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Smart phones come preinstalled with an operating system and a stock set of programs or applications. These applications usually include an email client, an address book, a calendar, a program for taking notes or saving text, a Web browser, and a couple simple games. When users need more than these preinstalled programs offer, they might need to add software to their phone. The multitude of small programs that can be installed after market on phones are grouped and called mobile applications, or apps for short.

Mobile applications have changed how we conceive of our mobile phones. They have moved the collective unconscious from believing that mobile phones are preloaded with all the software and functionality that we could ever need, to believing that mobile phones, like computers, will always need additional functionality to achieve our specific needs. Mobile applications can be developed and sold as independent revenue-generating programs, or they can be developed as marketing tools to help promote a specific brand, product, or service. The f marketing power of mobile applications is mostly in the repeated exposure to the brand and brand message.

Although they've been made famous by Apple's App Store, downloadable mobile applications have been around since Palm and Treo launched the first PDA's and smart phones. The first mobile applications were almost universally aimed at improving personal productivity, with text-editing programs, calculators, alarms, reminders, and simple accounting programs. Now, thanks to the surge in demand for more capable smart phones, and third-party developers, the variety and quality of mobile applications has improved quite a bit.

Today users can choose from a vast array of apps to make their mobile phone more personal and to customize it to their needs. The largest segment of mobile applications is mobile games, which can be very powerful for marketing.

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