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Ezine advertising is a method of drawing people to your business that few people know how to master. This has two benefits to you: you will be able to learn to do it yourself, and make a killing doing so! Making money from these advertisements does not have to be difficult at all, as long as you know what you are doing. You will also get side benefits from this course: You will get free solo ad writing, a free advertising teleseminar, over 6000 twitter followers, and much more. What do you have to lose? No matter what you business is, you will have a way to make good money off of what you do, plus get a lot of cool side benefits! The main advantage to ezines is that they are never spam; people request them, so you are always selling to people who WANT to buy. This is the ultimate marketing dream Make it yours today! Read more...

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Email marketing its not just enewsletters

Many marketers immediately think of e-newsletters and sales promotions as the main opportunities for deploying e-mail, but the opportunities are much greater. Think about how many of the following techniques you could deploy. Acquisition tool here, e-mails are sent to members of a bought-in list to acquire new customers. Alternatively, you could advertise in an established e-newsletter to drive traffic to your web site. Retention tool this is the classical e-newsletter or promotional e-mail sent to your house list of customers. It is aimed at keeping your company at 'front-of-mind' and achieving repeat purchases through offers delivered by e-mail. Automated multistage e-mails can also be used to retain customers at renewal for example, for insurance or utility services. Research tool many marketers do not immediately think of e-mail as a way of learning more about prospects and customers, but research is straightforward to build into e-newsletters and e-promotions. Questionnaires...

Ezines and Newsletters

Advertising in an ezine, or electronic newsletter, is one of the most recommended forms of Internet advertising. These forums are highly targeted, are relatively inexpensive, and typically have a higher return on investment than other ads. Because subscribers join or opt in to these newsletters, this is not considered a form of spam, or unwanted communications. Michael Southon, publisher of the Free Directory of Ezines, offers the following 10 tips for successful ezine advertising 1. Track Your Ads. This is even more important if you are placing multiple ads at the same time. The simplest way is to place a key code at the end of an e-mail or URL address. You can code an e-mail by following this format when establishing your e-mail address yourname yourdomain. com subject ezineA. Or you can use a free Web statistics program.

Content and When to send EMail Newsletters

Most news e-mails take a form adapted from print newsletters, with headlines and a brief overview of each topic, but with links to the full story on the web site for the added multimedia and graphic content. They should entice the reader to click on a link to get the rest of the story or view the item of interest. Be sure that each newsletter link directs the reader to the appropriate page of the main web site rather than the home page. Have a great opening, use short sentences, and focus on the recipient's self-interest. Newsletters can also contain fun items of interest, including stories, recipes, jokes, and links to sites of significance. The G-lock EasyMail web site advises users to not use all capital letters, don't write too long, correct misspellings and typos, and send a text version of the message along with the HTML part. The site also advises users to excite curiosity in the subject line to motivate the recipient to open and read the e-mail, to write as if you are...

Newsletters offer better prospects for closing a sale

Not only do newsletters make it easy for potential customers to contact you, they also let you harvest the relationship built around them and simplify sales for your sales team. Sales teams dream about knowing their prospect's hot buttons prior to making that first call. 7.2 Creating an Effective Newsletter Creating a successful newsletter can be extremely rewarding. Subscribers and customers respond with glowing feedback, online sales jump and your customer relationships and brand loyalty strengthens. Here are some useful tips that will you create a successful newsletter

Ezine Newsletter SignUp on Every Page

A signup form for your opt-in mailing list or newsletter should be placed on each and every page of your site. Did you know that just about every page on your Web site is a possible initial landing entry page for your visitors That's right, visitors from the pay per clicks and other search engines will often land on pages other than your homepage. So, be sure to offer them the same opportunity to join your newsletter for free site updates, as those who start out on your homepage. There you have the 6 essential Web site elements Logo and a tag line, Privacy statement, contact information link, an ezine signup form and an 'About Us' page. Those are the basic elements that should be included on every Web site you build. Don't do business without them.

Newsletter After You Do Your Homework

Financial newsletters are big business. In fact, one of the most surefire ways to make money in financial markets is to write a newsletter offering your investment advice. (It's less risky than actually investing ) MarketWatch offers a variety of newsletters on its Newsletters & Research page, including several newsletters from its own analysts. (And, as you might expect, subscriptions are seldom free.) If you're not sure which if any newsletter to subscribe to, go to Newsletters & Research O The Guru's Corner. This page offers insights from several major investment newsletters for free. Even better (and this is the part I really like), it lists the top performing newsletters over the past twelve months. Use this list to determine which newsletters offer the best advice, and are (perhaps) worth subscribing to. If you want to see a more complete list of available newsletters, go to Newsletters & Research O Directory. This page lists dozens of different newsletters, along with their...

Getting Subscribers for Your Newsletter

There are many different ways of getting subscribers to your newsletter. Obviously, the first place you should start is on your website, as doing this can get you an immediate flow of subscribers. You should advertise your newsletter and place a sign-up box on every page of your site. Always use the sign-up box instead of a simple email link when you can because the results will be much better. The top of the page is the best place for your sign-up box as it gets more exposure, but if you don't have room at the top, use the bottom. Always include a privacy statement telling people exactly how you are going to use their email address and how you will keep it private. With all the talk about spam nowadays, this will reassure them, which in turn will increase the number of new subscribers you acquire.

Promoting Affiliate Programs through Newsletters

As many webmasters are now discovering, making money with affiliate programs can be hard work. It is not as simple as uploading some banners then sitting back and collecting commission checks. A more effective way to distribute this content is through newsletters. As a more creative approach, web-savvy marketers are finding that creating a niche specific email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to boost profits with affiliate programs. For example, a website about pets could offer a free newsletter about caring for a pet. The newsletter could include informative articles such as How to exercise with your dog and 10 tips on keeping your fishbowl clean , etc. Pet products such as a dog leash, bowl, and toys should then be included with an affiliate link to encourage a purchase. One of the main reasons why newsletters are a great way to promote affiliate programs is because of the click-through rates. Click-through rates for a targeted newsletter can reach anywhere from 10 to...

How To Build An HTML Ezine People Actually READ

I've been sending out email newsletters or ezines for six or seven years now, so I've read a lot of information from the pundits about the pros and cons of plain text versus HTML ezines. The truth of the matter is that I avoided sending HTML ezines for years. As most people are aware, sending an ezine in HTML format has a number of drawbacks. In my mind, these are three biggest disadvantages 1. HTML ezines are far more difficult to create than plain text. HTML coding is vastly more complicated than just typing text. 3. HTML ezines don't render correctly in many email clients. Innumerable email clients exist and creating compatible HTML is difficult. The switchover to HTML was an arduous process, mostly because I was unwilling to make concessions on simplicity, spam filtering, and compatibility. The last thing I wanted was to do the work to create an HTML ezine and then have them all disappear into a sucking vortex of spam filters and incompatible email clients. The reader response has...

