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How to Best Utilize the Power of Podcasts and Bring a Difference to Your Online Business. Podcasting has become a common term nowadays, though there is actually only a selectedbr number of people who are aware of its sense and function. The meaning of podcast is stillbr unknown to a large number of people. The word podcast, has been coined by juxtaposing broadcast and ipod.

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If you've always wanted to start a podcast but have no idea on God's green Earth how to do so, this is the perfect guide for you! Orlando Rios shows you how to navigate all of the difficult parts about starting your own podcast, so that you can make your own podcast with thousands of downloads! Even if you are a totally beginner at editing and software, you can still make your own podcast All you need to know how to do is use a computer. Then you are on your way! You will learn what equipment you should buy; your budget doesn't matter! There is something for everyone in this guide regardless of budget level. You will also learn how to get your podcasts published on iTunes and Stitcher, and how you can promote your podcast to start gathering your own listening base!

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Btogging and Podcasting

Increasingly, brand builders use online tools to spread their brand messages, to build emotional connections with consumers, and to reach those who influence the brand's success. The two online tools you're bound to hear about most often are blogs and podcasts. Podcasts Podcasts are sound files that subscribers can access online and transfer to personal digital audio players in order to listen to them whenever and wherever they want. Some brand marketers create podcasts to share information about their offerings. Other marketers sponsor podcasts in the same way that advertisers sponsor broadcast shows. For example, in 2005, Lexus announced that it had become a sponsor of California public radio station KCRW's podcasts. To find out more about podcasting and how to create your own podcasts, start by visiting sites such as www.ipodder.org and www.pod101.com. You can also grab a copy of Podcasting For Dummies by Tee Morris, Evo Terra, Dawn Miceli, and Drew Domkus (Wiley). For some good...

Participating in Interviews and Podcasts

It goes without saying that invitations by the press and the developer community to be interviewed for a story or a featured guest on a popular podcast should always be accepted when your schedule permits. This can have a similar effect to publishing frequent blog articles and Twitter posts, enabling consumers and peers to learn more about you as a person and business owner. It represents yet one more valuable audience for increasing sales and awareness for your app If you're charming and don't experience difficulties speaking in public, then this additional exposure can help endear new fans to your cause. If you're shy (like most programmers) with a distinct fear of public speaking, then it might be beneficial to first receive some media training. It's important that you're able to make a good impression when speaking to the press or chatting on podcasts. Sure, media training consultants and seminars cost money, but if you blow a high-profile interview, that could cost you even more.

Podcasts and Vodcasts

Podcasting and vodcasting are the latest on-the-go, on-demand technologies. The name podcast derives from Apple's now-everywhere iPod. AWith podcasting, consumers can download audio files (podcasts) or video files (vodcasts) via the Internet to an iPod or other handheld device and then listen to or view them whenever and wherever they wish. They can search for podcast topics through sites such as iTunes or through podcast networks such as PodTrac, Podbridge, or PodShow. These days, you can download podcasts or vodcasts on an exploding array of topics, everything from your favorite National Public Radio show, a recent sitcom episode, or current sports features to the latest music video or Bud Light commercial. One recent study predicts that the U.S. podcast audience will reach 65 million by 2012, up from 6 million in 2005.30 As a result, this new medium is drawing much attention from marketers. Many are now integrating podcasts and vodcasts into their direct marketing programs in the...

Online Images Videos and Podcasts

Companies that create stellar images, videos, or podcasts usually put a lot of resources into making those assets great. To get the most out of your marketing dollar, be sure to make those assets available online. This means making them available on your website, the mobile Web, and vertical search engines that index images, videos, or audio files. Audio If you have audio content, submit it as a podcast to iTunes, but also make it available in QuickTime (MOV) and Windows Media Video (WMV) formats, and consider offering it in mobile file types such as AAC and AMR. Make files available for download as MP3, WAV, and MIDI files (and, as always, use the appropriate MIME type in the file properties). It is also a good idea to submit files to traditional search engines such as Yahoo Audio Search, Lycos Music Search, Alta Vista Audio Search, PodScope, Blinkx, SingingFish, and Loomia.

