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The response Joe received form his e-Mails was amazing. He compiled two huge volumes of business plans from the responses of the marketing "Gurus" The total volume of the plans was almost an incredible 1200 pages! That is the kind of potency of this method. The e-Book sold in massive volumes. Just about everyone who purchased the e-Book was full of praise. The price of the e-Book was set at $97.00.

The e-Book was called "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success". Joe sold 1064 copies in the first 60 days - that makes him $103,208 in less than two months. This is the kind of demonstrated profit potential from e-Books made by e-Mail responses.

I don't think I need to say anything more. I am sure you've got the picture. Some things to keep in mind when contacting people for e-Mail responses:

- An offer should carry a deadline. This helps you do your planning and the respondent also replies in a timely manner to your message.

- Introduce yourself in brief right in the beginning. That helps the respondent evaluate you and increases the chance of a reply.

- You must provide something in return for the information content they provide. Usually you can offer to share the results of your work with them.

- Grammar and spelling mistakes have the power to make even an excellent piece of writing appear terrible. Take care that you spell check and grammar check your questionnaire.

- Pay your complements to the person who has to respond to your e-Mail. Appreciate that persons work and company. That generates a tremendous amount of goodwill and helps in getting a detailed response.

- You must clearly specify how the content will be used. Be clear on whether you will sell the content or give it away. You should also specify whether or not the person to whom you sell or give the product has the resale rights.

- Be specific about what you want .Don't include questions that are too general.

- Be logical in the order and content of the questions. Call experts on the phone and record the interview.

A standard expert telephonic interview lasts for half an hour to one hour. You can make these calls to the experts with prior appointment. The information you gather from experts who understand the future can help you create a product that stays in the market for years to come. The interview can be with one person at a time or also with a group of people in a telephonic conference.

The content generated can be left in the audio format or can be transcribed into text. Transcription services are available at where the calls can be converted into a text format.

Compile the final work into an e-Book. Then you can sell it for the price you have determined. You can then keep 100% of the profit.

However, you must have prior permission from the experts who have given you the content before you begin marketing your e-Book.

The simple sequence of actions is like this:

- Think your questions out carefully.

- Ask these questions to leaders in your targeted niches.

- Record or write down the answers.

You can apply this technique to whatever subject or topic you choose. A few more ways to interview experts in your niche market:

- You can conduct a seminar and invite experts to speak on a given topic. The live seminar can then be recorded and transcribed into text.

- Contact experts through instant messaging.

- Contact experts through chat rooms.

- Send questions using a fax machines

All this information can then be stored in any media you chose for your e-Book.

This in short has explained how expert opinion can be used to generate an e-Book.

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Creating an Online Business Plan

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