Many Internet marketers invite visitors to join their mailing lists by offering a free newsletter

Published regularly, a good newsletter brings visitors back to your site over and over again, exposing them to all the wonderful products and services you have to offer. Use your newsletter to notify your subscribers about special promotions and sales held by your merchant partners. It's best to link from your newsletter to a special 'sales' page on your site, as opposed to sending them directly to the merchant's site. That way you can test the effectiveness of your offers by keeping track of the number of visitors who visit that page via your newsletter. Yes, you must build an opt-in subscriber list Then you have to do something with it. Publish a newsletter, develop an 'ecourse' or do both. Now imagine, if you had a free newsletter or course to offer them in exchange for their opt-in name and email address. At a sign-up rate of 10 you'd be getting 500 new opt-in subscribers per week, or 6,000 per year

If you dont have much money to spend advertising your online business writing ezine articles is one of the most

More people are using the Internet everyday to find information. To satisfy this growing quest, ezine owners who don't have time to write their own material are always looking for fresh articles to publish in their newsletters. The most compelling reason to write articles for submission to ezines is the amount you save in advertising. A single ezine ad can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. However, ezine article submissions are free. In fact, it actually pays for you to write and submit articles to ezines and newsletters Furthermore, the author's resource box, in which your byline is placed, is usually the size of a typical ezine advertisement. Better yet, your article is ten times that size. So, you've saved advertising dollars and earned ten times the coverage. That's great value for an investment that only cost an hour or two of your time. Depending on the subscriber base of the ezine that picks up your article, the potential for new visitors to your site...

Build Relationships With An EZine

The most common Backup Response on the Web is the e-zine, an e-mailed newsletter. Once you have some decent numbers, it takes only a day to get an e-zine up and running. A newsletter prevents the familiar out of site (ahem ), out of mind scenario by allowing you to stay on your client's radar with regular contact. And, more importantly It builds the trust that is so necessary to convert a visitor subscriber into a paying client. Trust, trust, and more trust -- it's critical in the service-selling industry. Your newsletter is the conduit with which you will establish your credibility, culture relationships, and convert subscribers into paying clients. For you, publishing a quality newsletter is not an option. So set up your Backup Response -- a subscription to your e-zine. Building a sense of community and trust by nurturing a great relationship with customers is the goal of a newsletter. There's just no better way to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Every time your...

Email Newsletters or Ezines

We had a whole chapter on newsletters already in this book. However, what we didn't discuss then is that newsletters can be a great viral marketing tool. If your newsletter contains information of value, such as tips, hints, news or tutorials, you'll find that subscribers will forward it on to others, and that's viral marketing at it's best. The use of newsletters can also help build content for your website which increases search engine visibility. Another great benefit is that your newsletters, ezines or ebooks will proliferate links on many sites that point back to your site. Several leading search engines, including Google, use page-ranking algorithms that measure how many links point to your site and rank your page in search findings However, you must remember that a newsletter should contain valuable information, not just sales copy, otherwise interest will quickly drop off and you'll be getting a number of unsubscribe requests. Worse still, your ezine will be deleted as soon as...

Newsletter Promote httpwwwnewsletterpromotecom

There's a pleasant bonus when you market your newsletter. Not only will you build your e-publication, you will build more traffic to your site (if you provide a link from your subscription page to your home page). On top of that, you will also generate some all-important link popularity which is always a good thing

Does your optin list just get the weekly newsletter or do you also send out solo ads in between

I email usually twice a week because I don't want to beat them to death. We do the newsletter on Tuesday, and then on Friday I do the solo email, which I call, Tim's Top Pick . And it is basically my recommendation of the week for either a product or a video or what-have-you. Usually it is an affiliate product, either ClickBank or not, but again what I do with that is I don't just say, hey, this is. go buy this. I will say, OK, I have checked this out. This is a real opportunity. You need to just go take a look.

Newsletter Is A Highpowered Selling And Customer Relations Tool

Perhaps the biggest drawback of a newsletter is the time it takes to put it together. Never forget publishing even a small newsletter can be extremely challenging and time consuming. It needs to be written, designed, laid out, printed, mailed all tasks someone in your organization must do. You can always farm the job out to a professional, but it's likely to cost plenty. Still, a newsletter done right is almost always worth the effort and cost in what it will do for your sales and company image.

Have three ebooks that I have written that I give away so if someone comes to the website and they sign up for my

So that's, I always tell, you can make money by giving stuff away. So, what we do is when someone opts in, we are like, hey, if you get our newsletter, we will give you these three e-books of Tim's, here is what they contain, put in your name and email address and we have all of the products shown on the website, and probably I would say 80 probably come through the newsletter, through the opt-in list. Our sales conversion on the website is pretty standard, we may do 12 . Through the newsletter, it will vary. I have seen it go, oh gosh, as high as 10-15 .

Elearning newsletters

Newsletters and mailing lists are free and easy ways to stay in touch with the latest thinking and news about e-learning. Very good reference site and newsletter from Donald Clark Newsletter and Web site featuring trends, case studies and interviews from Kevin Kruse Monthly newsletter about e-learning people, systems and environments from the excellent E-Learning Centre A free, weekly newsletter published by ThinkEquity Partners, a research-centred boutique investment bank Line Zine Newsletter TechKnowledge E-Learning Tips Newsletter Discussion-driven newsletter for training managers from VNU Business Media

Selected newsletters and online resources

Andrew Sobel, a leading authority on client relationships, publishes a monthly newsletter on the skills and strategies needed to build enduring client loyalty Michael Katz. Michael J. Katz is founder and Chief Penguin of Blue Penguin Development, a consulting firm that specializes in the creation and management of effective e-newsletters. He publishes Michael Katz's E-Newsletter on E-Newsletters, bi-weekly www.bluepenguindevelopment .com. Management Consulting News. MCNews, a free monthly newsletter, features the best of the best from leading thinkers, writers, management consultants, and many others, all focused on ideas and tools you can use WordBiz. The Word Biz Report, published twice monthly by Debbie Weil, was the first e-newsletter about online copywriting and the business of words This online publishing company specializes in providing strategic and tactical marketing...