Going Beyond the App Stores Customer Reviews

Like the iPhone app directories I mentioned earlier, this is not an exhaustive list, but there should be enough third-party app review sites here to get you started. A lot of podcasts and YouTube video app reviews are available online that are worth searching for as well. The App Podcast http iphoneapppodcast.com

Getting Airplay on Internet Radio stations

There are three levels of webcasting stations on the Internet (1) commercial stations that simulcast their programming, (2) professional entertainment entities that feature their own radio stations or podcasts, and (3) the plethora of small stations including those on services such as Live365 and SHOUTcast that allow music fans to operate their own stations. Many media and music companies looking for additional ways to disseminate content and attract visitors to their web sites have turned to web radio as an economical way to achieve these goals. The most common way to provide this content is through podcasts that can be downloaded and consumed at the listener's convenience, but many who want to provide a real-time listening experience are turning to webcasting. For example, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) provides a network of streaming radio stations to increase exposure for ASCAP songwriters. The web site states With eight channels of streaming...

Blog marketing not just for big business

Between 21st and 29th September 2004 I conducted the first ever 'virtual book tour' in Germany to promote my new book Advertising with a Small Budget. A virtual book tour can be compared to a regular book tour -with the exception that instead of touring book stores, you visit blogs and websites. The idea is simple you contact bloggers and offer them an exclusive interview with you as author of a new book which they can post as a transcript, audio-cast, or podcast to their blog, inviting readers to ask questions, which you as author agree to answer. It's a win-win situation for both parties - bloggers get fresh exclusive content that can attract new readers, the author gets free publicity.

Conclusion the future of blog marketing

Blogs represent a watershed in the democratization of media production - empowering ordinary people to become media producers, not just media users. With network communication technology evolving so fast, it will not be long before blogs can rival traditional media in terms of multimedia experience. Already we are seeing the rise of 'audioblogs' (aka 'podcasts', so called because they can be downloaded onto Apple's ubiquitous iPod) and 'vlogging' (video blogging) that involve, respectively, publishing audio and video diaries online.And then there is 'moblogging', the new trend of on-the-go blogging from mobile phones. Perhaps we can envisage a time in the not-too-distant future when blogs will become fully fledged 'personal communication channels' that compete with traditional media channels by offering constantly updated streaming content. If communication theorists are right in insisting that power lies not, as Marx suggested, in the ownership of the means of production, but in the...

Mobile Websites Micro Sites and Web Directories

You should also use your website or campaign-specific micro-sites to link to other instances of your brand online. If you have social network profiles, mobile social network profiles, podcasts, videos, or downloadable apps, they should all be promoted and linked from the website. Encourage website visitors to opt in not only to email alerts, but also to mobile alerts and text messages from your website. Any product or service that you are providing in the mobile world should also be available on your traditional website. Providing good images of your mobile campaign

The Shifting Marketing Communications Model

Although television, magazines, and other mass media remain very important, their dominance is declining. Advertisers are now adding a broad selection of more-specialized and highly targeted media to reach smaller customer segments with more-personalized, interactive messages. The new media range from specialty magazines, cable television channels, and video on demand (VOD) to Internet catalogs, e-mail, podcasts, cell phones, and online social networks. In all, companies are doing less broadcasting and more narrowcasting.

Note on link building

(c) Blogs, podcasting and RSS Podcasts Podcasts are related to blogs since they can potentially be generated by individuals or organisations to voice an opinion either as audio (typically MP3) or less commonly currently as video. They have been successfully used by media organisations such as the BBC which has used them for popular programmes such as film reviews or discussions and for live recording such as the Beethoven symphonies that received over 600,000 downloads in June 2005 alone. Virgin Radio has also used podcasting, but cannot, at the time of writing, broadcast music (due to copyright restrictions) but only the presenters A big challenge for achieving visibility for podcasts is that contents can only currently be recognised by tags and it is difficult to assess quality without listening to the start of a podcast. All the main search engines are working on techniques to make searching of voice and video content practical. In the meantime, some start-ups such as Odeo...

Interactive TV ITV

Mobile phone marketing, podcasts and vodcasts, and interactive TV offer exciting direct marketing opportunities. But marketers must be careful to use these new direct marketing approaches wisely. As with other direct marketing forms, marketers who use them risk backlash from consumers who may resent such marketing as an invasion of their privacy. Marketers must target their direct marketing offers carefully, bringing real value to customers rather than making unwanted intrusions into their lives.

Rss feeds

A family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. An RSS document, which is called a feed, web feed, or channel, contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking them manually.