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This online training course can teach you how to take amazing, eye-catching photos that people will not believe are from you and not a professional photographer! If you own a DSLR camera still are not satisfied with the quality of photos that you are getting from your camera, that is not your fault! You are not to blame for this! Once you learn the proper technique for taking photos, you will be Shocked at the difference that you will see in your photos. You will go from low-quality, lackluster photos to beautiful, high-quality stunners! Don't be discouraged; go through this training program and start learning how to take really amazing quality photos with your DSLR camera! You will learn how to use the best equipment, how to master angles, and how to get the best out of the camera that you have to take the best photos ever! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Make it a goal to develop a stronger relationship with other photographers in your market

You don't have to give away any trade secrets, and neither do they, but sharing ideas is one of the most powerful ways to educate ourselves. Whether you get together for a cup of coffee to talk about programs you are both working on, or make a plan to refer clients back and forth to each other, or play a round of golf at the local country club, make it a goal to invest some time in the next week to develop a stronger relationship with other photographers in your market.

Good marketing is not an expense its an investment

Second, don't overlook the most obvious and valuable marketing resource you possess your current customer base. It costs about twenty times more to acquire a new customer than it does to reactivate an old one. For some reason many photographers think their first-time customers are finished buying from them. Nothing could be farther from the truth they can buy more (up-sell or reorder from existing files), they can buy again (resell or update session), or they can buy something else (cross-sell Far and away, the best marketing vehicle I have used is direct mail. I've had a single portrait mailing to 4,000 prospects bring in over 200,000 in sales in one six-week period. One direct mail piece to photographers resulted in over 33,000 in sales in a single morning. I designed, printed, and sent a mailing to several hundred of my past portrait clients that resulted in over 6,000 in credit card deposits within forty-eight hours of the mailing.

Having a solid marketing plan will allow you to do the things in life that are most important to you

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but things are not getting any easier for professional photographers. Whether you realize it or not, you already have a marketing plan. It begins the first time someone hears your name, sees your signs, hears your voice on the phone, or walks into your place of business. Marketing is how you create value for yourself and for your products. It creates a demand for Mike Strickland Director of Photographers, Walt Disney Co. 12. As a consumer, what would you look for from a professional photographer Do you offer those things

Effective Advertising

A photography mentor can be viewed as an advisor or a coach. Maybe it is someone who has an established business, who is viewed as a master photographer, or has experience with judging print competition. A mentor can educate you not only by example but also by giving you many pointers for promoting your business. Observe how they promote their business and watch their behaviors. Learn from their experience and success. You may also be able to develop an effective referral program with local photographers with noncompetitive spirits. Often, a mentor can also refer to you couples who don't fit their demographic or who are looking for a photographer for a date on which they are already booked. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance Most experienced photographers enjoy sharing their thoughts and expertise. With a lot of luck and some skillful application of key words (called metatags) that explicitly describe the site's content, it might even appear somewhere in the first...

About where you want to take your business

Once you've made that decision, then you start to build that game plan, and you do it with realistic goals. Most photographers fail with their projects because all they ever see is the whole project and they just don't get anywhere. If you beak down that big project into steps, it becomes more manageable divide and conquer. You've got to think, I'm only going to look at step one right now and then soon enough, step two. Then tear it up I think for us and for a lot of other photographers, it makes sense to have a passion for building emotional sym-

Positioning for Profit

Do you ever find yourself saying, It seems there are far too many ways for me to market and position my studio. How can I know what's best Photographers do have many opportunities to reach out to prospective clients. The list below should give you some idea of the variety. The ultimate compliment we can get as photographers is, Boy, what a great experience we had having our portraits done You made it fun, easy, and very relaxing. We all had a wonderful time. It may have cost a little more than going somewhere else, but it was worth it If your clients are made to feel special during the time they spend with you, they will undoubtedly become more emotionally attached to their portraits, which in turn means that they will spend more money on them. The bottom line is to make a profit so you are around to answer your phone when they call to schedule another session.

