Using research after an advertising campaign Problem

■ Were our advertisements seen?

■ Has the advertising worked? Data requirement

■ Did the media chosen reach the target audience?

■ Did we get good value for our media expenditure?

■ Are more of our target audience aware of the brand name?

■ Can more of the target audience remember the brand name?

■ Does the target audience have more favourable attitudes towards the brand?

■ Do more of the target audience intend to buy the product?

■ Have more of the target audience bought the product?

■ Have more of the target audience used the product? Data sources

■ Syndicated research services: see under 'advertising' and 'media' (see Section 4.3) for relevant syndicated services: advertising measurement services, e.g. product panel data, retail audits; media measurement services, e.g. BARB, JICNARS.

■ Omnibus research surveys: for advertising tracking studies (see Notes for Guide 5, Section 16.11). Repeated measurement of brand recognition, recall.

■ Specialist research services: for measuring advertising effectiveness (see Section 4.5.1).

■ Made-to-measure research surveys: measuring recall, recognition, attitude, pre-and post-advertising to detect shifts (see Notes for Guide 5, Section 16.11), coupon enquiry counts from keyed advertisements, sales enquiry counts post-advertising, point-of-purchase research to measure intent-to-buy and area testing (see Chapter 12).

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