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The Warrior Zero Body Weight Challenge

The Warrior zero body weight challenge was created by Helder Gomes, he is a service-connected disabled veteran. He has been a victim of body slowing down and energy stripped off, he has used the techniques and now is sharing with you to assist you as well. He has also experienced the working of other programs and has testified that they were actually doing more harm than good, so if you are thinking of other programs, don't. Filled with a decade of research information, the product has been used widely by various clients and has proven to work, it can, therefore, be trusted and used. It is an operational fitness program that will get you the lean muscles and body shape you have hoped for, without signing up for expensive membership programs at the gym or using fancy types equipment. This fitness operator shows the men over forty years how to keep active and eliminate weakness. This will also teach you how to build combat-ready conditioning at any age. This secret training method is used by the most dangerous men there exists. In the program; you will find thirteen weeks of precision fitness system operator programming that is strategically designed to help you eliminate, weakness and build a stable body. And each week you are guaranteed a result that will leave you in shock! How to get through the defined exercise performance from start to finish. Continue reading...

The Warrior Zero Body Weight Challenge Summary


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Contents: Ebooks, Video Course
Author: Helder Gomes
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this manual, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I bought a copy myself to figure out what all the excitement was about.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

The Achievable Body

Fitness and body experts hate this method brought to you by Mike Whitfield in his controversial ebook. This method does not use any diet pills or exercise methods All of those things are simply methods that are put forward by people that do not know what they are talking about. Haven't you heard that diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight? But not everyone takes the time to fact-check those claims. Stop being sold on the typical methods of weight loss that just don't work Learn how to get the best body that you can without all of the effort that it normally takes to get it! This diet loophole allows you to eat whatever in the world you want, without having to worry about dieting and exercise or any nonsense like that. By eating less and moving more, you are actually crippling your ability to lose fat. Stop doing that to yourself! Start losing weight the right way! Continue reading...

The Achievable Body Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Mike Whitfield
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

Paid Fitness Sport as Another Consumption Community

In the present study, the factor analysis of sports exercise outdoor activities extracted five factors (see Table 1.1). The fifth factor (composed of golf and bowling) was not included in the analysis because it had low reliability. The fourth factor, going to an exercise class and going to a health club, was not included in Shoham and Kahle's data. It can be designated as paid fitness sport to differentiate it from fitness sport. The summated paid fitness sport scale has a reliability of a 0.67. When paid fitness sport was added to the consumption communities, it did not alter the original relationships between three consumption communities and three communication communities. For itself, it contributed significantly (negatively) to watching sports on TV (at p 0.02), but not to attending sport events and reading Sports Illustrated See Table 1.3 Discussion and Implications. With the expanded list of the consumption communities, we have a clearer picture ofhow people from different...

Fitness and Health Diets Weight Loss Sites

These sites provide complete guides, articles, tips and counseling on proper eating and exercising habits, benefits of diet and exercise, fitness techniques, diet articles and diet tips, weight loss, as well as some of the popular diet plans. They can include tips from fitness experts, reviews of fitness and diet programs, message boards, forums and discussions on health and fitness. Information of various nutritional and diet supplements, healthy and non-healthy foods can be included. A couple of the popular fitness and health sites are and Not all these type of sites are comprehensive in nature most in fact focus on some specific program(s) and try to promote those programs to their members. Members are provided not only great details about some proprietary programs, but also personalized guidance to suit their individual cases. Members are also able to share their experiences. Generally, such sites will also offer privileges and discounts to their...

Exploration of Consumption and Communication Communities in Sports Marketing

Much of the research on consumers' involvement in sports distinguishes between participation and spectatorship (for a review, see Burnett, Menon, & Smart, 1993). In a seminal segmentation study, Shoham and Kahle (1996) went one step further by subdividing and analyzing these two traditional categories. Within the two categories, they identified three communication communities and three consumption communities. The first consumption community includes those who engage in competitive sports (either team or individual), the second includes those who participate in fitness sports (e.g., jogging), and the third includes those who participate in nature-related sports (e.g., fishing). Communication communities include those who attend live sport events (spectators), those who watch sports on television (viewers), and those who read sports magazines (readers). Through analysis of a consumer survey, Shoham and Kahle found that members of different consumption communities tend to belong to...

