" refers to a generic company "offering" and represents a tangible product and a services offering . This book discusses technology-based products frequently, because of marketing's interdependency with the technical community. In parallel, R&D, design, and production/services support engineering should use growth- and problem-prevention-oriented forms of Six Sigma in their phases and gates processes. The Six Sigma approach serves as a common language between the marketing and technical disciplines. The term "solutions" usually involves both technology and services; thus, "product" and "service" encompass the scope of a given solution. Regardless of the offering, the Six Sigma approach we are outlining is the same and can be applied


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