It can get them off of the fence and can add dollars to the order if done correctly

your coffee? Would you like dessert tonight? Would you like to purchase the extended warranty? Would you like a shampoo with your haircut today? Would you like some lottery tickets with your gas purchase today?) To you, this should mean that if you are not suggesting frames with your wall portraits, you are missing the boat. If you don't sell them, they will have to buy them from someone else, so that's some of the easiest money you will ever see!

Creating Raving Testimonials

Testimonials make the sales game much easier. When you say something about yourself it's bragging, but when somebody else says something about you it's proof!. That is the bare-bones essence of a good testimonial. So, do you have a file folder with testimonials? Are you using them on a regular basis in your marketing, literature, web site, and direct mail pieces?

I want you to think about the last time you saw a testimonial on a marketing piece. Did it make you want to run to the phone and make a call? Or did it sound like every other testimonial you have seen? Let me give you a couple of examples:

"WOW. What a tremendous experience. Way beyond my expectations. You guys are the best."

So, good or bad? Very bad. This statement is way too general. To be effective, testimonials have to have a specific message and an "act now" feel to them. Great testimonials should 1) show action or make a call to action, 2) overcome an objection, 3) reinforce a claim, and 3) have a happy ending. Now, here's a testimonial with some real selling power:

I'm so glad we decided to have our portraits done before our daughter left for college.

Remember, your customers can outsell you up one side of the street and down the other. Nothing is more powerful than one customer who loves you telling others to just do it! Are you going to believe the car salesman or your next door neighbor who just bought a car like the one you want?

Marketing doesn't have to be limited to printed materials or the Internet. Here, Sarah Petty shows her signature t-shirts and lip glosses, featuring colors, artwork, and slogans that coordinate with other items in her marketing arsenal.


The key to a successful sales system is conversion—turning prospects into customers. It's in your telephone skills, your presentation techniques, and your follow-up procedures, so try these techniques out right away. The sooner you try what you have learned, the faster it will become part of your process.

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