Power User Tip Want perfect tracking of how effective your ezine ad is Combine Click IN Analysis and Click Through

2) On that page, create new tracker links to your affiliate programs, your newsletter-subscription page, or your service-selling page . These links must be unique for this ad. You should not use these tracker links anywhere else. ii) my dedicated newsletter subscription page

Adapting Blog Concepts to Your Newsletters

As mentioned before, blogs combine very well with newsletter marketing strategies. Keep in mind, however, that a blog is not intended to replace your newsletter. Its purpose is to extend and complement your newsletter marketing strategy, serving customers and prospects in a way that extends your reach even further. Creating an effective blog requires careful planning. Blogs should present as much information as possible while representing the voice of your website. Here are a few guidelines on how to plan and create a blog to go along with your newsletter. Use your newsletter to announce and promote the blog. Offer to email it to subscribers or provide the option, through an icon or link, to visit the blog directly. Here are some more ideas you can use in your newsletter or blog

Brainstorm 65 Newsletter inserts

Contributing to other people's newsletters with articles or inserts is an inexpensive and excellent way to reach new markets and tap into the captured customers of another business. Most newsletter publishers welcome submissions from others because finding content for newsletters is an ongoing challenge. If you provide them with non-competing information, you can easily gain access to another company's newsletter. For example, a massage therapist might submit to a chiropractor's newsletter. The services are similar enough to appeal to the same audience, but different enough to offer distinct services. You can either submit a story, or provide an insert to the newsletter publisher. In the latter case, it works much like a joint mailing. You help defray the cost of mailing the newsletter in exchange for letting your insert ride along. Both parties win. Newsletter inserts have the strong advantage of delivering highly focused markets. When you insert in a regular newspaper, you're...

Publish an Ezine eCourse or Both

Many Internet marketers invite visitors to join their mailing lists by offering a free newsletter. Published regularly, a good newsletter brings visitors back to your site over and over again, exposing them to all the wonderful products and services you have to offer. Use your newsletter to notify your subscribers about special promotions and sales held by your merchant partners. It's best to link from your newsletter to a special 'sales' page on your site, as opposed to sending them directly to the merchant's site. That way you can test the effectiveness of your offers by keeping track of the number of visitors who visit that page via your newsletter. Yes, you must build an opt-in subscriber list Then you have to do something with it. Publish a newsletter, develop an 'ecourse' or do both. Now imagine, if you had a free newsletter or course to offer them in exchange for their opt-in name and email address. At a sign-up rate of 10 you'd be getting 500 new opt-in subscribers per week,...

Buying Ads in Other Newsletters

Just as you can sell advertising, you can also buy advertising in newsletters. You can use those ads to promote your business or to invite people who read newsletters to start reading your newsletter. Again, you have to pick your partners carefully. There's no point just picking a newsletter with the cheapest rates you want to make sure you choose an outlet that appeals to the same buyers as you. You also need to think about where your ad is going to be placed. In general, the higher the position the better.


Electronic or online magazines offer a good way to introduce your target market to your act. defines e-zines as an electronic magazine, whether posted via a web site or sent as an e-mail newsletter. (The term is loosely used to describe e-mail newsletters, albeit without the magazine formatting see section on using e-mail for promotions.) Short for electronic magazine or fanzine, some are electronic versions of existing print magazines, whereas others exist only in the digital format. The web-posted versions usually contain a stylized mixture of content including photos, articles, ads, links, and headlines, formatted much like a print equivalent. Most e-zines are advertiser-supported, but a few charge a subscription.

The email newsletter

The e-mail newsletter, sent to willing recipients who have signed up to receive the newsletter, can be an extremely effective and inexpensive way to promote an artist. In his article 7 Reasons to Start an Email Newsletter Today, Rich Brooks extolled the virtues of utilizing this marketing technique, for the following reasons 1. They complement your web site a newsletter is the counterpart, the outreach portion of your online marketing plan, or, as Brooks stated, it is like white wine to fish (not that your web site stinks like fish). Most people spend a great deal of time reading and responding to e-mails, so this puts you right in front of their faces. 2. They are more cost effective than print newsletters. Forget about all those printing costs and postage 4. You can track their effectiveness. You can track which links in your newsletter are being clicked on and which are being ignored, stated Brooks. 6. You are preaching to the choir. Newsletters only go to fans who have signed up...

Ezine Advertising

There are hundreds of thousands of ezines published on the Internet. Placing advertising in ezines is a low-cost and extremely effective way to bring qualified traffic to your site. Chances are excellent that there are many ezines published on a topic relevant to your site. The Directory of Ezines is an excellent resource for quickly finding ezines targeted to your audience. 4 Directory of Ezines

Write Ezine Articles

If you don't have much money to spend advertising your online business, writing ezine articles is one of the most effective and least costly way to attract visitors to your site. More people are using the Internet everyday to find information. To satisfy this growing quest, ezine owners who don't have time to write their own material are always looking for fresh articles to publish in their newsletters. The most compelling reason to write articles for submission to ezines is the amount you save in advertising. A single ezine ad can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. However, ezine article submissions are free. In fact, it actually pays for you to write and submit articles to ezines and newsletters Furthermore, the author's resource box, in which your byline is placed, is usually the size of a typical ezine advertisement. Better yet, your article is ten times that size. So, you've saved advertising dollars and earned ten times the coverage. That's great value for...

Advertise Your EZine

List your newsletter in major e-zine directories on the Web. You'll find these work much the same way as the main directories (discussed in DAY 8). Drill down through the categories and sub-categories to find the best place and submit your newsletter to the most appropriate section of the directory. It depends. If your e-zine is about a popular topic that is likely to generate many keyword searches and you've listed your site properly (with a compelling Description), there's no reason why these directories shouldn't bring a constant trickle of subscribers to your newsletter. Of course, if your newsletter is about a highly specific niche topic, your major concern will be listing in directories that receive enough traffic to generate keyword searches for that topic. It's ideal if you can find a directory dedicated to a category that includes your theme.


If you're not publishing your own newsletter, start planning one today. A newsletter is a high-powered selling and customer relations tool. It's also a way to get free media - and you can even make money by selling advertising in it to others. And get this studies show that newsletters have a 400 higher readership rate than any other kind of direct mail you can send to your customers. That in itself is enough to develop and distribute a newsletter. A newsletter helps you build name recognition. A newsletter builds your credibility and bolsters your image as an expert in your field. Newsletters generate repeat sales. Newsletters keep your customers informed about your company, tells them what's new, and how they can get great deals others can't. Your newsletter can be a prime tool to build a preferred customer list. Newsletters can be hard sell or soft sell. The first kind is heavily tilted toward getting customers to buy. It's filled with product endorsements, hard-hitting sales copy,...