Definition of Shoham and Kahles Independent Variables and This Studys Definition

Shoham and Kahle's independent variables were derived from a factor analysis of 12 sport activities. The 12 items captured three types of sport consumption communities competitive sport, fitness sport, and nature-related sport. Their variable competitive sport was a summated scale composed of team competitive sport, individual competitive sport, golfing, and bowling (a 0.63). Fitness sport was a summated scale of aerobics, jogging,

Service Sellm1 Sidebar

Of course, if you're selling a service, you won't need to worry about the concept of your Theme-Based site. After all, as an advertising consultant or an expert in Oriental antiquities, for example, you are not going to suddenly switch professions and become a personal fitness trainer or a marketing consultant just because there is greater online interest in those particular subjects.

Summaries of New Findings

This chapter added paid fitness sport to the consumption communities. This addition furthered our understanding of the relationships between consumption communities and communication communities. Cross-tabulation analyses between specific sports communities and other variables showed that people from different sports communities were characterized by the nature of communities to which they belong. This characterization and the original regression analysis between consumption communities and communication communities are meaningful for sports marketers in their creative strategy formulation and media selection.

Develop Profitable Keywords

You are a personal trainer who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps fitness. You head straight to that part of any bookstore. Your friends beg you to talk about something else for a change And now, you want to take your expertise onto the Net -- to acquire new customers from your local marketplace, as well as to generate additional income from a global market as an affiliate. All set Remember you are a personal trainer in this trial run so don't take off your running shoes just yet.

Shifts of Secondary Cultural Values Through Time

Marketers have a keen interest in spotting cultural shifts that might bring new marketing opportunities or threats. Several firms offer social-cultural forecasts. The Yankelovich Monitor interviews 2,500 people each year and tracks 35 social trends, such as antibigness, mysticism, living for today, away from possessions, and sensuousness. It describes the percentage of the population who share the attitude as well as the percentage who do not. For example, the percentage of people who value physical fitness and well-being has risen steadily over the years, especially in the under-30 group, the young women and upscale group, and people living in the West. Marketers of health foods and exercise equipment cater to this trend with appropriate products and communications. In 1995, Taco Bell unveiled a new lower-fat Border Lights menu. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group in Washington, praised the new menu as being more than a marketing gimmick. 34

Email Marketing Permitted

Dark Blue has a very attractive and relatively easy to use interface. I'm not totally thrilled with their system for locating advertisers, however. The category navigation that first pops up after clicking on 'Get Advertisement' appears to be ordered according to market popularity. Although travel and health & fitness products may be the most sought after on the Net, I find it much easier to find what I'm looking for in an alphabetical arrangement.

The Fastest-growing U.s. Population Subsegment Now Number Nearly 50 Million

Buyer Decision

Culture is the most basic cause of a person's wants and behavior. Human behavior is largely learned. Growing up in a society, a child learns basic values, perceptions, wants, and behaviors from the family and other important institutions. A child normally learns or is exposed to at least some of the following values achievement and success, activity and involvement, efficiency and practicality, progress, hard work, material comfort, individualism, freedom, human-itarianism, youthfulness, and fitness and health. Every group or society has a culture, and cultural influences on buying behavior may vary greatly from country to country (see Real Marketing 5.1). Failure to adjust to these differences can result in ineffective marketing or embarrassing mistakes. Marketers are always, trying to spot cultural shifts in order to discover new products that might be wanted. For example, the cultural shift toward greater concern about health and fitness has created a huge industry for...

