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Offline Advertising In Newspapers and Magazines

Offline Advertising In Newspapers and Magazines

This is a great video all about offline marketing using advertisements through such things as newspapers and magazines. A great way to get more traffic to your business or even your website. learn how this can be done by watching this great video all about this subject.

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Great Newspaper Advertising

Although newspaper ads are wonderful tools to help you get more business, it does not matter if you do not know how to write that ad so that it attracts the most customers possible. The best sales and marketing people know all the tricks that will convert the most customers, and you can learn those tricks too, in a condensed eBook version that covers exactly what you need to know to get your business off the ground. You will learn more than just how to make sure the graphic art is good You will learn that the graphic art alone won't convert. You have to do more; This guide will teach you the sales tricks and tips that the professionals use to make customers WANT to buy whatever it is that you're selling. Newspaper ads are great, and once you have found out the tips to use them best, you can basically print your own money!

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Brainstorm 33 Newspaper ads

Advertising in newspapers is challenging, but can bring excellent results if done right. An attention-getting headline in a newspaper ad is the most important element of the ad. Your ad will compete with all the story headlines, and all the other ad headlines. That means your headline must be extra good at stopping the reader's eyes and getting them to look more deeply into your ad. The larger the newspaper ad, the more attention and sales it will produce, but it will also cost a lot more. Using coupons in a newspaper ad is a great idea. It will boost response by a whole lot. Customers can clip and save your ad, and bring it in for a discount.

Types of Newspaper Advertising

Types Advertising Marketing

The ads appearing in newspapers can also be divided into different categories. The major types of newspaper advertising are display and classified. Other special types of ads and preprinted inserts also appear in newspapers. Exhibit 12-18 Newspaper inserts are used to reach target markets Exhibit 12-18 Newspaper inserts are used to reach target markets Local advertising refers to ads placed by local organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to communicate with consumers in the market area served by the newspaper. Supermarkets and department stores are among the leading local display advertisers, along with numerous other retailers and service operations such as banks and travel agents. Local advertising is sometimes referred to as retail advertising because retailers account for 85 percent of local display ads. National or general advertising refers to newspaper display advertising done by marketers of branded products or services that are sold on a national or regional...

Why Customers Lured by Ads Are Often Not Loyal

Perhaps the worst aspect of traditional advertising, one apparent to anyone who runs a retail store, is that customers who respond primarily to media ads don't usually return. The same truth has been discovered by magazines and publishing companies that rely heavily on junk mail solicitations to sell their wares. The fact is that customers recruited through scatter-gun advertising techniques such as TV spots, newspaper ads, direct mail, contests, unsolicited telephone sales and Internet freebies rarely come back. Unscrupulous Internet businesses such as DoubleClick have used the Internet to invade your privacy and sell your e-mail address to other businesses who beseige you with so-called targeted marketing based on sites you have visited and purchases you have made.

Online marketing must be highly interactive

Internet advertising itself is different from traditional advertising in a major way it's a two-way process. All other ads, such as newspaper ads, TV ads and radio ads, are one-way only. What the ad viewer sees is what he gets, and all decision are made at that point of contact.

Read all about it newspaper and magazines

If you choose to use magazine or newspaper advertising to build your brand, stick with it consistently. One or two ads, no matter how creative or valuable, will not penetrate the imagination of most readers. One public relations consultant has run a full-page ad in an industry publication for years. She is now well known among a small group of professionals, but it took years and a tidy investment. If you go this route, be prepared to commit to a long-running ad campaign that will help you get through all the advertising clutter. For newspaper advertising, consider using your own designer instead of one provided by the newspaper. Every element of your ad should be perfect, and hiring your own designer will help you achieve that standard.

Consumer Goods Market Testing

In this method, a research firm manages a panel of stores that will carry new products for a fee. The company with the new product specifies the number of stores and geographic locations it wants to test. The research firm delivers the product to the participating stores and controls shelf position number of facings, displays, and point-of-purchase promotions and pricing. Sales results can be measured through electronic scanners at the checkout. The company can also evaluate the impact of local advertising and promotions during the test.

Limitations of Newspapers

Poor Reproduction One of the greatest limitations of newspapers as an advertising medium is their poor reproduction quality. The coarse paper stock used for newspapers, the absence of color, and the lack of time papers have available to achieve high-quality reproduction limits the quality of most newspaper ads. Newspapers have improved their reproduction quality in recent years, and color reproduction has become more available. Also, advertisers desiring high-quality color in newspaper ads can turn to such alternatives as freestanding inserts or Sunday supplements. However, these are more costly and may not be desirable to many advertisers. As a general rule, if the visual appearance of the product is important, the advertiser will not rely on newspaper ads. Ads for food products and fashions generally use magazines to capitalize on their superior reproduction quality and color. Lack of Selectivity While newspapers can offer advertisers geographic selectivity, they are not a selective...