The phone is our first opportunity to make a positive impression on potential clients

I was in the Air Force. I must have been about twenty, twenty-one at the most. That's why so many photographers don't like marketing. Because they feel it's so undependable. You can't predict it, they think. You put in money and effort and work and you mail something out and it doesn't work, or you buy a yellow pages ad and it flops. They'd much rather have people just come in and sit down in front of their camera so they can create something nice and beautiful. That's what we do. That's what we love. It is all based on what do they want. I do a lot of one-on-one consulting with photographers all over the world, and we spend an hour each month on the telephone. I'm constantly harassing them with questions Where do you want to be What do you want to do How many sessions do you want to do What's the average sale that you want What did you do last year How many sessions What's the average sale Now break it down by the client type and the product line. How...

How does the appearance of your studio make you feel Does it give you that wow feeling

When clients arrive at your studio, do you offer them some sort of beverage, like a soft drink, a glass of wine, or a cold beer Do you have snacks available in case they want something to munch on I know several photographers who bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies every single day, and you can smell them as soon as you get out of your car. That kind of attention to detail makes a person feel good and anything you can do to make clients enjoy themselves even just a little bit more is worth doing. If they enjoy themselves during their time with you, they will be happier with their portraits and will spend more money and send more referrals.

Behavioural Segmentation

Oxfam Australia Segmentation Models

Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon Single-use cameras can take panoramic, wide-angle shots. Snorkelling Focus on that flounder with -A different single-use camera). Sports fans are another target Kodak now markets a telephoto version with ultra fast film for the stadium set. Planners are looking at a model equipped with a short focal-length lens and fast film requiring less light they figure parents would like to take snapshots of their babies without the disturbing flash. In one Japanese catalogue aimed at young women. Kodak sells a package of five pastel-coloured cameras , including a version with a fish-eye lens to create a rosy, romantic glow,23

Everything Ive ever learned about photography Ive learned from fashion magazines

It's the photographers who do not allow themselves to become complacent and continue to do things the same way, but who, every single week and every single day are always striving. These photographers ask, What can I do that's different Where can I go next And they're giving themselves lots of visual imagery to help them to grow. I go back to fashion magazines. Everything I've ever learned about photography, I think there are some people who are born marketers, but I don't think that it's something you can't learn. I think you can learn it. You have to develop a plan and you have to continue to strive for that. You can't just try something one time and go, Okay, it didn't work, and then go lay down and do the same thing you've always done. You have to have a particular plan. You have to lock yourself up in your office for two days and say, This is really important. I know a lot of mediocre photographers who are outrageously good at marketing they do a...

Phone conversations are usually just like a tennis match or a pingpong game

I'm going to give you some examples of statements that prospects all over the world seem to ask photographers on the phone, and I want you to write down how you would respond to each one. This will be the beginning of your phone script. I highly recommend you come back to this exercise later today and give it some more thought but for right now, go ahead and jot down some short answers. Ready

When I get referrals I sell the benefits of hiring my studio not just the features

You should also schedule recharge time, which for me is like getting away from everything and just recharging my batteries, so to speak. So that I can come back into it clear-headed. If you work twenty-four hours, seven days a week, you're going to burn out so much quicker. Most photographers have never taken a two-week vacation. Maybe they get to go to a school and take a couple extra days off, and they call it a week's vacation. A vacation is totally different than that. So, at the beginning of the year I think it's important to schedule time off for yourself and for your family and to use that recharge time.

New reality 2 Great expectations not so great budgets

The audit uncovered the secret life of Polaroid as the darling of the creative classes fashion designers, art-school students and photographers. The brand was being picked up by art directors and fashionistas for its retro-chic qualities - mirroring what was happening with sneakers, sports jerseys and 1980s fashion icons.

If you want to be a leader you have to offer something unusual and different

I did an analysis last year and about 25 percent of my business came from past clients. About 25 to 30 percent came from other photographers who referred clients to me. About 20 percent of the referrals come from the trade. The other part comes from different areas. Almost none of it comes from yellow pages, our web site, or anything like that. I get a lot of calls from those places, but they don't turn into business. So, we're cutting our marketing effort in those areas.

