Each package increases in steps with more and more bonuses and enticements along the way

You have a blank canvas. It's up to you to determine what is included in each collection you offer your clients. Obviously, there are costs associated with building irresistible packages like this, and you need to identify those costs, include them in with your calculations, and make sure that there is sufficient profit built in. I think it goes without saying that if you are going to give away an iPod, you will have to have some sort of minimum package or investment level associated with it in order to qualify. You and I know that these items aren't really free, someone has to pay for them, but if you position it correctly, the perception will be exactly that.

Added Value in Your Presentation

You also need to make sure you are adding value in the way your packages are literally packaged. This will allow you to charge a higher price—after all, you can't sell gold from a paper bag. Without proper packaging, the best products in the world will lose some of their appeal and their value.

One of our high-value products is called First Edition Prints. The name alone suggests prestige and importance. We increase this by placing the prints in a beautiful velvet-lined box. When a wedding client comes to pick up their set of First Edition Prints at our studio, we also add to the magic with a special presentation routine. As we walk out of the back room with their image box filled with their First Edition Prints, we wear white gloves, and say:

Mrs. Jones, before you see your First Edition Prints for the first time, I want to go over a couple of things. Although we can always make more for you, there is something very special about the first printing, so I encourage you to treat all of these prints with the utmost respect at all times. I have taken the liberty of making a personally monogrammed set of gloves for you, and also a pair for your husband. Before you handle these prints in any way, do me a favor, put your gloves on and only handle the prints very carefully. Try not to handle them by the corners or edges as you may increase the change of damaging them, and I wouldn't want to see that happen. Now, each of these beautiful prints comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if anything should happen to them— including a damaged corner or an accidental spill—we will replace them at no charge to you. But we still don't want to run the risk, do we?

I then present their box to them along with the pairs of monogrammed gloves. By now, the anticipation is so high that they can't wait to get see what magical creation is waiting for them inside the box. I have had husbands reach to pick up a print without their gloves on only to have their wives slap them and say, "Didn't you hear him? He told you to put your gloves on before you touch any-

Our lifetime guarantee add extra value to each purchase.

thing!" I have even had brides call me months later in a panic because they have somehow misplaced their gloves and need another pair—or brides will call and ask if we can make a pair of gloves for their mothers and grandmothers.

Over the years, we have positioned our First Edition Prints as something that is nearly irresistible! To our clients, these prints have so much value that they would do just about anything to keep them protected; they have a very high perceived value.

How Many Packages Should I Offer?

I once knew a senior photographer who offered forty-seven packages in his price list. The entire things was about twelve pages, and must have had at least five thousand words. By the time most people got to the good part, they were probably so tired and fatigued that the last thing they wanted to do is spend any money. All the emotion had been frittered away!

A good number to start with is five. With this scenario, you would have your whopper (see chapter 13), then what we call the "drop package" (the one that, according to the "take-away" selling philosophy, we anticipate people will skip over on their way to a happy medium), then what is called the "target" package. This is where you want your clients to end up. It should be a combination of products and services that will motivate people to buy, and it should be priced at wherever you want your average sale to be. For example, if you are currently bringing in an average of

$750 on your senior portraits and you would like to raise that average to $900, your target package should be priced at $899. It's that simple.

So you have your whopper, your drop, your target, and then two other packages that bring up the rear. Obviously, the more they invest, the better the packages become. And, again, you don't want to include all of the things they want in the lower packages. Otherwise, those are all you will ever sell!

Stand Out from the Crowd

What type of enticements would work in your marketplace? Spend some quality time and come up with your own list of irresistible offers that you can use to beef up your studio's reputation as providing things that your competitors do not. In today's highly competitive world of professional photography, you must do things differently than your competitors, or people will have no choice but to compare your price—and in that scenario, the true professional will lose out every time.

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