Similarities and Differences Between Shoham and Kahles Regression Analysis and This Studys Analysis

Like Shoham and Kahle, we found that competitive sport, fitness sport, and nature-related sport were all significant predictors of attending sporting events (p 0.01). Discussion and Implications. As mentioned, this study is quite similar to Shoham and Kahle's conceptually. One difference lies in the measurement of watching sports on TV Shoham and Kahle asked about watching weekend sport games shows, whereas this study measured frequency of watching sports on TV in general. Weekend sports are mostly competitive sports (e.g., football and tennis). Sports in general can cover all kinds of sports. This may explain why fitness sport and nature-related sport in Shoham and Kahle's study were not significant predictors of watching sports on television (mainly

Right So if you are promoting products in these niches that you dont really know a lot about how are you actually

Another good way is to, I guess, you go into the ClickBank Marketplace and you. say you search for health and fitness, right And ClickBank now has a feature where you can see the payout stat, the earned sale, percentage earned sale, referral rate, gravity and all that

All right So you created CBNiche Builder to help out affiliates what exactly does it do for them

And so what my software does, it allows you to take a database like health and fitness, or marketing an ad. It allows you to search the database for certain keyword niches. So let's say you want to do it on Spyware and so what you do is, type the word Spyware in there to get all the products that deal with Spyware.

Refine Your Site Concept

Your title as a service seller (for example, personal trainer ) provided a starting point for the development of your site's theme. However, as you worked your way through DAYS 2, 3, and 4, you built your MASTER KEYWORD LIST for a fitness and exercise Site Concept. This list is literally your site blueprint that.

The Business Portfolio

Nestle Bcg Matrix

The GE approach considers many factors besides market growth rate as part of industry attretctifBeness, It uses an industry attractiveness index made up of market size, market growth rate, industry profit margin, amount of competition, seasonally and cycle of demand, and industry cost structure. Each of these factors is rated and combined in an index of industry attractiveness. For our purposes, an industry's attractiveness is high, medium or low. As an example, the Kraft subsidiary of Philip Morris has identified numerous highly attractive industries - natural foods, speciality frozen foods, physical fitness products and others. It has withdrawn from less attractive industries, such as bulk oils and cardboard packaging. The Dutch chemical giant Akzo Nobel has identified speciality chemicals, coatings and Pharmaceuticals as attractive. Its less attractive bulk chemical and fibre businesses are being sold.

Build a Paid App and a Free App at the Same Time

The more free downloads you get, the closer you are to being shown one of the Top Paid or Top Free download categories on the App Store. Placement of your app in top listings in your specific category (that is, Health and Fitness, Lifestyles, and so on) can catapult your sales of a paid app. Figure 14.2 shows an example of the top 20 paid apps and free apps in the Healthcare and Fitness category. If you open the list of 20, the store shows the top 100 apps in that category for both paid and free. Figure 14.2 Top 20 free and paid apps are shown on the left and right sides of the main page for the Healthcare and Fitness category. Figure 14.2 Top 20 free and paid apps are shown on the left and right sides of the main page for the Healthcare and Fitness category.

Not building a mailing list or allowing it to languish is allowing money to slip out of your hands

For example, let's say that you sell health and fitness products as an affiliate. Obviously, you know a great deal about this subject, because you are a high-caliber, 'expert' affiliate who knows how to add significant value to all of your merchants' products. So, you use some of your expert knowledge about fitness to write a report called '3 Steps to the Perfect Tush'. Within that report you've included your affiliate links and links to your main site.

Looking into the Future for Mobile

We are already living in a world where our sneakers can interface with our phones (Nike) and our treadmill can Tweet our workouts (Netpulse), but the future promises to be even more exciting. Mobile technology such as networks and handsets will continue to improve, as it always has, but what is more interesting for marketers is how the heightened level of mobility will affect the way our customers think and the way they make decisions. Mobile connectivity will continue to change how we access information and make human connections in the same way that the traditional Internet did a generation ago. This change will give marketers an unprecedented opportunity to reach and understand their target market. To embrace the future of mobile marketing, you must understand how mobile technology addresses basic human needs, especially in terms of the mobility of human connection and the mobility of information.

