What will the research be used for

The particular reason for which research will be used and who will be using it, are also relevant in deciding the type of research required. A manager deciding which new products to introduce may be at the early stage of the new product-development process looking for possible new product ideas. In this case, qualitative research methods will be useful. When the new product idea is farther along the development process, the decision to be made is a quantitative one about production and distribution levels. This will require a large-scale research survey producing hard, quantitative data.

For the creative team deciding what message to use in a new advertising campaign there are also two possibilities. A range of ideas for them to work on may be generated by group discussions, and the same method could be used to test the initial response to creative ideas. A decision about what kind of background to use in advertisement illustrations, or what kind of activities to show individuals in an advertisement being engaged in, could come from quantitative research. Large-scale surveys would show the kinds of activity in which members of the target audience are most likely to be involved, and these can be used in advertising.

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