Where to start looking

This section includes lists of information sources and directories. Where available, telephone numbers, websites and e-mail addresses are included rather than postal addresses.

1. Euromonitor, London (Tel: 020 7251 8024, Fax: 020 7608 3149, E-mail:

[email protected]). This is a useful starting point as a major publisher of guides to information sources. These include:

■ China: A Directory and Source Book

■ Eastern Europe: A Directory and Source Book

■ International Marketing Data and Statistics

■ Latin America: A Directory and Source Book

■ World Database of Business Information Sources on the Internet

■ World Directory of Business Information Libraries

■ World Directory of Business Information Websites

■ World Directory of Marketing Information Sources

■ World Directory of Non Official Statistical Sources

■ World Marketing Data and Statistics on the Internet

■ Findex 2002: The World Wide Directory of Market Research, Reports, Studies and Survey (a classified list of over 8400 market research studies covering 12 product sectors including a broad description of contents, price and contact details).

Web address: http://www.euromonitor.com

Other companies publish lists of market research reports, for example:

2. Market Search Directory, Marketsearch (Tel: 020 7495 1940, Fax: 020 7409 2557, E

mail: [email protected]), is a list of 20,000 market research reports from 700 research companies world-wide.

Web address: http://www.marketsearch-dir.com

3. Croners Executive Companion, Croners Office Companion, London (Tel: 020 8547 3333, Fax: 020 8547 2638, E-mail: [email protected]). This incorporates the A-Z of business information services and is a comprehensive and international listing of sources of business information which is regularly updated. This service is available online and offline. Online product subscriptions include a range of other services and a help-desk service.

Web address: http://www.croner.co.uk

4. http://www.web.idirect.com is a listing of online sources of business information.

5. http://www.europa.eu.int is an EU listing of information sources including links through to national newspapers and a range of other information sources.

6. The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Cookham (Tel: 01628 427500, Fax: 01628 427 499, E-mail: [email protected]), has an extensive library and can help members with requests for information by e-mail and post. The website is a useful starting point.

Web address: http://www.cim.co.uk

7. The Research Buyer's Guide (annual), Market Research Society, London (Tel: 020 7490 4911, Fax: 020 7490 0608, E-mail: [email protected]), provides a comprehensive list of organizations providing market research services in Great Britain and other useful information. The MRS website has a searchable directory of research organizations and comprehensive information on other aspects of the industry.

Web address: http://www.mrs.org.uk

8. ESOMAR (Tel: 00 31 20 664 21 41, Fax: 00 31 20 664 29 22, E-mail: [email protected]). For international market research organizations, the European Society for Marketing Research (ESOMAR) website is a useful resource. It has a fully searchable database of 1500 organizations worldwide, which subscribe to the ESOMAR ICC Code Of Marketing and Social Research. The site also has a range of other information, including a significant catalogue of publications and conference proceedings

Web address: http://www.esomar.nl

9. http://www.researchinfo.com lists research suppliers and has a range of research discussion groups and online tutorials to enhance skills in areas such as online surveys and palm pilot applications.

10. The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) (Tel: 00 1 402 458 2030, Fax: 00 1 402 458 2038, E-mail: [email protected]) is an American-based membership organization that looks at the individual within the profession. It has 400 members in 50 countries. Its website has a directory of members.

Web address: http://www.unl.edu/WAPOR/ Information about companies

This section includes sources of data about companies: their existence, location, type of business, ownership, performance, financial and commercial statistics.

1. Companies House, Cardiff (headquarters), and regional centres in Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London (Tel: 0870 333 3636, Fax: 029 203 0900, Email: enquiries possible via the website). Companies House is a vital resource. It provides financial and other related information on all limited companies in the UK. It holds information on 1.5 million companies and receives over 5 million documents a year. The service is available online for a reasonable fee or documents can be sent to regional centres or by post, fax or document package. The Companies House website also has a range of links to international disclosure of company data and links through to the relevant sites.