Companies Create Admazines to Connect with Customers

Nike's new custom publication, Nikegoddess, is sent to select subscribers of women's magazines such as Sports Illustrated for Women, In Style, Self, and Teen People and is also available at the company's Nike Town stores and retailers such as Nordstrom and Finish Line. The quarterly publication is part of the company's effort to communicate better with women and showcases Nike's women's products as well as providing lifestyle fitness and sports information. In early 2002 Nike launched another custom publication, Brand Jordan, in partnership with Hearst Custom Publishing. Nike plans to publish the magazine four times a year and will use it primarily to promote the company's new Jordan brand.

Implementing Total Quality Marketing

Mobil Girls Promotion

Quality has been variously defined as 'fitness for use', 'confonnance to requirements' and 'freedom from variation'.2'5 The American Society for Quality Control defines quality as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. This is clearly a customer-centred definition of quality. It suggests that a company has delivered quality whenever its product and service meets or exceeds customers' needs, requirements and expectations. A company that satisfies most of its customers' needs most of the time is a quality company.

Building Interactivity and Personalization

Personalization tries to restore to the online business the magic of personalized attention which is one of the chief reasons why many people still prefer in-store purchase. You can use personalization to match your customer with the right products through either rules-based or customer analytics-based processing. Thus as your software stores customer information and preferences, it can help categorize them into groups. At the same time, observations over time can suggest products to cross-sell and up-sell. Thus when a person buys a subscription to a fitness site, exercise equipment is also offered. Amazon pioneered personalization on the net - when you a buy a book, it shows you other books in the similar genre saying people who bought this book also bought these , inducing you to buy more.

P En W National Insurance

With 52 percent nl its comiiiercial tursiness earning from small businesses. Penn National Insurance decided it needed to identify the different classes of business that offer the gfeatest opportunity for prplit. Worhing wilt) a commercial insurance database, the company was able to categorize sucn Key information as exposure data, growth, and employment intOTittat'.on by fitness classification, siie, and location. Beyond making it easier fen agents to pinpoint prospects, the segmentation schome also helped Pcnn National diversify beyond its concentration in the construction business. Overall, some 244 small business segments (based on SIC codes) were a idenlilied.

Our Top Niche Picks For 2005 And Beyond

Specialty Pet Products Exotic Pets High Income Debtors Jobs, Employment, and Career eBay Support Services Kids Specialty Clothing Search Engine Optimization Targeted Financial Information Hispanic Marketing Technology Security Consulting Peer-to-Peer Support Groups Specialty Health and Fitness Teen Beauty & Grooming Teen-Safe Web Hangouts Languages Hot Niche 7 - Specialty Health and Fitness This will also work with weight loss and fitness enthusiasts, as well as alternative health topics. How about a support group for women trying to lose weight after pregnancy For moms of overweight kids What about young people who live with chronic pain or folks who suffer from obscure diseases that the mainstream just doesn't understand But be careful. Google's current Terms Of Service prohibits Adsense on sites that sell prescription drugs. And on any health or fitness related site, make sure you've got links to bullet-proof disclaimers and privacy

Advantages of Magazines

Selectivity One of the main advantages of using magazines as an advertising medium is their selectivity, or ability to reach a specific target audience. Magazines are the most selective of all media except direct mail. Most magazines are published for special-interest groups. The thousands of magazines published in the United States reach all types of consumers and businesses and allow advertisers to target their advertising to segments of the population who buy their products. For example, Modern Photography is targeted toward camera buffs, Stereo Review reaches those with an avid interest in music, and Ebony focuses on the upscale African-American market. Many new magazines are introduced each year targeting new interests and trends. According to Samir Husni, who has been tracking magazine launches since 1985, the category with the greatest number of new magazines during the past 15 years is sports.3 Nearly 1,000 new titles have been introduced into the crowded sports magazine...