Ezine Joint Ventures

You must be creative in your advertising. Instead of asking for cash in return for newsletter or blog advertising space, you could ask for a reciprocal promotion on a partner's newsletter. As long as you're not competing, joint ventures with complementary businesses are a great way to increase your customer base and boost your sales. We'll talk more about joint ventures in the next chapter, but just remember that nearly any type of joint venture you set up for your business can be applied to your newsletter and or your blog. In fact, publishing your own newsletter and blog is one of your greatest assets. Once you are doing this and have a readership, you've got a hot commodity that a lot of other businesses would like to get their hands on and you can use their interest to YOUR advantage. As you build up your subscriber list (if you're trying to do this without an autoresponder), you're going to develop a big problem. Whichever mail program you're using, whether it's Outlook or Eudora...

Optin List Ezine

E-Zine stand for electronic magazine, also know as email magazine, online publication or electronic newsletter is simply a newsletter available via email and or online. There are hundreds of thousands of ezines on various subjects available on the Internet free of charge. You can publish an ezine completely free. There are many list servers such as They will host your list (ezines) free of charge. In addition, they take care of all your subscription requests so you won't have to. To use one of these list servers, simply sign up and instantly create your list. They will provide you with a You should also submit your ezine to e-zine directories, so people can find easily your ezine by searching in those directories .here are some directories to visit eZINESearch http Best http EzineSeek http Zinos Ezine-Marketing http The Ezine Directory http John Labovitz's Ezines List http...

Question 2 What does it cost to maximize Conversion Rates

The futility of banners was first revealed by our 5 Pillar Program, both in our original 5 Pillar Manual and in the 5 Pillar Affiliate Reports (our near-weekly affiliate newsletter). Retinal studies have shown that Web surfers actually avoid banners. Yes, their eyes look away

Make every moment and dollar count

Identify and focus on attaining your Most Wanted Response (MWR) (i.e., what you most want your visitor to do). For example, visiting your site, or subscribing to your newsletter, or reading an ad, you most want your visitor to contact you. Everything you do must in some way help to attain that MWR. Strive to get the best possible traffic-building and lead-converting results for every dollar and for every hour you spend on your business.

Dont Believe Everything You Read Thats The Limitation Of Even The Best Paid Advertising

There are many other ways to position yourself as an expert Make yourself available for public speaking engagements, be a guest (or a regular) on a radio show, or how about publishing your own newsletter and distributing it free to your customers and to new prospect lists

So how exactly do you market these products

Those have probably been the two main areas, there's also, I think the next best thing is articles. And I think articles provide a very good amount of traffic to your site. They're a great way to get backlinks and get your site ranked in the search engines. Anything like Ezine Articles or Isnare, any of those kinds of sites. Those are excellent sources.

Overview of the Business Building Process

Promote Site - Get the word out and draw huge numbers of surfers to your site. Have them sign up for your newsletter and build a huge opt-in list. Watch your visitors buy copious amounts of your affiliate products and services. Deposit numerous checks in large amounts into your checking account. Contact newsletter subscribers with new offers and deposit more checks into your bank account.

Continue doing what is profitable Stop what is not Action Step

Monitor and track your business constantly, especially the more abstract aspects like knowing where your traffic is coming from, the satisfaction level of your clients, the new trends in your field, the effectiveness of your newsletter, ads, etc., etc. Concentrate on actions that contribute positively to your bottom line and drop the ones that do not.

Why Bad Things Happen

Maybe your autoresponder server crashes. and you lose your list. Or you're blacklisted because some hysterical spam-a-phobic forgets they signed up for your ezine five different times, with five different email addresses. Or your PC crashes. and you don't have backups of your affiliate IDs, address book, or keyword lists. Or for some weird reason, your favorite search engine strips you off the first page of results and banishes you to nowhere-land.

And Ill send you 100s of tips and tricks for growing your Internet business

Claim your FREE subscription to my bi-monthly Marketing Tips Newsletter, and I'll send you 100's of tips and ideas for starting and growing your own profitable Internet business Click the button above to be subscribed to Internet Marketing Tips FREE Newsletter Forms capable browser required Please just press the button ONCE

Does My Idea Have Profit Potential

First you'll want to consider trends in the market. Don't get caught trying to sell what became obsolete or out-of-style yesterday. Keep current by subscribing to relevant online newsletters, magazines and reading the newspaper. Stay informed and abreast of this rapidly changing world, and you'll stay in business.

Ten characteristics of a killer web site

On each page of your site, find a way for visitors to interact with you, whether by signing up for a newsletter, requesting a special report, linking to another page on your site, or sending you an e-mail. Your site should engage visitors, not just let them click and go. 6. Keep it simple. Create your site for clients, not for the artist within you. Make its design simple, intuitive to use, and easy to read. Provide lots of white space on pages because visitors tend to skim pages and seldom read every detail. And stick to a simple, eye-pleasing color palette. Your site layout should be logical. Navigation buttons and features such as newsletter sign-up boxes should be in the same place on all pages. Make it easy to download material by providing explicit instructions and confirming for visitors that they have successfully received the material they downloaded.

Hiring Outside Designers and Coders

For many years there was a great hue and cry about the Internet making it possible for anyone to publish While this notion is true, you'll note that the phrase is not anyone can publish well. Registering a domain name and buying Web hosting are often quite easy to do, and you can learn basic Web coding in an afternoon. This doesn't necessarily mean that your site looks as professional and credible as it really could. Just because you own a printer, for example, doesn't mean that you can create a New York Times-quality newsletter right out of the starting gate.

The Three Best Ways to Target Market

People in the real estate business use the term farming. When a real-estate agent farms an area, he strives to become its best known and loved agent. He mails to every homeowner in the area, goes around door-to-door and introduces himself, distributes a monthly newsletter, sends holiday greeting cards, even gets creatively involved with the community driving through and giving away free pumpkins at Halloween, sponsoring a neighborhood block party and swap meet, and so on. It's a lot of work, but it's smart work.

Advertising via Email

Discussion Lists and Newsletters One way to use e-mail as an advertising media according to Zeff is the sponsorship of discussion lists and newsletters. Newsletters are created by websites in a form of online publication and users opt in to receive them. Content of discussion lists is created by users by sending a message to the discussion list. Commonly, discussion lists are called newsgroups. Discussion lists are hosted and moderated by a dedicated server. (Zeff, 1999 27-32)

To zine or not to zine

Carefully weigh the possible benefits of a zine against its challenges. If you decide against it, you can still speak directly to clients on your Web site with blogs, articles, reports, and case studies. Or, you might prefer to publish a hard-copy newsletter instead of an electronic one.


