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Content providers share similar point of view on one-to-one and one-to-many affiliate programs and on affiliate networks. Their perceptions are summarized in the following table:

Table 21 - Cross-case analysis: Advantages and disadvantages of respective affiliate marketing program types

Affiliate marketing type / case

Case I

Case II

Case III


Higher commission Low automation

Higher commission Risk of deception

Better conditions Low automation

Advanced automation

Affiliate networks

High level of automation

Lower risk of deception

Low commission Lower risk of deception

Low commission

Content providers value one-to-one programs, because these are able to bring highest revenues. They are nevertheless harder to control and administer and also only available to bigger websites. On the other end, affiliate networks provide necessary infrastructure and easy management, but also take part of the earnings so that commission from such programs is lower. These findings correspond with the theory (Oberndorf, 1999), although in case of the interviewees, the main motivation to prefer one-to-one programs was price.

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