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Besides wanting to find out what makes them tick professionally, I wanted to dig deeper and discover who they are as human beings. They all were good sports about it. In fact, the time I spent talking with each of these successful photographers was perhaps the best education I have received in this industry. It motivated and inspired me, and it confirmed in my mind that successful people have many things in common.

I know you will enjoy the nuggets of wisdom they have to share with you—so let's get started right away! The first "Power Corner" begins on the next page.

About the Author

Internationally acclaimed photographer, educator, and best-selling author Mitche Graf has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the industry, with a fun and creative style that has catapulted his program onto the international scene. He brings more than twenty-five years of dynamic sales and marketing experience and ten years of studio experience to these energetic seminars and workshops, which he has presented in nearly every state and in nine countries. Additionally, his articles appear on a regular basis in the pages of Rangefinder magazine, Professional Photographer, Image Maker, and several other industry publications.

Mitche has been involved in many exciting business ventures, from a used bike parts business he ran from his garage in the seventh grade, to a cribbage-board manufacturing company, to a limousine business, to a restaurant, to a portable hot tub rental business, to a drive-through espresso business, to a photography studio, and many more. From this, he has learned that the basic principles of marketing are the same whether you are selling meat, corn, bricks, potatoes, or photography.

He firmly believes that life is meant to be lived, not endured, and that taking control of your business can help you achieve all your other goals in life. (For him, that means enjoying the outdoors, gardening, playing guitar, really good wine, great music, reading, barbequing, and spending lots of time with his family.)

Whether you live in a small town or a metropolitan area, you will find in this book the techniques you need to maximize your success—in both your business and your life. For more information on Mitche Graf or his educational products and services, please visit www.powermarketing! 01 .com.

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