Target Return on Investment Pricing

The legendary Hotel Delmon-ico, a fine example of New York's pre-war architecture, was converted into the Trump Park Avenue in 2005. The 120 ultra-luxury condominiums range from one to seven bedrooms and are described as having solid oak floors and majestic crown moldings . . . opulent layouts and traditional New York City views. The kitchen and bathrooms make lavish use of marble and the doorknobs are hand-crafted Italian brass. The penthouse has two outdoor terraces, a double staircase, and a huge space for entertaining. The residents' daily needs are served by an attentive staff, including 24-hour hotel-style concierge service. The building has a fitness center and valet laundry service, and is wired for advanced telecommunications.

Selecting Your Key Ta rget Market

The Trump Organization built several buildings on the Hudson River in New York City. They were targeted especially for young professionals who want to live on the West Side of Manhattan. Some buildings consist of rental units and some of condominiums. Each unit has the great views and layouts expected of Trump-constructed properties. But to reach the target market, each building also has a superb health club because members of this market segment tend to be very interested in health and fitness.

Evaluating Promotion Budget Health Club Example

For example, suppose you are running a small health club for people whom you provide personal trainers. A typical membership includes 20 workouts. To enroll more members, you are thinking of running an ad in the local newspaper offering a free workout with a trainer. Just as you did with the soap example in the advertising chapter (see Chapter 19), you estimate that of the people who see the ad, maybe 1 percent will follow up on the offer. Of those who have the free workout, you believe maybe 25 percent will buy a 20-workout membership in your club. The newspaper tells you that their circulation consists of 10,000 adults. Based on your assumptions, the ad would lead to 25 new members for your health club (Exhibit 21.1). You do have the capacity to handle that number of new members. Whether you go ahead depends on whether you feel the extra 25 new members would justify the cost of the ad and the cost of the 100 free workouts. (There is a cost to the workouts

Search It Brainstorming STEP 1 Yahoo Overture Keyword Selector Tool STEP 2 exercise STEP

176154 exercise equipment 29006 exercise bike 24922 exercise ball 19918 the firm exercise 14391 exercise program 20679 exercise fitness 13232 exercise machine You may need to perform a few keyword searches to find the best grouping of specific keywords that relate to your site. For instance, you already tried doing a search for the keyword fitness. This returned a ton of listings but 98 of them were too general or too difficult to tie-in to your personal training service in a natural way. As a certified personal trainer, your credibility is already established. Your well-written, well-researched article cements that credibility. Your visitors will be interested to see what else you do or offer. And when you recommend a book, video, or exercise machine, your visitor is more likely to heed your advice and make a purchase However, all visitors can potentially earn you income, no matter where they live, if you are an affiliate of related, non-competing merchants. And that's the best part....

Identify Possible Themes To Compliment Your Service

Suppose, for instance, you are a personal trainer. Offline, you could simply promote your service as Kyle Brown, Personal Trainer and use ads in the local newspaper, business cards and friends' recommendations to create a buzz around your service. Unfortunately, online, words like exercise for your site's theme and personal trainer for your service are much too general to make any impact in the Search Engine world. There are thousands of different kinds of exercise and thousands of different trainers Where do you fit in If you are not able to be more specific, you might as well take a number and join the long line to nowhere. Before I forget, there is a quick way to make a general keyword more specific. For example, you could use personal trainer + the name of the city or communities you serve. That way, if someone searches for personal trainer + Chicago Another example to illustrate how to identify your service theme Sure. This time you are a personal trainer but the steps remain the...

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Literature Review

For those sports marketers who are interested in fine and narrow segmentation, however, it is not enough to divide sports involvement into the two categories of spectator (indirect) and participant (direct). Each of the segments must be further classified and characterized. Shoham and Kahle (1996) did this in their pioneering segmentation studies. They subdivided sports participation into three categories competitive sports, fitness sports, and nature-related sports and they subdivided spectatorship into another three categories attending sporting events, watching sports on TV, and reading sports magazines. Because the three kinds of participation suggest shared consumption of sport products and services, Shoham and Kahle termed them consumption communities. Three kinds of spectatorship were designated as communication communities because they suggest associated media habits of differing consumption communities.