Web address: http://www.companies-house.gov.uk

2. Kompass United Kingdom, Reed Business Information, East Grinstead (Tel: 01342 3335 864, Fax: 01342 335 745, E-mail: in the UK [email protected]). A key source of information on companies in several formats, Kompass covers a wide range of countries. Products include Kompass UK Register, a CD or paper directory of UK companies, and http://Kompass.com, an online service covering 1.7 million companies worldwide in over 70 countries. http://Kompass.com also covers:

■ Kompass Products and Services: lists suppliers of most products

■ Company Information: lists company names and locations and web addresses with information about each company and its products

■ Kompass Financial Information: provides the last three years' accounts on listed companies

■ Parents and Subsidiaries: identifies who owns which companies. Lists 85,000 subsidiaries of 15,000 parent companies

■ Industrial Trade Names: lists who owns over 100,000 brand names in diverse sectors, excluding food.

Web address: http://www.kompass.co.uk



3. Kelly's (contact via the website) is an online database for UK industry. Searches may be made by product/service, trade-name, town, street or postcode. Kelly's holds data on 150,000 companies and 110,000 product categories.

Web address: http://www.kellys.co.uk

4. Dun & Bradstreet (Tel: 01494 422000, Fax: 01494 422260, E-mail: [email protected]). Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) maintains a global database of 70 million companies, from 214 countries, in 95 languages or dialects, covering 181 currencies. D&B is an established source of data on companies in the business-to-business (B2B) market. D&B DUNS numbers are a recognized way of classifying businesses. D&B can help to identify, locate and credit score companies. It offers a broad range of products in areas including Who Owns Whom, the D&B Small Business Centre, D&B monitoring service, D&B Business Information Report among many others; contact D&B for a full product list.

Web address: http://www.dnb.co.uk

The international site opens up a range of international data:

Web address: http://www.dnb.com

5. Euromonitor (Euromonitor International Plc. Tel: 020 7251 1105, Fax: 020 7251 0985, E-mail: [email protected]) is a significant provider of syndicated reports on companies. Reports feature national and multinational companies with industry rankings based on Euromonitor's opinion. Analysis includes Business overview, Strategic overview, Markets and products, and Company performance.

Web address: http://www.euromonitor.com

6. Hemscott (Tel: 020 7496 0055, Fax: 020 7847 1716, E-mail: [email protected]) Hemscott provides a range of company information from the perspective of investment analysis. It is one of the fastest growing providers of information on UK stockmarket-listed companies. Company Insight is a service provided by Hemscott, giving detailed and updated information daily on all London Stock Exchange listed companies.

Web address: http://www.hemscott.net

7. Thomson Financial (Tel: 020 7369 7000). Thomson Financial is located in more than 40 countries; the website provides detailed contact and product listings. Thomson Financial provides a huge array of data about industries and companies through many different product lines. Services target the financial community.

Web address: http://www.tfn.com

8. Hoover's (Tel: 00 1 512 374 4500, Fax: 00 1 512 374 4505, E-mail enquiries through the website). An online aggregator with useful company and industry profiles.

Web address: http://www.hoovers.com/uk/

9. Several companies provide a search for annual reports online. These are available free of charge from companies, but a subscription to a retrieval service may save time. Corporate Reports is one example of this type of service. It offers online company reports, with free summary information.

Web address: http://www.corpreports.co.uk

10. UK Business Park provides comprehensive coverage of UK business activity. It is a subscription site, but with a free trial. Information is provided on acquisitions, new projects, expansion plans, strategy and major new projects by sector. It also provides a database of sales leads and company contact details.

Web address: http://www.ukbusinesspark.co.uk

11. Primark/Thomson Financial Global Access (Tel: 020 7369, Fax: 020 7369 7634) provides a range of information on companies, including Company Briefs and Extel Cards, offering information on business description, finances, acquisitions and disposals, etc., on over 15,000 quoted companies in 55 countries. Peer group analysis enables comparison with similar companies. Information can be downloaded in PDF or HTML format.

Web address: http://www.primark.com

12. http://FT.com provides access to a range of company data, much of which is free of charge.

Web address: http://www.ft.com

http://www.economist.com is a comprehensive site with links to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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