Vetting questionnaires

Whether the questionnaire has been designed by staff within the company or from a research agency, the individual for whom the research is being conducted should insist on vetting the questionnaire. This is an important control in ensuring that the fieldwork will produce relevant data for the problem needs. Above all, the overall purposes of the research must be borne firmly in mind when vetting a questionnaire, but the subject content and type of respondent will also influence judgements as to whether a questionnaire is a good one. A checklist for vetting a questionnaire is suggested using the points on questionnaire design raised in this chapter.

Questionnaire checklist

• Will the data specified meet the objectives? □

• Will the questions listed collect all the data required? □

• Will the right type of data be collected for:

• Will all the identification data required be collected? □

• Will all the classification data required be collected? □

• Are the types of question being used appropriate?

dichotomous □

multiple-choice □

rating scales □

• Is the question wording:

simple to understand? □

• Have cushion statements been used when necessary? □

• Is it reasonable to expect the respondent to answer every question? □

• Will it, and any show material, be easy for the interviewers to use? □

• Is the right type of questionnaire being used?

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