By using the subject categories in an ezine directory listing, you will be able to find an ezine that relates to your event audience. 3. Subscribe to the Ezine First. Once you have chosen a number of ezines that target your particular audience, subscribe to them first and examine their ads closely. If you see a repeating ad, you can guess that it's getting good results. 4. How Many Ads Appear in Each Issue Check the ezine for the number of ads. If there is an abundance of ads, the response rate is probably not too great. Readers of these publications may have begun ignoring the ads. 6. Small Ezine Versus Large Ezine Bigger is not always better. The larger publications often have more advertisers, which means you may not be as visible. And smaller ezines may be more targeted. 7. Repeat Research shows that, off the Web, an ad has to be seen nine times before someone acts on it. Many ezines offer discount packages. If your budget is very small, try to advertise at...

Do I Get Credit for Recurring Sales

However, there ARE affiliate programs that pay commissions on all recurring charges, such as monthly newsletter subscriptions and web hosting packages. As long as your customer keeps ordering the product, you get residual commissions that keep coming in month after month, after you made the initial sale.

How does a cookie affect whether or not you get credit for a sale

Are Sales Tools Offered Most merchants offer their affiliates advertising copy and banner ads for placement on their sites. In many cases, you be able to generate the code with a click of your mouse, which you then paste into your page or in your newsletter. Some merchants also offer product datafeeds for their entire range of products. Using datafeeds, you can build a 1,000 item site in mere seconds

Are Sales Tools Offered

Shorter than advertorials, classified ads are presented in plain text to be' copied and pasted' into your newsletter. The following is a classified ad for Corey Rudl's affiliates to promote his 'Internet Marketing Tips' package. Because it sounds like a personal endorsement of his product, your subscribers will never know that Corey's team of professional copywriters actually wrote it unless of course they subscribe to a number of other Internet marketers' newsletters who recently used the same ad.

Marketing Take Action

Your marketing plan should be fun to develop. To generate some ideas of what you can do, use this list of nouns to get your creative juices flowing business cards, letters, seminars, television, speeches, brochures, conferences, articles, clubs, postcards, network, lunch, e-mail, Internet, directories, mailings, trade show, ads, news releases, friends, past bosses, books, phone calls, associations, journals, direct mail, newsletter, stunts, greeting cards, telemarketing, logo, competitors, church, community college, parties, civic organizations, radio, newspapers, free presentation, press release, celebrations, congratulations notes, holidays, pictures, charity, rumors, awards, testimonials, audiotapes, interviews.

Giving Customers Authority for Your Claims

Another good approach to validating your expertise is to write a series of articles about your specialty or to contact publications and freelance writers to see if they are interested in telling your story for you. In almost every business or field of specialization, there are newsletters, journals or trade magazines that accept such articles. Once a favorable article is published about your innovative law practice, lawn repair service or language school, distribute reprints to your customers and have the original enlarged for display. Also, if you can, arrange to be interviewed on a local radio show, and have a friend photograph your appearance and display it at your business, or use it in your brochure. Newspaper articles about your business are, of course, an easy thing to display. Again, however, make sure that all material of this sort is reasonably up-to-date. People will be a lot more interested in the fact that you appeared on the Jay Leno show last month than the Merv Griffin...

A proactive approach to reach efluentials

As an initial step in identifying and reaching out to e-fluential stakeholders among a company's larger audience, website visitors, online community members and e-newsletter subscribers who have agreed to receive communications from the company can be invited to participate in an online survey. The survey should consist of three main sections

Convenience of Access

The Franz Valley Gardens in Calistoga, California specializes in growing and introducing new and unusual plants. It turned a huge problem with accessibility into a flourishing business. The nursery is small, remote and has limited parking, so it instituted a shop-by-mail program for clients. In addition, it sends out a newsletter listing the local Farmers' Markets where you can purchase its plants it also has a display garden of ornamental grasses and various plants which may be seen by appointment. When the items that you order arrive, the nursery calls and sets up a mutually agreeable delivery time or a time when you can pick them up at the nursery if you wish.

Email Marketing Tactics

There are two ways you can do that you can send them a newsletter every couple of weeks or so or you can send them a sales letter. Newsletters are very important for building trust with your subscribers and warming them up to your sales offers. In the next chapter, I'll discuss newsletters in detail.

Virgin Atlantic Fly Free For Life

Creative Landing Page

Mails to bought-in lists (Figure 1.5), banners on various sites, the flying club newsletter, a radio campaign and poster site driving traffic to a specially built microsite. To maximise exposure, it was expected that the campaign would take off virally (i.e. the game would be forwarded by e-mail to friends to play, and they would forward it on, etc.). The main objective of the campaign was to sign up customers to the site-registered base, to receive e-mail alerts on Virgin Atlantic offers and news. Guardian newsletter Text 5 x 35 000 Long-haul travellers

Using email for promotion

G-Lock software advises not to generate e-mail addresses using special tools you may find on the Internet don't harvest the e-mail addresses from web sites and don't purchase a ready-made list. The best quality lists come from grassroots efforts to sign up those people who are interested in the artist and willing to accept e-mail newsletters. It is important to inform people that by providing an e-mail address, they will be receiving periodic updates in the form of an e-mail about the artist. In this era of spamming, it is important to provide recipients of the e-mail newsletter with the opportunity to unsubscribe from the e-mail list. Spamming is the activity of sending out unsolicited commercial e-mails. It is the online equivalent of telemarketing. Fans who provide their e-mail addresses should be told that by providing this information, they will be receiving correspondence the specifics of which should be spelled out. You should never sell or offer your e-mail lists to third...

Recommendations for identifying online public opinion leaders

Start communicating with your opinion leaders Opinion leaders crave knowledge.They like to have insider information from primary sources. Offer to send them e-newsletters and white papers about new products and industry trends. Give them a chance to try your services then take their feedback. In times of crisis, alert them to messages from senior-level executives demystifying rumours about the company.

Publicity and Public Relations

In an incredibly stupid move, AmericaWest airlines published an article in its company newsletter by one of its preferred-provider doctors in which he called chiropractic a cult and compared chiropractic treatment to a shampoo and a set. The M.D. who wrote this article must have been on another planet when the chiropractic profession won its lawsuit against the AMA, prompted by just such remarks as his. But it is inconceivable that a generally savvily run, large corporation would permit material certain to be offensive to a large constituency to appear in print under its name.

Now if youre going with Pay per Click instead of search engine optimization do you like to send them direct to the

But I also like to collect emails sometimes too. So I'll do that on my own landing page. Sometimes I'll advertise different affiliate programs and then I'll also have a subscription form for a newsletter on there. I've done lots of different things. Usually I offer something for free. Sometimes I'll just word it and kind of do it as a pre-sell to another product, and collect their email and then send them right after they submit the form, right to the product. And then sign them up to a newsletter. Always something free to entice them to join. Yeah, I think actually all the newsletters I have gives something whether it's a recorded MP3 or it's an e-book or just telling them that they'll get something free when they go through to the site that I'm going to promote. Like I've done email newsletters where basically I said, you know, learn how to do this and get this for free and then send them directly to the affiliate page right after that. And some of them buy it, some of them don't,...

