Types of Online Advertising Overview of online advertising types

As shown later in chapter 2.2, online advertising is sometimes virtually the only source of revenue for content providers. In order to be able to understand their preferences in online advertising, it is necessary to outline what specific types of advertising content providers can use.

Zeff describes many means of advertising that were used on the internet since its beginning and categorized them into three main categories:

■ Advertising via E-mail

■ Advertising via the Web

Further in this paper "ad models outside the box", such as cursors, screensavers, toolbars etc. will not be discussed, as these are nowadays either obsolete or became a standard media in advertising via the web.

Chyba! Nenalezen zdroj odkazu. gives a comprehensive view of types of online advertising and their relation to affiliate marketing. Figure shows all forms of online advertising that can be employed by merchants to acquire customers. Colored fields take advantage of a network of content providers, out of which dark green fields show, where affiliate marketing is applicable.

As indicated below, affiliate marketing can be employed in advertising via e-mail by inserting links with affiliate reference to the text of e-mail or newsletter. In advertising via the web, affiliate links can be connected to banners, textlinks, advertorials as well as interstitials. Sponsorship and microsites are not suitable, because visitors do not leave content providers' websites and performance based payment models are not applicable. Affiliate marketing can be also applied in search engine marketing as described later (Zeff, 1999:26-58; Chaffey, 2003; Janoschka, 2004:51-72).

Fiore remarks, that specific employment of affiliate marketing are storefronts, where content providers can sell other company's products or services at their own branded website using technological solution provided by the advertiser. Website visitors do not have to leave the content provider's website before finalizing the purchase (Fiore, 2001:122). Storefronts are often referred to as white labels.


Advertising via E-mail

Advertising vie the Web

Ad Models outside the Box

Search Marketing

Discussion Lists Newsletters


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Direct E-mail

Figure 2 - Overview of online advertising and its relationship to affiliate marketing. Based on categorization by Zeff, 1999:26-58, Chaffey, 2003 and Janoschka, 2004:51-72

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