What action resulted from the research

The point of conducting research is to change or influence some action to be taken or decision to be made. This holds true even when the results indicate no certain outcome or perhaps that the right decision is to do nothing. If nothing occurs as a result of the research then this must be considered bad research. It was either unnecessary or undertaken for the wrong reasons. The individual responsible for buying this piece of research needs to question why it influenced nothing. Was it a fault of the buying, commissioning or conduct of the research programme?

If some decision or action resulted from the research, then the outcome of the decision or action needs to be analysed for its correctness. If it turns out that a wrong decision or wrong action was taken as a result of the research programme, then the research buyer must assess why this was so.

Was the research poorly applied or poorly conducted? If so, what can be learned from that?

The value of learning from experience cannot be underestimated. It involves thoughtful and intelligent analysis so that good experience may be learned from and built upon, and bad experience may be used as the basis for future improvement.

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