Choosing an Attack Strategy

Flanking Frontal Defend Sales Strategy

A bypass attack is an indirect strategy. The challenger bypasses the competitor and targets easier markets. The bypass can involve diversifying into unrelated products, moving into new geographic markets or leapfrogging into new technologies to replace existing products. Technological leapfrogging is a bypass strategy used often in high-technology industries. Instead of copying the competitor's product and mounting a costly frontal attack, the challenger patiently develops the next technology. When satisfied with its superiority, it launches an attack where it has an advantage. Thus Minolta toppled Canon from die lead in the 35-min SLR camera market when it introduced its technologically advanced auto-focusing Maxxum camera. Canon's market share dropped towards 20 per cent, while Minolta's zoomed passed 30 per cent. It took Canon three years to introduce a matching technology.

Agencies Learn That Its about More Than Advertising

Once the copy, layout, illustrations, and mechanical specifications have been completed and approved, the ad is turned over to the production department. Most agencies do not actually produce finished ads they hire printers, engravers, photographers, typographers, and other suppliers to complete the finished product. For broadcast production, the approved storyboard must be turned into a finished commercial. The production department may supervise the casting of people to appear in the ad and the setting for the scenes as well as choose an independent production studio. The department may hire an outside director to turn the creative concept into a commercial. For example, several companies, including Nike and Kmart, have used film director Spike Lee to direct their commercials Airwalk shoes has used John Glen, who directed many of the James Bond films, for its TV spots. Copywriters, art directors, account managers, people from research and planning, and representatives from the...

Pursuing a Total Quality Marketing Strategy

Hotel Sales And Marketing Strategies

Leica, now owned by the Swiss Anova company, invented the 35 mm camera and still makes cameras renowned for their beautifully engineered bodies with lenses giving razor-sharp pictures. At DM4,000 their M6 is still a great status symbol, but now nearly all professional photographers use Japanese-made Canon, Nikon, Minolta or the like. Leica now has a technology co-operation agreement with Minolta that has helped it produce the Leica Mini, which sells for about DM400.

From Vision To Reality

We now turn to the U.S. camera market itself Exhibit 7 . This overhead uses Photo Marketing Association Data and Morgan Stanley data to show that although the total still-camera market (not including camcorders) is flat, 35mm rangefinder camera sales (the so-called point-and-shoot 35mm camera without interchangeable lenses) are growing rapidly. The 35mm rangefinder has taken share from other camera types in the last six years. The rangefinders offer excellent photo quality, automated functions, ease of use versus traditional 33mm single-lens reflex cameras, compact size, built-in zoom lenses in some cases, and relatively low prices (as low as 19.95 for some simple versions). Vivitar, Olympus, and Polaroid have seen their total shares of the camera market grow in the past four years while Kodak's has fallen. Many major players are introducing new models.

This kind of response

Besides being present at the births of my three sons, it was pretty cool to step out of a 40-foot stretch HumVee limo with the Blue Man Group, my staff and seven photographers musicians in front of the Luxor in Las Vegas (to the cheers and camera flashes of several hundred students posing as fans ) at Boot Camp in 2002. They pulled off the entire evening including a huge party and my getting to play with the band, without me having a clue. That evening I learned the depth of the camaraderie that exists in this industry, and what a privilege it is to be a part of it.

Just because you enjoy your work doesnt mean that you should have to do it for free

With digital now part of our everyday lives, we now have a new item that we must figure into our calculations time. This is the biggest mistake I see photographers make all over the world they don't put any value on their time and don't incorporate their time into any pricing calculations. How much is your time worth Remember, customers need to pay for your expertise, knowledge, and experience, not just your products. Let me take it a step further. If you were to hire someone fulltime to be your digital guy or gal, how much would you pay them to handle all of your editing, workflow, retouching, artwork, and uploading 1 0 per hour 1 5 20 25 Are you willing to work for that Actually, most photographers must be, because that's exactly what they are doing. That's a great question and causes many photographers quite a bit of grief. My view of web sites is that they should exist to create excitement for your photography and to entice a prospect to either send you an e-mail or better yet,...

Why Dependence on Advertising Is Harmful

Mary Palmer, a photographer in San Jose, California, started her business with a simplistic but traditional marketing strategy, advertising on her local newspaper's weddings page. Palmer was one of the first photographers in her area to insert an ad for wedding photos. She very happily took in 12,000 during the prime April-to-August wedding season. The next year she advertised again, but this time her ad was one of many. Not only did the ad fail to generate much business, she got few referrals from the many customers she had worked for the previous year. Concerned, Palmer called us for emergency business advice. Palmer's business is in direct contrast to Gail Woodridge's, who also specializes in wedding photography. Woodridge doesn't do any advertising in the conventional sense, although she does list her services widely in places likely to produce referrals, as discussed later in this chapter and in Chapter 9. Her clients are primarily referred to her by wedding planners, bridal gown...

