People wont remember what you did or said they will remember how you made them feel

At this stage, the order is complete. Your customer has selected the images and products they wanted, they have known the prices throughout the entire process, and they are completely and totally immersed in your sales system without even knowing it—or feeling it! They have also made all their own decisions along the way . . . with a little help from you, of course!

Step 5: The Follow-Up

The last step in the sales process is the follow up, which I believe is one of the most important parts. Keep in mind that this is one stage of the process where little things really mean a lot. Writing a thank-you note within twenty-four hours after each client's session is always nice, as is making a quick phone call two to three days after their finished order is picked up. You could even consider sending out complimentary gift certificates for them to give out to their friends and family—or even a thank-you gift like a gift certificate to the local coffee house for some free cappuccinos.

Are your competitors doing this? Do you want to swim in a red ocean with every other photographer in your market, all fighting over the same customers with the same techniques, the same products, the same service . . . or do you want to create a blue ocean where you are the only swimmer in the sea?

In the end, people won't remember what you did or what you said, they will remember how you made them feel. Passion is the fulcrum point of all sales. If you show passion during your relationship with your customers, that emotion will transfer to them, and will create a desire in their hearts to buy. Passion is an emotional feeling that is like the mumps—it's very contagious!

A piece from Chatsworth Portrait Studio strikes the right emotional note in promoting their fall family portraits.

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