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Walk-in accessibility, 9/13

Water sports equipment business, domains of business operation, 7/8 Websites accessibility information on, 11/10

content to include on, 11/7-10

described, 11/4

designing, 11/11-14

domain names, 9/8, 11/17

free information on, 11/10

freshness of content, 11/7-8

geographic location of business on, 9/4-5

hiring a designer, 11/12

importance of, 11/2-5

interactivity and customer screening, 11/14-15

links from other sites, 11/17

links to other sites, 11/8-9

paying for referrals, 11/17-18

schedule of events on, 11/8

search engines, 11/16

software for development, 11/8 See also Internet marketing Welcome Wagon, offering samples to, 12/9 What does your business do, 7/2-6 Whole Foods, 5/4

Wholesalers, marketing tips for, 12/6-7 Wild About Mushrooms, 7/14-15 Wong, Kaisek, 12/13 Woodbridge, Gail, 1/9

Word of mouth. See Personal recommendations Working hours. See Hours of operation Worksheets and checklists customer evaluation of business, 8/13 customer referrals, 8/20 describing your business, 7/22-23 direct marketing, 12/16 domains of business operation, 7/8 employee questionnaire, 5/12 listing questionnaire, 9/16 mail accessibility, 9/12

marketing event (chiropractic clinic), 13/4-11

marketing event (interior design firm), 13/3

marketing list evaluation, 12/4

marketing without advertising, 2/9-10

openness in business questionnaire, 6/10

parallel marketing, 12/20

physical appearance of your business, 3/12

pricing policy, 4/10

recourse policy, 10/10

referrals, 8/16

suppliers questionnaire, 5/16 telephone accessibility, 9/12 verbal communication with customers, 8/5 walk-in accessibility, 9/13 What My Business Does, 7/6 Workshops and classes, offering, 8/13-14 Written agreements, 8/9-10

Yellow Pages listings, 1/16, 9/8-9 Zoah's Free Raffle Event, 8/18-19 ■

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