Economic Circumstances

A person's economic situation will affect product choice. Anna Flores can consider buying an expensive Olympus autofocus superzoom camera if she has enough disposable income, savings or borrowing power. Marketers of income-sensitive goods closely watch trends in personal income, savings and interest

The strong will survive and the weak will perish Which will you be

Fredrik Selander

Besides wanting to find out what makes them tick professionally, I wanted to dig deeper and discover who they are as human beings. They all were good sports about it. In fact, the time I spent talking with each of these successful photographers was perhaps the best education I have received in this industry. It motivated and inspired me, and it confirmed in my mind that successful people have many things in common. Internationally acclaimed photographer, educator, and best-selling author Mitche Graf has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the industry, with a fun and creative style that has catapulted his program onto the international scene. He brings more than twenty-five years of dynamic sales and marketing experience and ten years of studio experience to these energetic seminars and workshops, which he has presented in nearly every state and in nine countries. Additionally, his articles appear on a regular basis in the pages of Rangefinder magazine, Professional...

Street Promotions and Other Unique Promotions

To promote the opening of a boat show, which took place in the middle of the winter, we got one wacky person to water-ski with just a bathing suit on the almost-frozen river that borders the city. In the end, we were lucky our water-skier did not fall into the freezing waters, which could have produced a dangerous situation. He did not, and we saw hundreds pull over to the side of the road, a little confused as they watched him perform tricks in front of photographers and reporters.

It all starts with marketing The phone doesnt ring unless youve asked for business

I'll do twenty or thirty a year. We do about 600 to 650 seniors. I'll do twenty or thirty of those simply because my photographers are sick or out of the studio. Of the 650 seniors, you're going to have ten or twenty who need special treatment. I'm totally capable of doing it, but I don't wish to do it. I'd rather use the time on the boat


Artists and photographers frequently have different charges for outright purchase of their work versus a one-time or specified limited use. Decide whether you will need more than a single use. It is the least expensive of their charges. For multiple or unlimited use, get written agreement. Artists and photographers may, of course, show examples of their own work for presentation. Get everything in writing There is an astonishingly large number of excellent photographers, though not all of them are equally good at the same thing. Check their samples for the type of photography you hope to achieve, rather than expecting to find an exact sample. Selecting a photographer is very much like selecting an artist, except that you will want to work with someone whose studio is fairly close to where you work or live. It's common practice for the client to be present while the photographer works. No one else is as likely to know the products and to keep the photographer from making obvious...

Jay Lurye

Photographers took Polaroid pictures as keepsakes, and autographs were traded. There are many companies today that hire look-alike celebrities to perform the same function, and it still works to build attendance and excitement. Jay Lurye started the concept, but he used the real McCoy

Final Thoughts

As wedding photographers, our mission is to maintain outstanding public relations and excellent customer service while attempting to capture a superior bridal market. Our goal is to photograph and immortalize the special moments in the lives of discerning couples. We believe photography is one of the most important aspects of their entire wedding day.

Photo Friday

The Gist Marc North, a programmer living and working in Northern California, met Nick Feder (then a teenager) online, and the two began exchanging instant messages about photography. Eventually, the collaboration produced the idea for Photo Friday a site where photographers respond to a weekly conceptual challenge, and exemplary photos are recognized as noteworthy. The most popular challenge was clouds, with 660 submissions. The site has become hugely popular amongst aspiring and working photographers looking for encouragement and traffic to their portfolios. Initially North and Feder selected images for recognition, but the task became daunting as Photo Friday grew in popularity. Today, visitors vote on submissions, and the results are tallied automatically.

Louise Stix

I work with copywriters, art directors, web designers, producers, printers, designers, photographers and other communication specialists. I also work closely with Savin's top management and our agency to develop a strategic communications plan that we can execute across many of the customer touch-points that are available. We extend our marketing communication strategy includes beyond advertising to our web site, direct marketing, electronic mail and other collateral.

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