Where do you get the content for that

You know, some of them, I don't do a lot of content. One of them, I have a huge newsletter that I started a long time ago that has to do with entertainment and DVDs, and it's got, I don't know how many members, like 40,000 subscribers or something, and what I did is I didn't want to develop all this content and keep worrying about having to send it out, so I set up autoresponders. And what I did, you know, I was pretty impressed with myself for coming up with this, but it's really simple, is basically I took a webpage, and I called it such and such newsletter, and then what I did is I used RSS feeds which basically allows you to take content like new stories from other sides and put the headlines and stuff on your site. So the way the newsletter looks is it has a title, and then it says latest news regarding such and such entertainment. And then under that I took an article that I got for free from I think, there's a lot of places you can get free reprint articles and I...

Launching and Promoting Your Application

When the first usable version of your application is complete, you'll want to start introducing it to potential users. If you have an existing Facebook community, like a Page, those Page members are perfect initial users. Post the app to your Wall. Your Twitter account, blog, or newsletter are also great ways to soft-launch your application to users who already have an affinity for your brand. Listen closely for their feedback and use it to inform the next development iterations you make.

Getting People to Your Site

Also, submit articles to e-zines, newsletters, and magazines that are delivered via e-mail to subscribers. Turn to, ezine, or for article submission advice. Include your Web address on every page of printed or electronic newsletters or brochures.

Cooperative Efforts Teaming Up Promotional Tie Ins

In addition to link swaps, there are other ways to forge partnerships with former competitors. You can arrange newsletter article exchanges with other newsletter publishers, perhaps reviewing their album in your newsletter and asking for the same consideration or swapping feature articles on each other. Be sure to include some in-context links in the article that will connect back to your web site. If the newsletters are archived online, the impact can be long lasting. Perhaps you want to team up to create a newsletter and then send it to the e-mail lists for both artists. However, it is not advisable to just swap e-mail lists. Your fans have entrusted you with their e-mail addresses and granted you permission to use them to send them information on your artist. If they start receiving unsolicited correspondence from artists they are not familiar with, this could be considered spam, which is certainly unethical and, in some places, illegal.

Charity uses lifetime value modelling to assess returns from new eCRM system

A charity is considering implementing a new e-mail marketing system to increase donations from its donors. The charity's main role is as a relief agency which aims to reduce poverty through providing aid, particularly to the regions that need it most. Currently, its only e-mail activity is a monthly e-newsletter received by its 200,000 subscribers which features its current campaigns and appeals. It hopes to increase donations by using a more targeted approach to increase donations based on previous customer behaviour. The e-mail system will integrate with the donor database which contains information on customer profiles and previous donations.

Guerrilla Tip The Ideal Book

Begin by authoring articles for newspapers, newsletters, Web sites, and other publications. Work up to longer articles or special reports for targeted publications. Over time, you'll polish your writing skills, generate some publicity for your practice, and be in a better position to decide whether you're interested in writing a book.

And then how often do you send an email to each list

So if you kind of throw some sort of value in between there, like what I did with that newsletter. And even just, you know, a tip, or saying here's a great free software program that you can get, and send them off. Just kind of do those in between your messages. You know, it keeps people happy.

Good Program to Join

Terminated, forfeiting all outstanding referral fees. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated. However, do not get this confused with PROPER WAYS to promote our products. Please recommend the course in your autoresponders, in a personal email to your clientele base, your lead lists, people that contact you and you stay in touch with, a newsletter list, at your website, even in appropriate email discussion list, etc. This is not spamming.

Promoting Your Site With Free Methods

The best article site to submit to is Ezine Articles. They have some rules that you need to follow and it can take a few days at the beginning to get your article approved, but the site has a great page rank and can get your articles on page one of Google pretty easily. Ezine. 95,011 Expert Authors Sharing Their Best Ezine Article Ezine Articles F Terms of Service Ezines Email Alerts Manage Subscriptions EzineArticles RSS Also check out Go Articles which is less strict about rules but still has a fairly good page rank. Ezinearticles will only allow you to include your link in the bio section whereas Goarticles and many other article sites will allow you to include your link in the main body. However. most of them won't allow you to link directly to a vendor. but I wouldn't recommend you do this anyway.

An Introduction to Google Analytics b

If your Web site includes some sort of lead generation such as a newsletter subscription, catalog request, or even something as simple as a contact page, goal tracking can make gauging the success of your online marketing campaigns simple. Any goal action can be traced back to the original source of the visitor, which allows you to determine what traffic sources are working for your site, what search keywords are performing the best, and what methods are ineffective. The Google Analytics goal-setting feature is especially useful when targeting keywords in your SEO efforts. Knowing ahead of time what keywords are already converting for your site and targeting those keywords until you reach the top organic positions is a very effective SEO strategy.

Httpthelogocreatorcom Newsletter. _ and agree not to sell or rent the email addresses of any Newsletter subscriber to any third party. 6. Email Capture Newsletter SignUp - This point is critical. Because visitors will land on pages other than your homepage, place a signup form for your opt-in mailing list or newsletter on each and every page of your site.

Tracking Performance Measuring Useful Metrics

The actual number of responses on any particular campaign can vary quite a bit. A newsletter whose primary job is to inform will not achieve the same click-through rate as a promotion, which is intended to get a specific response. The differing levels of permission within your list of recipients will also affect results. Until a list has been cleaned of bad addresses and those who are not interested, you may see far different data. Pruning these from your lists will help you improve your results considerably. The typical response pattern is that mailings 1 and 2 will have a similar response, with number 2 often having slightly fewer click-throughs than number 1. Number 3 picks up the stragglers and undecided recipients, so the response will be much lower, but usually significant enough to justify the mailing. Please note that you shouldn't necessarily just blast out three mailings one after another. For example, you might piggyback your first offer onto a monthly newsletter, send the...

Marketing Requires an Audience So Invest the Time to Find Yours

Even though developing an attractive web site always takes longer than you think it will, if you were really pressed for time, you could probably construct a decent site in only a matter of days with a little web design expertise. But what does require a much longer gestation period is the time-consuming job of growing your online audience. This audience usually consists of not only influential bloggers and journalists but also your own Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Linked In connections, blog readers, and email newsletter subscribers. To a social media newbie, this may all seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry. Later in this chapter, I'll be explaining how to take advantage of these powerful tools and relationships in extensive detail.