Final Summary

The purpose of this chapter is to further test and expand the narrow segmentation of the sports fan market started by Shoham and Kahle (1996). Proceeding from the Shoham and Kahle study, we began by replicating many of most important findings with another data file, the 1995 Life Style data. This replication increases confidence in both sets of findings. We added paid fitness sport to Shoham and Kahle's list of consumption communities. We then conducted cross-tabulation analyses between communication communities and values, interests, and buying behaviors, among others. We did a parallel analysis of consumption communities. The relationships discovered will serve as a guide for sports marketers to address their targets more efficiently and effectively

Set Goals

Search-engine optimization is much like exercise and diet. You may not notice immediate results from a single workout or cutting out a single fatty meal, but over the course of weeks, months, and years, the effects accumulate. Similarly, with search-engine optimization, you can rest assured knowing that your efforts build over time to produce results. Also, much like exercise and diet, working slowly and steadily over time is much more likely to produce results than trying to cram all the work into a few weeks or months. Spread out your search-engine-optimization work over time or risk a penalty from the search engines for trying to manipulate their ranking algorithms.

The right people

4 Have we identified our opinion-leading target buyers Seeding trials are all about influencing the influencers in your target market, i.e. influencing the opinion-leading target buyers who frequently offer and are elicited for category-related advice. So run a brainstorm-ing session to generate a list of people in your target market who would make good 'connected and respected' advocates for your product or service. Think in terms of individual profile - jobs, place of work, leisure activities and club membership - and in terms of networks - what are the big and visible organizational and social networks in your target market, such as employers, associations, interest groups, etc. The important thing is to be creative, and not stop at the usual suspects when looking for opinion-leading target buyers experts, celebrities, journalists, bloggers and reviewers. Instead, think of who could be effective word of mouth hubs in your market. For example, PAs, club secretaries, beauty...

Joint marketing

A group of 20 businesses form an organization that meets once a month so that all 20 can brainstorm strategic alliances with each other. A convenience store might make a deal to provide shelf space for a video rental store, a fitness centre can place 'take-one' boxes in which any one of the other businesses can place their fliers. This group of 20 can also sponsor its own community involvement program to help charities and other good causes. By pooling resources, significant money can be raised - and those who receive the money can be the core customers of all 20 members. Then each company can remind everyone, including the media, about all the good works they are doing. This will result in free press for all 20, and will touch individuals on a personal level. This can create powerful word-of-mouth advertising. That kind of reputation and image enhancement is all but priceless.

Nike Targets Women

Male Athletes For Nike

Perhaps no company in the world has been as successful in capitalizing on the fitness boom of the past few decades as Nike. Since its inception Nike began its new women's movement by spending time listening to women and learning how they balance their lives, what they like to wear, where and how they shop, and what moves them. Nike designers and researchers spent time scouring trendy workout spots like London's Third Space to pick up on new fitness trends. One key insight that emerged from the research is that for most women, high performance isn't about sports it's about fitness fitting in with their active lifestyles. Nike stepped up its product development and introduced flashier shoe designs such as the Air Max Craze, which has a strap for a heel and a zipper over the lace. Another new line, the Air Visi Havoc, features materials not normally seen on a playing field, such as a faux snakeskin look, baby-blue satin, and red mesh. Nike has also launched a new website for women...

Market Summary

Recreational Fitness Speed I lackey list rente Ages 13 16. with -1H percent clustering around ages 23-34, the recrear tunal users tend to cover the widest age range, including young users through active adults. The fitness users tend to be ages 20-40, I'he speed users tend to be in their late twenties and early thirties, The hockey players are

Warranty Disclaimers

Most app developers are not looking to disclaim their express warranties, but without the proper warranty disclaimer language in your EULA, you could end up making warranties to the end user that you do not intend. These are implied warranties that can come into existence based on the circumstances of the sale. Examples of these implied warranties are the warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The problem with these warranties is that they are often based on what the customer expects your product to do, rather than the things that you told them it would do.

