The value of our products and services should be significantly higher than the cost

Let's say you have a product in your studio that sells for $100 (or should I say you want to sell it for $100). I think most of us can think of a something in our studio meets one of those criteria. Through all your marketing efforts, advertising, promotional pieces, positioning, and image creation, you want customers to flock to your studio to pay $100 for your Black Supersonic Whatsahoosit Widget. Now, whether you are successful at selling the Black Supersonic Whatsahoosit Widget is completely dependent on its value—or the "perceived value" it has to your client. So, will the widget be a hit? Basically, one of the following three marketing phenomena is going to take place.

Loss Leaders. First, let's imagine that your client's perception of your widget is $50, so you run a 50-percent-

off sales promotion in order to have a successful campaign. In the real world, this is a popular technique that's typically used in retail establishments—especially before and after the holidays. Retailers motivate us with a very deep discount to lure us into the confines of the store and hope that we will purchase more than the item that is 50 percent off. Grocery stores are famous for using a low-priced item to lure customers into the store. They run an ad stating that a gallon of milk is on sale for $1.49, and on your way to the farthest corner of the store to pick up the milk, you pass large end cap displays towering with six-hundred rolls of paper towels or a thousand cans of pumpkin pie filling for $.99. Well, you can rest assured those items carry with them a nice profit margin.

Through their marketing research, the stores know that for every ten gallons of milk they sell at $1.49, they will sell a fair number of other products as well. Therefore, they will make up for their discount on milk with sales from other higher-profit items. This technique is called using a "loss leader" to get customers in the door, and it can easily be adapted to a smaller business. In our industry it's most prevalent in the high-school senior market; photographers offer these clients sessions at pennies on the dollar, or free, to get them into the studio, then the profit is made with sales of packages and wall portraits. If you have a strong sales program and effective salespeople to work with, this can be an effective strategy.

Luxury Appeal. In the second scenario, the client's perception of your widget is right at $100. Not more, not less. Right at $100. This is strategically worked to perfection by companies like Nordstrom, or The Bon Marché, or Lexus automobiles. They create a demand for their facing page—The front of this marketing piece from Jeff Hawkins Photography establishes what makes the studio special. The reverse (see page 48) defines their qualifications, puts a friendly and personal face on the business, and makes a special offer.

Hawkins is proud to operate an International Award-Winning wedding and portrait 'photography studio in Orlando, Florida for the past 20 years. Together with his wife Kathleen, are excited to be authors of 9 published photography books! Industry sponsored, they are both very active in the Photography lecture circuit and take pride in their impact in the industry and in the community. In September of 98, the studio was nominated as "Small Business of the Year" from the Seminole Chamber of Commerce. They were recently honored as "Volunteer of the Year" by the State of Florida for their efforts in the "Heart Gallery" of Central Florida, in 9007 Jeff Hawkins Photography was voted as the best Photographer on WESH TV's A-List.

Jeff holds the prestigious Master of Photography, Certified Professional Photographer [CPP] and Photographic Craftsman degrees. He previously served on Professional Photography of America's Digital Advisory Committee representing the wedding industry. Jeff has many awards in print competition as well as having his work in the prominent "Loan Collection" , He has been featured in many industry magazines and is listed as of the top 60 photographers in the world by Canon USA. He has photographed many named celebrities, a few include; Ed McMahon, Regis Philbin, Reba Mclntyre, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mary Kay, Charlie Daniels, John Anderson, John Michael Montgomery, Marty Stuart and Shaquille O'Neal.

eremy Mager has been an award winning photographer with Jeff Hawkins Photography for over 5 years. He specializes in Wedding and Commercial Photography as well as custom designed Videography with a unique virtual video album for special events. Photography has always been his passion. With his cutting edge computer skills, we really do have the perfect team and it shows in the award winning style of photography provided by Jeff Hawkins Photography.

We can offer our clients elf the latest technology, creating more than images, creating art! Let us capture your emotions, feelings, and relationships and document them for a lifetime! Remember, your memories are not expensive, they are priceless!

As a Seminole County Chamber of Commerce or WOAMTEC member, book a photography session or special event in and receive:

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