Designing the Competitive Intelligence System

With this system, company managers will receive timely information about competitors in the form of phone calls, bulletins, newsletters and reports. In addition, managers can contact the system when they need an interpretation of a competitor's sudden move, or when they require to know a competitor's weaknesses and strengths or how a competitor will respond to a planned company move.

Audience Measures and Measures of Effectiveness

Unique measurement (browsers, visitors, and users). This is the number of actual individual people, within a designated reporting timeframe, with activity consisting of one or more visits to a site or the delivery of pushed content. A unique user can be either (1) an actual individual who accesses a site (unique visitor) or (2) an actual individual who is pushed content and or ads such as e-mail, newsletters, interstitials, and pop-up or pop-under ads. Each individual is counted only once in the unique-user or visitor measure for the reporting period. When no attempt is made to estimate the number of unique users based on the number of unique cookies received, the measure should be referred to as unique browsers. HTML newsletters (if opened) page impressions (if ad only ad impressions)

Merchant Copy and Sales Tools

Classified Ads - Shorter than advertorials, classified ads are presented in plain text to be ' copied and pasted' into your newsletter. The following is a classified ad for Corey Rudl's affiliates to promote his 'Internet Marketing Tips' package. Because it sounds like a personal endorsement of his product, your subscribers will never know that Corey's team of professional copywriters actually wrote it unless of course they subscribe to a number of other Internet marketers' newsletters who recently used the same ad.


Periodic Articles - Unlike interviews and email advertorials that get stale from overuse, periodic articles are always new and fresh. Jim Edwards is especially good at offering his affiliates up-to-date topical articles to help promote his line of Internet marketing products. These are especially helpful if you don't have an idea for this week's feature article in your newsletter.

The Strange Case Of Dr Open And Mr Proprietary

In 1975 there was very little that was kumbayah about Bill Gates, and he responded to the purloining of Microsoft BASIC by writing an open letter to the software liberators, published in the Homebrew Computer Club's newsletter (and in similar publications), chiding them for their thieving ways and asking them to voluntarily pay for the privilege of using his BASIC. His letter made the logical point that if people weren't recompensed for all their time and hard work spent creating new and better software products, they would have no incentive to do so, and the software industry would wither and die.

Guerrilla Tactic Whats in a Name

These one-on-one or small group briefing sessions fuel the marketing power of your survey. You have the opportunity to present the results, listen to the concerns of the respondents, and build relationships that could result in future project work. It's not unusual to find challenges to your findings in these sessions, so you also have a great opportunity to refine the next survey and add or delete questions. As you conduct the survey, approach industry association executives, business leaders, and civic organization officials about sponsoring a speech or small seminar on the survey findings. Many of these organizations plan their programs well in advance, so approach them long before you complete the survey. Offer to write a summary article for their respective newsletters or Web sites, so members will know the survey is available and a seminar is scheduled.

Out of all those strategies that you mentioned which ones do you personally use

I take a site, build up a really nice homepage. I start adding original content, articles, and what I'll do is I'll create a separate folder. For example newsletter. That page, the newsletter page, is just going to be a really small opt-in page. It fits on one screen. You don't have to scroll either way, and it's just a headline, couple of bullet points, name, email. And what I'll do is all the traffic I paid for, Pay per Click, email marketing, you know, solo ads, banner ads, forum marketing, anything to do where I have a direct traffic, I'm going to send it to my newsletter page. Just 'cuz that page converts at like 10, 15, 20 , right, depending on the niche. It can be anywhere, this particular niche is 10 and it happens to be great. Other niches I've seen as high as 35 . But my point is, rather than sending it to my homepage which might convert at 1 , I go ahead and grab over 10 of those people that sign up for my newsletter. And through that newsletter, they're going...

So they build the site

You know, not only do you sell doing those articles of content, but of course you're building an email list. So you have a follow up series, usually a 7, 10, 15 days. That goes out to these people automatically. And then you do a weekly newsletter or a biweekly, or every other day, or whatever schedule you choose. I used to, and I don't anymore, I used to have a list in parenting. You know, go figure a 21 year old who has a list about parenting. It just goes to show why I don't have it anymore. But it was actually a very good newsletter. The reason I got rid of it was it was too much work but the people who were on it were very happy with it. I didn't hide the fact that I was a 21 year old who's never had a kid, but it was more of a parenting newsletter for college kids, college students. And I used to write it as more of a perspective of a college student telling parents what not to do. So I had a nice spin on it. The one right now that I started latest actually, I don't offer...

Blogs as a Marketing Tool

Blogs combined with newsletters offer huge marketing potential. For example, articles within newsletters can be linked to a blog which dramatically extends the article's shelf life. Once the article is posted online, it becomes a searchable document available to be located through search engines and other means of online syndication.

Before Selling Start Collecting

Here's where offering that free email newsletter can really benefit your prerelease marketing efforts. Interested site visitors can subscribe, and then a month later after they've forgotten about your app, you can send them an email announcing its availability in the App Store Don't rely on the small subscription link located in your navigation menu or in another section of the site. Replacing the buy button and App Store identity badge, position the subscription form front and center on your app's web page with an invitation to visitors to submit their email address to be the first notified when your iPhone application becomes available in the App Store (see Figure 8-14).

So do you always read the book before you promote it

Yeah, I'm a big, big advocate of that. Well, OK. I'm going to say something that's going to be very controversial. In the, I actually feel bad saying this, but in the newsletters that I actively manage, that I like really care about, like my main Affiliate Classroom newsletter for example, you know that's my baby, I put my heart and soul into anything that goes out in that one. Yeah, I will always review a product. I don't care if my best friend wrote it. But now, same time in some of the really teeny smaller niches that I ended up setting up a couple of years ago, because I was toying with something or testing something and I haven't touched this site in two years and it still generates like a few subscribers a day and it's built up to a couple hundred subscribers. I don't send them a newsletter, but all of a sudden, hey I just saw a new product that's added to ClickBank and it's for that niche. Yeah, I might send it out, without having really read it or observed it. If I think it...

Not building a mailing list or allowing it to languish is allowing money to slip out of your hands

Now imagine, if you had a free newsletter or course to offer them in exchange for their opt-in name and email address. At a sign-up rate of 10 you'd be getting 500 new opt-in subscribers per week, or 6,000 per year With each sale you capture the buyer's email address and add them to your opt-in list or newsletter.

Investment Banking 2500 to 7500 Comm

Below each of your articles you put a signup form for your newsletter, which you have set up at Aweber. Each follow up message is another article about the topic, leading into a soft recommendation of the services. Getting visitors and subscribers for your new site and newsletter You have to be a little creative. You can look for Another way to drive traffic to your web site or newsletter sign up page is to use videos and tap into the vast amount of traffic that is available for free on Here is how you can put together a video from the content that you already have. You wrote all these articles for your web site and for your newsletter. You only have to turn these articles into and audio recording and upload it to When you upload the video to YouTube, make sure that you use important keywords in your headline. In the description of the video you link back to your newsletter sign up page. You can also make annotations, which again point...