ACORN categoriesHouseholds

ACORN has been used by local authorities to isolate areas of deprivation and by marketing firms seeking to identify areas of greatest demand for their products and services. Major retailers, banks and building societies use the service for site analysis and the mix of products appropriate to each branch. It is also used to target local advertising, posters, leaflet distribution and direct mail. Researchers can also use the system to select representative samples for questionnaire surveys.

Here are my Top 11 Radio Ad Tips

Radio makes up only 10 of all advertising money spent, and for good reason by itself, it won't get the job done for you. Most often, radio is an advertising medium which complements your total advertising effort. It reinforces or even directs attention to your newspaper ads.

Advantages of Newspapers

Truck Newspaper

Flexibility Another advantage of newspapers is the flexibility they offer advertisers. First, they are flexible in terms of requirements for producing and running the ads. Newspaper ads can be written, laid out, and prepared in a matter of hours. For most dailies, the closing time by which the ad must be received is usually only 24 hours before publication (although closing dates for special ads, such as those using color, and Sunday supplements are longer). The short production time and closing dates make newspapers an excellent medium for responding to current events or presenting timely information to consumers. For example, Chevrolet Trucks ran a newspaper ad congratulating major league baseball star Cal Ripken, Jr. the day after he got his 3,000th career hit. Ripken is a spokesperson for the Chevy Truck line, and the newspaper ad was a very timely salute to his reaching this great milestone (Exhibit 12-19). A second dimension of newspapers' flexibility stems from the creative...

Step 6 Developing and Managing the Marketing Communications

Advertising can be used to build up a long-term image for a product (Coca-Cola ads) or trigger quick sales (a Sears ad for a weekend sale). Advertising can reach geographically dispersed buyers efficiently. Certain forms of advertising (TV advertising) typically require a large budget, whereas other forms (newspaper advertising) can be done on a small budget. We discuss advertising in more detail later in this chapter.

Organization of the sales force

There is a trend in many large successful companies to convert some regional or local sales forces into autonomous marketing staff under the strict guidance of the marketing department. Giving the sales force more autonomy is an attractive option for some companies. It means shifting from calling on distributors, retailers and other customers to spending more time meeting advertising agency creative directors and media buyers to create local advertising campaigns. More specifically, it allows for the possibility of better category management and more direct communication with large retail accounts, as discussed elsewhere in this book.

Selecting Advertising Media

How do advertisers select appropriate media from the range of media available Media planners consider many factors when making their media choices. The media habits of target consumers will affect media choice for example, radio and television are the best media for reaching teenagers. So will the nature of the product fashions, for example, are best advertised in colour magazines and Nikon cameras are best demonstrated on television. Different types o messed may require different media for instance, a message announcing a big sale tomorrow will require radio or newspapers a message with a lot of technical data might require magazines or direct mailings or an online ad and Web site (see Chapter 22). Cost is also an important consideration in media choice whereas television is very expensive, newspaper advertising costs much less. The media planner looks at both the total cost of using a medium and the cost per thousand exposures - that is, the cost of reaching 1,000 people using the...

Advertising To Consumer Markets

Retail Local Advertising Advertising done by retailers or local merchants to encourage consumers to shop at a specific store, use a local service, or patronize a particular establishment. Retail or local advertising tends to emphasize specific patronage motives such as price, hours of operation, service, atmosphere, image, or merchandise assortment. Retailers are concerned with building store traffic, so their promotions often take the form of direct-action advertising designed to produce immediate store traffic and sales.

Purchasing Newspaper Space

General versus Local Rates Newspapers have different rate structures for general or national advertisers and local or retail advertisers. General advertising rates apply to display advertisers outside the newspaper's designated market area (DMA) and to any classification deemed by the publisher to be general in nature. This includes ads run by national advertisers such as automotive, tobacco, packaged-goods, and pharmaceutical companies. Retail or local advertising rates apply to advertisers that conduct business or sell goods or services within the DMA. The rates paid by general advertisers are, on average, 75 percent higher than those paid by local advertisers. Newspaper publishers claim the rate differential is justified for several reasons. First, they argue it costs more to handle general advertising since ad agencies get a 15 percent commission and commissions must also be paid to the independent sales reps who solicit nonlocal advertising. Second, they note that general...