Competitive Analysis

At a more general level, marketers must recognize they are competing for the consumer's discretionary income, so they must understand the various ways potential customers choose to spend their money. For example, sales of motorcycles in the United States had declined significantly in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This decline reflected shifting demographic patterns aging baby boomers are less inclined to ride motorcycles, and the number of 18- to 34-year-old males has been declining. The drop in sales could also be attributed to the number of other options consumers could spend their discretionary income on, including Jet Skis, dirt bikes, home fitness equipment, spas, and home entertainment systems such as large-screen TVs and stereos. Thus, motorcycle marketers like Honda and Harley-Davidson had to convince potential buyers that a motorcycle was worth a sizable portion of their disposable income in comparison to other purchase options. Through successful marketing strategies, the...

Target Markets

With a world skating market of over 31 million that is steadily growing (statistics released by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association), the niche has been created. Pegasus' atm is to expand this markel by promoting SkateSailiug, a new sport which is popular In both Santa Monica and Venice Beach in California, The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association survey indicates that skating now has more participation than football soflball, skiing, and snowboarding combined,. The breakdown of participation in Skating is as follows 1 + speed (growing), H hockey (declining), 7 extreme aggressive (declining), 22 fitness 1 nearly 7 million the fastest growing), and t)l . recreational (first-timers). Pegasus' produc s arc largeiing the fiiness and recreational groups, becEtuse they art the fastest growing. These groups are gearing themselves toward health and fitness, and combined, they ean easily grow to 83 percent (or million) of the market iu the next five years.


Determined to develop new products to reflect charging consumer tastes and demographics, food and beverage giant PepsiCo ados more than 200 product variations to its global portfolio each yEar, ranging from Quaker Soy Crisps to Gatorade Xtremo Thirst Quencher. Chairman and CEO Steven Reinmund believes thai innovation is the key to consistent douDle-digit earnings growth JInnovation is wliat consumers are looKing lor, particularly in the small, routine things of tile. PepsiCo emphasizes new flavors and healthier ingredients with existingprantfe. It has also successfully launched new product lines in the Unhed States such as Sabritas chips, a SI00 million success brought over from its Mexican subsidiary, and Proper fitness water, whitfjr achieved simitar sales suc- cess only a year alter its launch.11

Bottled Water Market

By 1990 it had grown to IS12.5 million (12.5 million litres), 5.5 per cent of the Irish soft-drinks market. The bottled water market was 'one of the fastest growing sectors in the food trade in both Ireland and the UK'. Reasons for this were a reduction in the quality of tap water and changing attitudes towards health and fitness, which led to an increase in the demand for drinks perceived as natural, alcohol free and with fewer calories. Furthermore, increasingly stringent drink-driving legislation was leading to an increase in the consumption of bottled water, A Euromonitor survey in 1989 showed that the Irish consumed far less bottled water per person than other countries (Ireland 3 litres United Kingdom 5,5 Italy 80 Germany 76 France 68 and the United States 30).


Striking views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River. Rooms have butler's pantries and stocked bars for easy entertaining. Furniture, carpets, and draperies are custom designed. Facilities include a private rooftop club, wine cellar and library, 24-hour room service, business center, conference rooms, swimming pool, and spa and fitness center.


Culture is the most basic cause of a person's wants and behaviour. Human behaviour is largely learned. Growing up in a society, a child learns basic values, perceptions, wants and behaviours from the family and other important institutions. Like most wcsceni people, in her childhood Anna observed and learned values about achievement and success, activity and involvement, efficiency and practicality, progress, material comfort, individualism, freedom, humanitananism, youthfulness, and fitness and health. Sometimes we take these values for granted, but they are nol cultural universals. Marketers are always trying to spot cultural shifts in order to imagine new products that might be wanted. For example, the cultural shift towards greater concern about health and fitness has created a huge industry for exercise equipment and clothing, lower-calorie and more natural foods, and health and fitness services. This allowed Snapple to change the face of the US soft-drinks market with its 'new...

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