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A primary method that potential customers use to locate businesses online is through search engines such as Google (http://, Lycos (http:// and Alta Vista (http://, and with indexes or directories such as Yahoo! (http:// Search engine information is accessed by words or phrases; indexes use subjects and categories. To list your site with search engines, you need to submit your website address to them along with other information about your business. Dozens of businesses now exist online that submit your website address to "thousands" of search engines for a modest fee (though, since most people use one of about ten popular search engines, submitting your site to thousands of them is of questionable value).

Because search engines use key words to find you, you need to make a list of key words and keep adding to it as you think of new ones. One friend who sells a menopause product used very general words, such as "women," "health" and "fitness." These words were too vague and did not get prospects to zero in on her company. There were literally hundreds of thousands of other businesses using these words. She needed more specific words such as "workbook," "alternative medical advice" and "estrogen replacement."

Here are some ideas to stimulate your thinking:

• Location: where you are located, towns you serve, nearby landmarks.

• Skills, talents, experience, awards and degrees.

• Past and present associations and organizations you belong to that are relevant to your business.

• Trade goods, services and products.

• Employees' names, for example, if a customer might want a specific person to cut her hair or drive him to the airport. Betty Sue's Airport Van Service, for example, lists the year and model of the vans in her fleet among her key words, along with the names of her drivers, in case someone wants a specific driver whose name they remember.

• Relevant numbers: the number of years you've been in business, your birthdate, your address and zip code, your phone number with area code and your business hours if relevant.

Use a thesaurus to find synonyms to all the words you conventionally use to describe your business. Synonyms for "energy," for example, are power, force, vigor, propulsion and thrust.

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