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Companies that create stellar images, videos, or podcasts usually put a lot of resources into making those assets great. To get the most out of your marketing dollar, be sure to make those assets available online. This means making them available on your website, the mobile Web, and vertical search engines that index images, videos, or audio files.

• Video—If you have TV commercials or other videos promoting your integrated campaign, submit them to YouTube, Google Video, SingingFish, Blinkx, Loomia, and MetaCafe. Also make them available for download in various traditional formats, such as MP4 video, QuickTime (MOV), and Windows Media Video (WMV); offer them in mobile video file types as well, such as Silverlight and 3GPP. When you're doing this, make sure that you use the appropriate MIME type in the file properties, to ensure that the file is downloaded and rendered appropriately.

• Images—If you have images, submit them to Google Image search, Yahoo! Image Search, MSN Live Image Search, Ask Image Search, Alta Vista Image Search, Pic Search, Pixy, and Imagery. This will help ensure that your images are widely available if people are searching for them online or on their mobile phones. It also should help your rankings for the pages containing the original images.

• Audio—If you have audio content, submit it as a podcast to iTunes, but also make it available in QuickTime (MOV) and Windows Media Video (WMV) formats, and consider offering it in mobile file types such as AAC and AMR. Make files available for download as MP3, WAV, and MIDI files (and, as always, use the appropriate MIME type in the file properties). It is also a good idea to submit files to traditional search engines such as Yahoo! Audio Search, Lycos Music Search, Alta Vista Audio Search, PodScope, Blinkx, SingingFish, and Loomia.

If you make these files available online, include a button to send download links to a user's phone via text message. This is a simple and easy way to drive mobile downloads and to make the experience more seamless for your users. When users input their number into the form field, an SMS or MMS can be sent to them immediately so that they're not forced to re-create the search that got them to the traditional Web page in the first place. You can also send them a follow-up text, asking if they would like to receive alerts or coupons on their mobile phone.

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