Who Advertises in Newspapers and

Newspaper advertising is, overwhelmingly, used by local businesses targeted at local sales, though a surprisingly large number of these businesses have no formalized media plan. According to Direct Marketing magazine, advertising in all U.S. newspapers, including supplements, totaled over 49 billion in 2000, a 30 increase over the past five years. Of this amount, the three major categories, in thousands of dollars were

Advertising And Promotion

In ordinary use, promotion is everything that is done to help sell a product or service in every step of the sales chain, from the presentation materials a salesperson uses during a sales call to the television commercial or newspaper advertisement that tries to get the customer to think favorably about what is being advertised. Technically speaking, however, advertising is responsible for space or print that is, newspaper and magazine ads, Internet advertising, radio and television commercials, and direct mail and other direct response activities, plus

Merry Pranksters

Inspired in part by Netscape's irrepressible vice president of technology, AOL, another fierce Microsoft competitor, embarked on a path of merry pranksterism. The company flew a blimp over the rollout of Windows 95 with the word Welcome emblazoned on its side. (This stunt had a shining precedent Steve Jobs's condescending 1981 newspaper ads welcoming IBM to the microcomputer industry. Today, Apple and Netscape now owned by AOL each hold about 4 percent shares in their respective markets. As Marx noted, history does repeat itself.) All the while Netscape was indulging itself in displays of high spirits, the company was developing a reputation of being just as arrogant and hard to deal with as Microsoft.


When Defending the Caveman, a one-man comedy show, started playing in Washington, DC, there was a need for numerous newspaper advertisements and a public relations campaign to promote this alternative to the typical comedy club show. At the onset of the show, there had never been a truly successful one-man comedy show outside of Broadway. After the show ran in five cities and began to receive strong public relations support and word of mouth, it began selling out across the country, leading to Broadway's longest running comedy show. As the show moved from San Francisco to Dallas to Washington, the marketing was altered and became more sophisticated. What started with newspaper advertisements eventually moved to radio and direct mail.

What is Marketing

What does the term marketing mean Marketing must be understood not in the old sense of making a sale - 'selling' - but in the new sense of satisfying customer needs. Many people think of marketing only as selling and advertising. And no wonder, for every day we are bombarded with television commercials, newspaper ads, direct mail and sales calls. Someone is always trying to sell us something. It seems that we cannot escape death, taxes or selling

Advantages of Radio

Cost and Efficiency One of the main strengths of radio as an advertising medium is its low cost. Radio commercials are very inexpensive to produce. They require only a script of the commercial to be read by the radio announcer or a copy of a prerecorded message that can be broadcast by the station. The cost for radio time is also low. A minute on network radio may cost only 5,000, which translates into a cost per thousand of only 3 to 4. Local advertising on radio stations costs about 6 per thousand households, compared to more than 20 for local TV advertising. The low relative costs of radio make it one of the most efficient of all advertising media, and the low absolute cost means the budget needed for an effective radio campaign is often lower than that for other media.

Public Relations

Coca-Cola had to deal with a severe public relations crisis in Europe after several hundred Belgians, many of them schoolchildren, became ill after drinking Coke products in the summer of 1999. Several countries banned all Coca-Cola products, while others issued health warnings until the problem, which was traced to bad carbon dioxide in a bottling plant, was resolved. In response to the crisis, Coca-Cola ran full-page newspaper ads from its chairman in the countries where the company had to withdraw its products apologizing for the quality control problem. However, the media criticized the company's chairman, at that time Douglas Ivester, for not stepping forward and becoming involved in the handling of the crisis. In the ads apologizing for the problem Ivester acknowledged, I should have spoken to you earlier. 107 Publicis worked closely with executives at Coke's Atlanta headquarters to develop communication strategies and handle contacts with the media. When the ban on CocaCola...


Advertising Example

Cooperative advertising can take on several forms. Retailers may advertise a manufacturer's product in, say, a newspaper ad featuring a number of different products, and the individual manufacturers reimburse the retailer for their portion of the ad. Or the ad may be prepared by the manufacturer and placed in the local media by the retailer. Exhibit 16-29 shows a cooperative ad format for New Balance athletic shoes that retailers in various market areas can use by simply inserting their store name and location.

Magical Word

Invitation is one of those magical words, like free, new, and now, that many prospective and current customers accept uncritically. You are invited in magazine and newspaper ads, by radio and television commercials, on bulletin boards, on the Internet, by fax, and in the mail. All of these take advantage of the built-in association of invitation and enjoyment. It is this expectation of a pleasant experience that makes invitations such an effective sales tool and one that should be more widely used. Invitations even let you bring together fierce competitors who have nothing but you in common. Think of fitting new golf shoes to shoe retailers at a golf outing, perhaps as a surprise before teeing off. Or what about a wine-tasting session for wine merchants as they sail along on a moonlight cruise. A bit of imaginative soft sell can do wonders.