Write Ezine Articles - A single ezine ad can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. However, ezine article submissions are free. In fact, it actually pays you to write and submit articles to other webmasters' ezines Furthermore, the author's resource box, in which your byline is placed, is usually the size of a typical ezine advertisement. Better yet, your article is ten times that size. So, you've saved advertising dollars and earned ten times the coverage. That's great value for an investment that only cost an hour or two of your time. Depending on the subscriber base of the ezine that uses your article, the potential for new visitors to your site could be enormous. For example, Allan Gardyne published my article '10 Ways to Gain Visitor Trust and Increase Your Conversion Rates' in his Associate Programs Newsletter. Traffic to my site doubled for the next week, and because Allan archives the newsletters on his site, that article is STILL sending me traffic When...

Strengthening Your Joint Ventures

For example, I get a newsletter every week from a marketing guru. Just about every edition he sends me contains at least one offer of a book or some other product at a bargain rate. Those products come from his joint venture partners, and I assume that he's doing the exact same thing with his products in their newsletters. I get a lot of newsletters, but his is one I always read. I never know what sort of deal I'm going to be made next, and I know that I'm getting a real value in return for my free subscription. If you've got a good relationship with a joint venture partner, these are easy to arrange.

So you want to be able to tell your whole story and do your whole sales pitch by just the subheadlines Thats a big tip

I wish I had given this advice. Well, I was given this advice, I wish I had listened to it when I first started, my list would probably be twice as big. Money really is in the list it's an asset, especially as an affiliate marketer. You really don't have an asset because you don't have a product, you don't have a customer list. But when you build a newsletter, you have an asset you have something that has physical value. You have something that if tomorrow, your website got banned by Google, it doesn't matter. You can still bring a check home because you have a newsletter. So think list building. No, I am not actually Scottish but I adopt this Scottish mentality of being very thrifty with my money so I don't really spend that much at all I do the occasional Ezine ad if I am looking to get a big spike on traffic or whatever, and because I have been going so long, I know all the different free routes and the methods to get traffic for free. So unless I am desperate for...

Are WeAre We Ourselves

The technology-driven company The technology-driven company is controlled by the desires and direction of its development staff and is (naturally) the most common type of high-tech firm. MicroPro, of whom we've read, was a classic example of this company type, and its inherent tendencies explain why the company engaged in the final act of technical immolation I discuss in Chapter 4. The most common problem with the technology-driven company is that it builds products that satisfy its development staff, rather than providing the features and benefits the market wants. A classic example occurred early in WordStar's evolution. Over time, many users requested the ability to format text in side-by-side columns, useful for many types of writing, particularly resumes and newsletters. The development group refused to add this feature to the product and noted that over time requests by users for side-by-side columns diminished. This was absolutely true Users wanting this feature purchased...

By now youve realized that the vast majority of an affiliates work is about communicating and ninetynine percent of

Not only will you be writing product endorsements for your site you will be writing ads and sales copy for ezines and pay per click listings to entice folks to come to your site. You should also be writing articles about the benefits of those products for your own and others' newsletters.

There are some templates and rulesofthumb for writing copy that can make your job even simpler

Instant Sales Letters - by Yanik Silver. Forget knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right words to write a sales letter. With Yanik's Instant Sales Letter templates, you can have an entire collection of profit-generating sales letters for your business, available to you exactly when you need them. Simply fill in the blanks and in just 2 minutes you'll have professional sales copy ready for your site or your newsletter.

Optin email options for customer acquisition

In this visitor acquisition option, a company publicises itself in a third-party e-newsletter. This could be in the form of an ad, sponsorship or PR (editorial) which links through to a destination site. These placements may be set up as part of an interactive advertising ad buy since many e-newsletters also have permanent versions on the web site. Since e-newsletter recipients tend to engage with them by scanning the headlines or reading them if they have time, e-newsletter placements can be relatively cost-effective.

Designing Direct Marketing Events

Popular tourist and camping destinations. Its marketing is largely parallel in the form of a quarterly newsletter with articles written by travel experts and a website ( catalog). One issue contained articles on wineries in Texas, fashions in Montana and how to avoid or treat questionable drinking water by a Ph.D. in international health. On the website are great links to travel resources and some of the best online information that we have seen about staying healthy in other countries.

The Customer Relationships

With low-cost products, this dialogue goes via e-mails, newsletters, and news of forthcoming special offers. With high-ticket items it takes the form of visits, lunches, and invitations to prominent sporting events. All of these techniques are keeping the prospect warm and keeping your company and your product constantly in mind.

For example I wrote an article entitled 10 Ways to Gain Visitor Trust and Increase Your

Conversion Rates' for Allan Gardyne's Associate Programs Newsletter in October 2002. The appearance of that article in Allan's newsletter doubled traffic to my site for the next week. Because Allan archives the newsletters on his Web site, that article is STILL sending me traffic When your articles are published in ezines relevant to your site's topic, people who are interested in your subject matter read them. With your skilled and informative approach, interested readers become interested visitors, who in turn become motivated purchasers, and then repeat buyers. Here is a list of ezine article submission sites to help get you started Yahoo Groups

Forums Discussion Boards

2 - Post answers to peoples' questions and take active part in the conversations. By doing this, you can post your signature file with information about something that is free on your site, such as this newsletter or some other free report ,something that entice people to click on your link .

Promoting Site With Paid Methods

As well as the top article web sites such as Ezinearticles and GoArticles, there are hundreds of other sites where you can submit your articles to. However, you mustn't submit the same article to other sites otherwise the second one will probably be omitted by Google's results for duplication, and your original article may get penalised and lose ranking for not being unique. Recently, I used this method to create over 500 unique articles about baby showers Imagine doing that manually. I consider Ezine Articles to be the best article site but they have the strictest rules, however, every single article I've created with Website Content Wizard has been accepted by them first time

Maintain Your Website

Ask your clients to visit your website and provide you with suggestions. What would they like to see more of, less off, deleted, changed, or added Would they like how-to advice Articles they could download for their own newsletters More information about your services You won't know until you ask.

Develop A Format Template And Stay With It

(Then add a link to your page that promotes your opt-in newsletter.) An e-zine is a letter a newsletter from you to your subscribers. So keep the HTML version simple and conservative. Unless your material needs photos to enhance its value (ex., Travels through the Caribbean wouldn't have the same impact without photos), keep the format simple, and relatively graphic-free.

Ezine Publishing Riches

Ezine Publishing Riches

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